Did Cashman nix the Santana deal?

Poll: The Johan Near Deal
Let's be clear on the Santana offer

That question – Did Yanks GM Brian Cashman ax what would have been a done deal? – is what Bill Madden ponders in The Daily News today. The answer could come back to haunt the Yankees or it could open up the door to a new era of sense and sensibility in Yankeeland.

According to Madden, the Yanks walked away from a 4-for-1 deal that would have netted them Santana: Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Jeff Marquez and Mitch Hilligoss to the Twins for the lefty. But it wasn’t the talent on which the Yanks were overly concerned. While Cashman was loathe to trade Hughes, the GM was more concerned with the money.

The Yankees concerned with money? What’s this world coming to? Well, here’s Madden’s take:

Once Andy Pettitte announced he was returning to the fold for $16 million, it meant the Yankees had committed $408.4 million this winter to retain six players. The acquisition of Santana would have meant tacking on another $125 million to that figure, and Cashman, who never wanted to do the Santana deal in the first place, blanched at the prospect of adding another $20 million to a payroll that was already on the cusp of $200 million, again. In this respect, the timing of Pettitte’s decision to return – while initially seen as giving the Yankees additional leverage in their dealings with the Twins on Santana – actually gave Cashman the “out” he needed…

Bad as it was to be sacrificing Hughes, Cashman told the Yankee high command, look at what the payroll was going to be now if they added $20 million-$21 million for Santana on top of the $16 million they just tacked on with Pettitte…In the end, Cashman prevailed, convincing Hank and Hal Steinbrenner of something he could never have done with their dad – that trading for Johan Santana was simply too expensive for the New York Yankees.

Madden notes that many of the Yanks’ bad contracts – Pavano, Giambi – are responsible for the currently inflated Yankee payroll. One season of an expensive Santana before those two albatrosses fly away wouldn’t have been the worst thing to happen to the Yanks.

But Brian Cashman has spent the last few years developing the Yankee farm system; he wasn’t quite yet ready to give it away. Cashman, whose contract expires this year, is clearly staking his future on this non-trade. If Hughes, Chamberlain and Kennedy develop, if Melky remains a viable option in center field, if the Yankees make the playoffs and win, he’ll look smart. Otherwise, he and all other Yankee fans will look back at this deal – a deal that the Yanks, as Tim Marchman so succinctly put it yesterday, probably should have made – and wonder what could have been.

Poll: The Johan Near Deal
Let's be clear on the Santana offer
  • zack

    WOW, Hughes, Melky, Marquez, and Hillgoss? I would have done that. Marquez and Hilligoss really aren’t any difference makers. That is tough and I can’t say I am exactly thrilled at $ as the excuse, but if it really was true, than well, good for you Brian as well. Not that it will last, most likely, but we shall see…

    Course they could have gotten some of that $ back by trading Kyle, but so be it…

  • Dimaggio5

    Question for Riveraveblues.com team: Joel Sherman wrote this in todays n.y. post: ” Hughes is the surest thing, and he has a questionable work ethic and more of an injury history at 21 than Santana at 28.” <– has there been any questioning of Phil Hughes’ work ethic?What exactly did he mean by that? Thanks.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I question Joel Sherman’s work ethic most of the time. Here’s yet another sportswriter who fails to realize that leg injuries like the one Hughes suffered is not at all the same to a pitcher’s long term outlook as arm injuries are.

      • Dimaggio5

        Thanks Ben. Sherman’s comments confused me since not once in all the dozens of articles I’ve read about Hughes was his work ethic ever questioned. Some sportswriters can be such tools.

        • zack

          Yeah, all I have ever read is the opposite. That Hughes works his tail off. Lazy, lazy journalism, which the hot stove seems to thrive on

      • Mike R.

        Joel Sherman is a shmoe. I still remember his question at the press conference where Girardi was introduced and how much of a baby the guy was.

