The man who just won’t retire

Wait, you feel sorry for us?
A fielding stat against Melky

Bernie Williams just doesn’t know when to turn in his spikes. According to Mark Feinsand in The Daily News, Bernie thinks he could return to the Majors in 2008. Bernie had a great run on the Yankees, but he just doesn’t accept the fact that his time seemed up. I love Bernie; I can’t wait for the Yanks to retire number 51 during the eventual Bernie Williams Day celebrations. But this latest news just makes me pity Bernie. Enough already.

Wait, you feel sorry for us?
A fielding stat against Melky
  • Mike R.

    Can Bernie lay third base?

  • Mike R.

    Can Bernie play third base?

  • Mike A.

    I dunno if he could play third, but I betcha he could slug better than .388.

    • dan

      Who are you referring to?

      • Malcard89

        gotta be melky

        • dan

          Shit, you’re right. .388 is melky’s career slug%, i was only looking at 2007 and 2006 (not combined) when figuring it out.

          I see Mike is finding every way possible to slight Melky.

  • http://yankeesGM yankeesGM

    In my opinion, the way Bernie was treated last year was a total travesty. One of the classiest and biggest reason for our ’90’s success he should have been given the chance to go out on his terms. Cashman picked the wrong guy to draw a hard line with.

    • alex

      how on earth was he treated? you are so ignorant. should cashaman have payed, and torre have played bernie because he was a good player for us in the past, but clearly was no longer worth a roster spot? he could no longer play defense, was not a good runner, and wasn’t a good enough bat to carry as a pinch hitter.

      do you have any suggestions on how else he should have been treated? if anything he was being selfish, and put the yankees front office in a tough spot, that no matter what happened made them out to look callous.

    • SG

      i can’t think of any scenario where a GM owes a player the chance to go out on their terms. Bernie made a boatload of cash to play for the Yankees during his career. he didn’t play for free. given that, i fail see what Brian Cashman owes Bernie Williams if he doesn’t think he is capable of contributing aside from a “thank you for your years as a Yankee, but we’re going in a different direction in CF.”

  • barry

    lets give bern a 7 year 85 million dollar contract with incentives

  • http://yankeesGMblog yankeesGM

    Let’s see…Bernie or Josh Phelps; who would have been more effective? Bernie or an obviously hurt Johnny Damon at the beginning of the year? Had Bernie been on the roster not only would he have played a FAR more productive left field than Damon when hurt early, but his being on the roster would have meant Phillips would have gotten far more time at first rather than an obviously overmatched Josh Phelps. So given the fact that he would have added offense, and given that he deserved the benefit of the doubt over someone released by the Devil Rays, Cashman definately dropped the ball on that decision!

    • Joseph P.

      Your entire argument is based on Bernie having played well last year. You can’t prove that. There’s a great possibility that he would have sucked.

    • alex

      …and that josh phelps was bad, which he was, but going into the season, a lot of people thought he would be a very capable player. and, needless to mention, bernie williams can’t play first base.

  • tony

    Bernie was invited to spring training camp last year—HE declined because he wasn’t guaranteed a spot on the 25 man roster. He would have had to earn it. So who’s fault is it that Bernie didn’t play this past season?

  • http://yankeesGMblog yankeesGM

    Granted, Bernie comes off poorly for not coming to spring training and earning a spot for ’07, but I completely understand why he felt the way he did. Bernie actually had to go oit of his way to play for the Yanks for as many yrs as he did. Everyone knows that the Red Sox threw a bunch of money at him as a free agent and Boris wanted him to take it. Bernie had to go to George and tell him he wanted to stay in order to get a like offer from the Yanks. Name another player who has had to go through the same indignation just to stay with thr Yanks. It is obvious that without Bernie we do not win anywhere near the 4 outta 5 we did!

    Bernie was productive his last year, and would have been valuable last year as well.