• Mike

    And here’s the problem with first assuming guilt. No matter what is said from this point forward, we just have no idea and we’re going to remain skeptical of everything a “named” player says.

    Fucking sucks.

  • Jeff G

    Whatever people think regarding the validity of the accusations – I hope they consider the work and spirit he has brought to the game for over twenty years. Steroids did not win him 300 plus. I’d like to think his determination, work, and ability had something to do with it. Its pathetic for some to want to wipe that all away.
    I think this is going to be drawn out just like the Bonds case and in my opinion the writers are to blame. The power of holding a players legacy seems to overwhelm many into bad judgement.
    I’ve been trying to ignore this report because it creates a story so outside of what baseball is all about. We are putting politics into a game. We are putting the bullshit that fills the six o’clock news into a game. We are allowing writers to throw more dirt on the game that they are supposedly so in love with.
    I wish that those who truely care about baseball let the rules do their job. If cheaters get caught so be it. Remove them – but only when caught and with evidence. I just wish writers could find some better stories to cover – there are plenty of them out there.

    • Brian

      hear hear

  • M

    LOOK AT HIS EYES. He is lying, to me, there is no doubt. You will see.

    • Mike

      Oh yeah, how will we “see”? What, is McNamee going to pull a Lewinsky and find a dirty needle? Cause short of that, or a failed test, I just don’t see how there’s any way to prove guilt here.

      • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

        …Or prove innocence, thats the twisted part of the whole clearing your name thing and why people should be real careful when naming names.

        • Mike


  • brxbmrs

    The man’s head is huge – I think he took tons of HGH and Steroids (always have), but no one has any real evidence (yet) that he did.

    I also do think that he worked out hard.

    He’s part of the past and overall he was a good but not great pitcher for the Yanks – don’t really care what happens since he (and we) can’t unring the bell.

    I do wish though that there would be a complete expose of all the guys who have played in the bigs the last 15-20 years – not just the selective confessions of two shit kickers in the Yanks and Mets clubhouses.

    If civil liberties were not at issue (and I’m not saying they shouldn’t be), I’d like to see every ball player in the last 20 years be subjected to phsysicals and blood testing by expert physicians that would report on abnormal bone growth and other physiological evidence (shrunken junk, low testosterone levels, etc) that would lead a reasonable person to conclude that the player in question used PED’s and report on every player – then lets all move on.

    On that note Happy Holidays everyone and peace.

    • Mike

      You know what though, on the head size – two guys whose heads have gotten HUGE during the last twenty years – Alec Baldwin and Charlie Sheen. What all of a sudden I’m supposed to believe that THEY took PEDs too? Or you’re gonna say it’s all the other drugs?

      And the civil liberties don’t matter. These aren’t private citizens. If a condition of employment in MLB is a monthly blood test, then they have choice to play or not play.

      • brxbmrs

        As for Baldwin and Sheen, their heads aren’t a large sized punkin like ole Roj’s – and for the civil liberty issue(s), they are private citizens first of all, and thanks to the union they have double the insulation. They don’t have to a damn thing that isn’t covered under their cba.

        Roger is playing with fire here – if he keeps sqwaking they are going to keep digging until they bury him – just like they did with Bonds. He should just fess up and move on.

      • Mike

        What!? Have you seen Baldwin on 30 Rock? Compare him to when he was in Hunt for Red October. Same deal with Sheen and his Platoon version. Both their heads have swelled like balloons. And look at their bodies too. Baldwin went from being thin (like 86 Roger) to a big old barrel chest. Yeah, I suppose he’s been juicing for the last ten years too.

        I have no idea if Roger is guilty (as you ass-u-me you know) but head size is a dumb indicator. Lyle Alzado’s head actually shrunk.

      • jobu

        Charlie Sheen admited to taking steroids…..for some movie in the 80’s….I think “hot shots”…that airplane type movie where he plays the rambo type character. I think he gained like 25 lbs of muscle in 10 weeks

  • brxbmrs

    One point you touched on that I don’t know the answer to is the writers – were they really all that stupid (or most of em any way) or were they all part of the hypocrisy?

    Personally, when I see men of very average intelligence like Jon Heyman, giving absurd opinions I think that the popularity of the game has given alot of mental midgets a pretty good living.

    Still don’t have a definitive opionion though on the writers.

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  • jobu

    As for Alec Baldwin…he is just a fat bastard.