  • Rob_in_CT

    If this is true… IF Cashman was ok with trading Hughes but balked because of money, I find it strange. I understand not wanting to trade Hughes and using money as an alternative method/justification for getting out of it.

    I mean, seriously, if Santana hits the FA market next year, barring injury or serious decline, the Yanks will open the vault.

    I wonder if the article is accurate. Even if it is… I wonder if Cash used cash (harhar) as a justification, but really because he wanted to retain Hughes.

    • Pat

      The cash problem won’t be there next year, so they can open the vault. Once they clear the stupid contracts off the payroll, they can add another $20 mil player.

  • rbizzler

    If that was deal the Twins actually wanted (which I doubt) it would have been tough to turn down. While it would have been (extremely) tough to part with Hughes, Melk is replaceable. Marquez could end up helping out in the ‘pen, but him and Hilligoss are essentially spare parts.

    I also am not buying the financial angle either, as the Yanks get the financial break this year during stadium construction and then have EIGHTY million coming off the books after the season. At that point they will only have RF and a rotation spot or two to fill, so they are looking at a significantly lower payroll no matter what.

  • Bo

    I dont think its the money. I think its the flexibility and the fact that you are paying 100 cents on the dollar for a guy who will be a free agent in 8 months. Is it worth it to give up a potential 21 yr old ace for a guy you will have to pay 25 mil a yr for 7 years?

    why not wait it out and get him for less or pay the 25 mil when hes free

  • Pfistyunc

    I am scratching my head trying to come up with a reason why turning down that package is even remotely defensible and I can’t come up with one. I haven’t been this livid since Arizona handed Schilling over on a silver platter. If this doesn’t get Cashman fired, sadly nothing will.

  • http://breakingballs.riveraveblues.com Caleb

    I say there is no way that report is correct. Would the Twins really offer the Yankees Santana for Hughes, Cabrera (likely to be a great fourth outfielder with OBP skills going forward), and 2 lesser prospects? That’s ridiculous. They are looking for bats that are close, and Hilligoss, a 22 year-old who hit a bunch of doubles in A-ball, doesn’t count. Jeff Marquez is a two-star prospect who gave up too many hits and didn’t strike out enough guys as a 22 year-old at AA. However much you like Melky, there is no way the Twins would have taken this deal.

  • Eric

    NOW we’re concered about money!? Where was this concern when we were giving Arod a deal that could pay him over $300 million? Id much rather have a decent 3B and Santana than Arod. We are also concerned about spending too much on the bullpen so now as USUAL we will have a great lineup with pitching thats no where near as good. Pitching wins championships, not hitting. We never learn.

  • brxbmrs

    I think the Yanks have 197 mil committed for 08 for 13 players (and one fucking stiff – guess who?): A-Rod 27.5 (assumed), Giambi 21, Jete 22, Jorge 17.1 (4 mil buyout from old contract), Pettitte and Abreu 16, Mo 15, Damon and Sui 13, Pavano 11, Moose 8 (he has deferred $), Farns 5.5, Igawa 4, Molina 2.

    Deferred $: 5 for RJ, .95 Clemens from 03

    Wang is arb eligible.

    Next year these commitments are $137 mil for the 9 remaining active players.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I’m pretty sure the Yanks can recoup most – if not all – of Pavano’s salary through insurance. That’s less of a concern than most people make it out to be.

    • rbizzler

      That is why the financial angle of Madden’s article does make a whole lot of sense. There is a ton of dead weight coming off of the books after ’08.

      Is someone trying to sabotage Cash by floating the details for this article?

      • rbizzler

        Whoops, meant the financial angle does not make a lot of sense.

  • Dimaggio5

    This sounds like another bad piece of information to me. There is no way the entire Yankees front office allows Cash to turn this down. You mean Hank, Hal, Stick, Girardi, etc. all sat back and let this deal go away. No way. There have been more twists and turns in this saga – it is unbelievable.

  • brxbmrs


    I agree, I think Madden pulled this out of his ass like he does alot the last few years. As much as Cash likes Hughes, I still think he’d have zero problem pulling that deal.

