Let’s Go Gi-ants!!!


Baseball news has slowed to a crawl these days, but you my have heard a little something about a football game being played tonight. I’m a Jets fan by trade, but I’m waiving my allegiance tonight so I can cheer on the G-Men as they attempt to foil the Patriots’ run at perfection. I can’t stand that no-talent ass clown known as Tom Brady, and in general I just hate all Boston area sports teams. The game is being broadcast simultaneously on CBS, NBC, MY9 and the NFL Network; discuss it here if you wish.

Go Giants! (Don’t fuck it up, Eli.)

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  • Manimal

    Ive never seen a team shoot themselves in the foot more then the giants. they stop the pats on 3rd down and a freaking penalty automatic first down. whatever, moss looks shaken up

  • Manimal

    well THAT was fast. Were right back in this B*tch

  • mg

    Amen. Lets go big blue. Play four quarters like this and we may just squeak past the Pats.

  • Manimal

    ugh defense is dieing, they’re getting their run game back.
    still 14-13.

  • Manimal

    WOOOOEEE! We winning badly now, I just hope we hold them back.

  • Travis G.

    so far, two HUGE borderline penalties have gone the Pats way: the illegal touching on 3rd and long in the 1st, and the PI call on Wilkinson in the end zone.

  • Ben K.

    Yeah, that PI call was total bullshit. Giants D really needs to step up in the fourth.

  • ansky

    But Brady is a well-documented Yanks fan.

    Thats about the only thing keeping me from wishing for his death for xmas.

    Go G-Men

  • Travis G.

    that pitiful Giants series could be the turning point.

  • ansky

    If at first you dont succeed, throw it to Moss again for a 40 yard pass.

    Where the fuck was the Giants D after it had happened SEVEN SECONDS BEFORE????

    you gotta be kidding me. Maybe the Giants should try pulling their heads out of their collective asses in the second half.

  • ansky

    what was that penalty exactly?

    Did Amani mind-trip him?

  • Mike A.

    Brandon Jacobs is a beast. Holy moly.

  • Travis G.

    i’m glad collinsworth is there to tell us the Pats are a ‘professional football team.’

    does that include the eye poke in the 1st quarter?

    • Mike A.

      Heh, I was going to comment on Collingsworth earlier, but I’m sick of writing about bad sportscasters.

  • mg

    Ugh. Way to fuck it up Eli and Toomer. God damn stupid penalties. What the hell was that personal foul on Toomer? What did he do? What crap. Oh well. At least we have a chance to loose in the post season.

  • Travis G.

    how does this team ALWAYS suffer injuries: Ohara, Madison, Mitchell just in this game, did i miss anyone?

  • Barry

    What a lousy excuse of clock management. Anyway if we pull within 3 of NE I like our chances against any team in the playoffs.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Good show by the boys in Blue. Couple of half-ass calls did us in, but then when you play the Pats you expect the league to pull out all the stops for them.

    One team had something huge to play for, the other only warmed up for the playoffs. And the former could only beat the latter by 3?

    Patriots? Feh. Most overrated football team in NFL history. Their 16-0 should have an *, given that they got 6 of those wins playing in the worst division in the modern era. It’s like they had 7 by-weeks this season. Put them in the NFC East or North and they struggle to make the playoffs.

    I did like the way the Giants toyed with them, only showing them a little of what they might see if the teams play in the Superbowl. For ex, 2 of Plax’s 4 catches came on the first drive. Then he only saw a few more passes the rest of the day, mostly in the end zone. I bet they could’ve thrown to him all day against the Pats corners, but chose to save it.

    I suspect neither team will make the Superbowl though, with Peyton smashing the Pats, and the Giants also losing in the Championship game.

    • usty

      Struggle to make the playoffs? I’ll admit the AFC East is a stinkbomb, but struggle to make the playoffs in the NFC East? The NFC East that they went 4-0 in and dropped 40+ and 50+ on 2 of the teams, including the #1 seed in the NFC. I hate the Pats, but that’s just a ridiculous statement.

      • Yankee Fan in Chicago

        The Pats had 7 bye-weeks to rest up for their four games against the NFC East, while the NFC East teams were beating each other up, and yet they had to squeak out 3 of those wins. Have them play each of those teams again, instead of the patsies they play week in and week out, and the story is different as well.

        It’s worth noting as well that the NFC East’s in-conf non-div games were vs a strong Nfc north, while the Pats played a one-team deep AFC North.

        Ovah-rated. Ovah-rated. Ovah-rated.

        Can’t wait til Manning and the Colts get their revenge.

  • Kevin

    time management… time management… time management…

    • Mike A.

      No kidding.

  • giselle

    no talent ass clown, eh?

    :) go pats

    • Mike A.

      Too bad you’re not the real Giselle. That’d be awesome.

      • giselle

        actually, mike, my name really is giselle.

        • kris

          Do you also have giselle’s manly face?

  • giselle

    no talent ass clown, eh?

    :) go pats!

  • iYankees

    Leave it to a Yankee fan to show New England how to win a championship.

  • Robert

    Hey Mike, Eli fucked it up. lol I knew he would throw an interception and sure enough in typical Eli fashion he throws it deep in the 4th quarter at the worst time. Not to mention him fumbling the snap in the 4th quarter as well as running backwards on that sack. He’s just so awesome.

  • Stuart

    Robert are you a fool…….Eli played very well. nice calls by the officails.. the toomer unsportsmanlike phantom call… nice O line of the pats hed all night and did not get called once…

    Yeah Eli threw a INT with 10 minutes left kill him…He played great.. giants will beat tampa and I predict NE will not go to the superbowl….

