Hanks speaks on the Yankee Way


If you have the patience for a long and slightly scattered interview with Hank Steinbrenner, the man who has emerged to assume the public role of Boss of the Yankees this off-season, then take a read through Steve Serby’s lengty interview. Some interesting stuff, some mundane stuff and some thoughts on Hank’s favorite actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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  • Brian

    If someone framed Swindal, they are a genius. I love this guy.

  • Barry

    He seems like a halfway decent guy. Alot less of a hothead than his father, Fidel.

  • Travis

    I agree. I am quite willing to give this guy a very fair chance to be our fearless leader.

  • Jamal G

    Lol you noticed that Love-Hewitt thing too huh? Every one of his answers were so classical and historic, and then he throws in her. Lol