    Glad Hughes stays – forget Haren, tweak the pen and leave it alone.

    If you an trade for a better 1st base option than Duncan\Bet – that’s great otherwise let them get 300-400 abs each.

  • zack

    One this this package DOES indicate is that the Sox package was probably more accurate than we think. This is a deal right on par with the Sox package, as Lowrie, Masterson, and Kalish are probably above Hilligoss and Marquez.

    And I agree, it also shows that the Sox and Twins really aren’t all that close, and with all the reports coming out now that the Sox are not 100% confident, sort of like those reports earlier on the Yanks, it would seem that the Sox got stuck in a situation they didn’t really want to be in: the only suitors. I still think they would be crazy not to do it.
    I also think that playing the cheap card now, for either team, is stupid and self-destructive. Its what the Mets and Sox had done for so long, using $ as an excuse not to take major risks (A-Rod for both teams) that would make them a much better team and put them over the top.

    There are also reports (extra bases I think, FWIW) that the Sox realize that Ellsbury is probably at his highest value right now, which is interesting. Clearly the Sox brass recognize that there isn’t nearly as much substance behind the hype…

  • zack

    Oh, and one more note. If the Sox DON’T trade for Johan, than its a whole ‘nother ballgame, as the Yanks’ rotation stacks up pretty well against them. I am so much more willing and confident to go into the season with the rotation as it stands now facing the Sox team as it stands now than with Santana on the Sox, obviously. And of course, with the Sox out of the running for Johan, perhaps, the Yanks can push a lesser deal for him?

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Cashman, whose contract expires this year, is clearly staking his future on this non-trade.

    Harp on Cash for the moves/non-moves, but give the man this: he is extremely loyal to the Yanks, and what he believes is best for them long-term. He could have easily traded the farm for Johan and given him a billion dollars just to save his own ass, but he didn’t. That’s admirable.

  • http://memottosteinbrenner.com BillyBalla

    People, People, listen to yourself!
    First, the majority of you did not want to package Hughes in any Santana deal especially when the Red Sox refused to package 2 of the three in Bucholz, Lester and Ellsbury together in a package. Hughes was rated higher than all three. Now I’m hearing on this thread that this can be the undoing of Cashman. Secondly, if the trade rumor was true it was still too much as Hughes was the centerpiece of the deal. Thirdly, word was coming down that many Yankee executives were having second thoughts of adding Hughes to any package, especially after hearing the Red Sox offer. I love Cashman and have total confidence in what he did. The article may be true to a point but you know the big reason was because the Yankees felt they were getting played and never intended adding Hughes in the deal when the negotiations started. They realized how these negotiations were going and felt the Twins were taking advantage of them while the Red Sox were playing the market smart and driving up the cost to get the Yankees into adding Hughes in the deal. Remember people, the Yankees NEVER intended to putting Hughes in any deal and were suckered into doing so when they thought the Sox had the advantage. Remember the Sox still refused to add two of there three supposed untouchables to any deal but were still able to drive the Yankees to adding Hughes. Smarter heads may have prevailed, we will hear more soon. But don’t go by an article that has no real factual evidence. Think about it, why would the Yankees care about 20 million this season when they have 5 contracts coming off the books next season and you know they will be going hard for him if he hits the free agent market. It’s not about the money and never has been with the Yankees. It’s an excuse to keep the prospects and build smartly towards the next DYNASTY. KUDOS CASH, KUDOS!

  • zack

    Hidden in that Sherman piece at the end was a bit that the Yanks are souring on Mahay and are looking at Marte again…

  • http://www.yankeegm.blogspot.com YankeeGM

    Hughes should be going nowhere! He needs to stay and have a long, HOF career in pinstripes!

    And as to Haren – read here – http://yankeegm.blogspot.com/2007/12/steer-clear.html

    • yankz

      Are you kidding me? Pimping your own blog on somebody else’s, and THAT’S what you link to? A couple lines agreeing with another blogger. Nice.

