Poll: The Johan Near Deal

Report: Cashman turned down lesser Santana offer
Did Cashman nix the Santana deal?

We’ve gotten tons and tons of comments and email about this whole Johan Santana situation. Some were for the deal and some weren’t, but the sheer volume of input from you guys (which we love getting and truly appreciate, by the way) makes it difficult to get a sense of how Yankee Universe really feels about this mess. So take a second and vote in the poll below, and as always, feel free to add your two cents in the comments.

How do you feel about the Johan Santana near deal?
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Report: Cashman turned down lesser Santana offer
Did Cashman nix the Santana deal?
  • http://samiamsports.blogspot.com SAMIAMSPORTS

    Is cash crazy??? if the players stated were in fact true, why the hell didn’t cash pull the trigger. melky is mediocre at best (offensively) Hughes has a high ceiling but you just never know with guys like him (he already had an injury plagued first season. and those other 2 guys are just mid level prospects(i think)and your getting in return the bast damn lefty period. I don’t want to here that all of the sudden hes money conscience after getting ripped off on the arod deal and over paying for just about everybody he ever to sign in his tenure as GM. this just makes no sense at all on so many levels.
    F*$k Brian cashman (I’m sorry to be so harsh but that’s the way I feel)

  • Batty

    I actually was more in favor of the trade AFTER Pettite announced he was coming back. I didn’t want to trade a possible future ace and a good defensive center fielder (to be replaced by Damon and have Matsui return to left field) for only one inning eater. The fact that it could have been Santana and Pettite gives a bit more wiggle room in case something happens. We don’t have the best track record of buying good pitchers; I’d hate Cash to be wrong again and then have almost no rotation (if something happened to Santana and Pettite didn’t return then the rotation would have been Wang – Joba – Kennedy – Moose – Igawa/Karstens/Rasner. Way too vulnerable and sets up a situation similar to opening up the season last year)

  • http://samiamsports.blogspot.com SAMIAMSPORTS

    i just want to correct myself on my previous post. I said “mid level prospects” I felt bad and would like to rephrase that to “pretty decent prospects”.

  • randomize

    Absolutely retarded.

    Here’s an idea Cashman. Instead of giving CHOKE-ROD 30 MILLION A YEAR for 10 YEARS when the guy is 32, how about you save that cash and pay the BEST PITCHER in the game 20 million a year for the next 5 or 6.

    How’s that sound?!? Moron.

    The Jays are getting stronger too BTW:

    Rios for Lincecum/Cain talks going on: MLB Trade Rumors

  • Beau

    I think the Yankees need to distinguish between a good deal and and overrated deal. We are talking about Johan Santana- Not Kevin Brown or Roger Clemens. The Yanks will invest 22 million in a 45 year old pitcher who will only start when he’s good and ready. Now, Santana becomes available and suddenly they are timid about letting go of prospects to get him. (good prospects mind you, but prospects none the less) In addition, they are giving their arch rivals a chance to pick up a dominant Cy Young award winning pitcher, which would make them impossible to compete with. If Santana was 34 years old I’d definitely agree with the call but he’s about to turn 29. As a Yankee fan this is the most frusterating thing in the world. The Yanks make blockbuster deals that make no sense for their long term success and bypass the ones that would make them contenders for years to come.

  • nick blasioli

    the yanks should have made the deal…give us a chance to win the div..and enter into the playoffs…w/o santana…we will be spectators…

  • K.V.C

    I quite happy that Cash to the Twins to take a hike. Clearly the RedSox were NEVER serious in their offers, or the Twins would have pulled the trigger by now. They tried to scare the Yanks into a bad deal and got called on it. Why should we deal with them now?

    Just wait. There won’t be a Santana trade, and the Yanks will buy him next year and still have all the prospects.

  • Rob

    What’s interesting to me about this poll is that the Daily News asked essentially the same thing and it was the same opinion but less extreme – 30% for; 70% against. Here, now, it’s 22% for; 78% against. The easy way to interpret that difference is that the Daily News gets more causal fans less invested in the youth movement. But still not much more – just one out of ten. That’s interesting.