    • Travis G.

      Brady has SO much time. is it possible that their above-average O-line is that phenomenal? if any QB had that much time they’d be great too, yes even Eli.

      • Manimal

        Eli manning is constantly on the move and thats when he panics and tries to be perfect, he never uses natural instinct

    • Robert

      Actually Stuart I’m not a fool. Eli fucked up with 10 minutes to go with that piss poor interception, that rediculous drive where he fumbled the first snap and they went 3 and out. Just because he had a good 3 quarters doesn’t mean that it can absolve him from blowing hard in the 4th quarter like is his usual M.O.

      Blaming the Refs is the biggest cop out for the Giants with this game. They played a great game but they choked in the 4th quarter giving up a 12 point lead. You don’t do that after playing such a good game in the first half.

  • Kevin23

    Eli’s best game ever. And he still sucks.

  • lloydbanks

    I’m 99.99999999% positive that Bryan Gumble takes it up the ass.

    He’s awful, what the hell is he doin announcing the biggest game of the year? NFL Network crew I guess, but even still, what were they thinking hiring him as their play-by-play guy.

  • JimT

    no talent ass clown? Hate to break your bubble but Brady isn’t a Yank-mee fan. He wore that stupid hat in the hopes that people wouldn’t recognize him. Just think if Parcels wasn’t such a head case Bill B. would be the HC of the NYJ.

    You guys got to slow down your man love on all of these Yank-mee prospects / suspects. You just might want to see IPK, Hughs and Joba perform over a season ot two before you get their plaques ready in Cooperstown.

    Two World Series wins in the past three years and with the posible exception of Tampa Bay the best stocked farm system in Baseball. Time to get onboard with a team for this century, The Boston Red Sox!

    Happy New Year.

    • lloydbanks

      Hey retard,

      You dont have any farm picthers who compare to Joba, Hughes and IPK. You have one good pitcher, Buckholz, and he threw one great game, aside from that, nothing special (He threw a no-htter and his ERA was only slightly better than IPK’s, what does that tell you).

      Just cause Peter Gammons (aka Red Sox Spokesman) says you have a great farm, doesnt mean its true. We have much better young pitching than your team – ur prized piece is Justin Masterson and he had a 4 ERA – haha, yea, ur farm is LOADED.

      p.s. you also know that we beat the shit out of ur team last year in the regular season and you only won the WS cause u didnt have to play us in October. You couldnt touch us the 2nd half of the season (when we actually got our full roster back), so take it easy with the Red Sox bravado, its falling on deaf ears

    • Mike A.

      Jim, you own me a new laptop, because you made my shoot my drink out of my nose. It’s 2 WS titles in 4 years genius. I won’t bother to correct any the other errors.

    • Travis G.

      oh my god, ‘Yanke-mee’, you are too funny! almost as funny as Red Sux.

  • JimT

    Sorry about your laptop Mike. I had a similar reaction after your Brady comments. Three Superbowls and now a perfect regular season, what does the guy have to do? Is there a Quaterback curently in the NFL that fits better with his team?

    My greater point is that you Yank-mee fans have a history of grossly overrating your prospects i.e. Scott Proctor, Homer Bush, “Ice” Williams just to name a few. These guys were all going to be “world beaters”. I would like to see IPK and Phil Hughes win as many as 10 games at the major league level before they are elevated to HOF status. Also, Joba was dynamic as a set up guy, but he has yet to prove himself as a starter. Joba may be great as a starter, I don’t know, to assume that he will be is arrogant and stupid. Major league hitters have a way of figuring pitchers out once they’ve seen them a few times.

    The Yank-mees are dependent on all three young pitchers having solid seasons because they have no real rotation depth and an ineffective bullpen. Also, the future is now for this group with older players in RF, LF, SS, C and at the end of the bullpen. If these three have some “learning on the job” to do the Yank-mees are in trouble. You will not have Joe Torre to blame for the lack of pitching depth next year.

    The Yank-mees did have a terriffic second half last year. But they played poorly early in the season and got beaten by a better team in the playoffs, a solid half season does not make a great team.

  • tmcm650

    You’re pretty amusing. The evidence and credibility standards are high for the knucklehead baseball “historian” (fable creator is more like it), but you lower it for yourself when you find the need to bad mouth a player on a team you hate. “No-talent ass clown Brady”? Yeah, right. Now you’re stooping to the level of that Red Sux man-lover, JimT.

    • Mike A.

      Good grief, it was a joke. Ever see Office Space? Word for word quote from the movie.

  • JimT

    Actually loved Office Space. Didn’t make the connection however.

    Must say I love the baseball passion on this blog. Sometimes, as a lifelong Sox fan, the lack of objectivity makes me smile. But what the heck, we’re “fans” after all, what does objectivity have to do with it?

    As a baseball fan I’ll be watching to see if the Yanks can get younger and remain one of baseball’s better teams. They made great strides with the additions of the young pitchers late last year. Now the real test begins to see if these guys can sustain over a season and career.

    Also, as a distant observer I can tell you the Yanks bullpen is still a “weak link” especially if Joba is moved to the rotation. The greatest difference between last year’s Sox team and the preceeding years was the bullpen. Torre was a genious when he had Nelson, Stanton and that crew leading into Mariano Rivera. Suddenly, he got stupid when his bullpen stunk.

    Really looking forward to the 2008 Baseball season.