  • http://keephughes.blogspot.com/ Larry

    Amen, BillyBalla, Amen.

  • http://memottosteinbrenner.com BillyBalla

    lol, what happened to the Sox!

    UPDATE, 12-5-07 at 9:56am: According to Keith Law via MetsBlog, the Twins have reached out to the Mets, Dodgers, and Angels to revisit Santana talks.

    Every team has a payroll idiot!

    UPDATE, 12-5-07 at 9:43am: Joel Sherman agrees with Bill Madden’s take below – part of the reason the Yankees pulled out is that even they have a payroll.

    So what was the real reason we pulled out? Drum roll please!

    UPDATE, 12-5-07 at 8:30am: The Yankees could’ve had Santana for Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Jeff Marquez, and Mitch Hilligoss. Brian Cashman, however, never wanted to sacrifice Hughes for Santana and convinced his bosses that the Yankees couldn’t afford him now that Andy Pettitte is in the fold. This near-trade won’t be forgotten by Yankees fans, unless Hughes takes off in ’08.

    Yes, it will be forgotten, it will certainly be forgotten because we fans watched this kid grow in our farm and he is everything that is good and decent in Yankee land right now. It’s all about the change of philosophy of trading away our upcoming future high end prospects. These players such as the Jeters, Mariano’s, Posadas, Pettites, Mattingly’s, Joba’s, and Hughes are what gets us fans excited about our team. It’s about the home grown talent. We all read when they drafted this young 17 year old out of High School in the first round of the 2004 draft. We watched his every baby step and now want to see him all grown up in the bigs!

  • http://www.canyonofheroes.blogspot.com Mike Plugh

    This is very simple and shows why Cashman is much smarter than most of the fanbase. Yes, we committed A LOT of money to this group:

    Alex Rodriguez
    Jorge Posada
    Mariano Rivera
    Jose Molina

    We also re-upped Abreu and will spend on Vizcaino. The Yankees are operating from a position of organizational strength when it comes to starting pitching. What you have in Hughes, Chamberlain, Kennedy, and Horne is 4 pitchers who are already more or less MLB ready and under your control for 6 years at the MLB minimum. You have a handful of relievers in the minors that are close to or already set to join the MLB bullpen, also MLB minimum. Cano, Wang, and Melky are already contributing at near the MLB minimum. Next year, Giambi and Pavano are off the payroll, and so is Moose. Presumably Pettitte will be as well, but he may stay to open the new Stadium.

    Waiting in the wings are Jackson and Tabata, Sublett and Angelini, and lord knows who else will step up. Betances, Brackman, Heredia, etc….

    In 3-4 years, you could have an entire rotation built from internally developed, MLB minimum players. That rotation has the potential to feature several players with Cy Young potential. That’s tremendous value. You have a new outfield that can come in, play great defense, and hopefully hit a ton at the MLB minimum. Cano is a perennial All-Star in the making and at this point a bargain. The pen can be almost entirely composed of MLB minimum players considering Ohlendorf, Sanchez, Marquez, Patterson, and Cox.

    The money the Yankees save on Santana in this equation is a question of value and flexibility. I want the Cy Young guy too, but you will be paying him A-Rod money and handing over a group of players that provide you quality and value beyond the performance. The $150 million that you save on one pitcher, as good as he is, can be spent in developing more young players. It’s a great business decision and a great baseball decision at the same time.

    The main issue at hand with the fans is the Red Sox. That’s what Minnesota thought they had going for them. The fans, and the old Boss, get whipped up about the Red Sox winning it all. Guess what? This isn’t 2003 anymore. The Sox have won 2 Series and aren’t the 1918 boys anymore. They will be competitive and they will probably win it again somewhere in the not too distant future. We can’t get wrapped up in that anymore as an organization. They are one of 30 MLB teams and they have as much money as we do. If they choose to spend it on high ticket items, it doesn’t give them the title automatically (as we have learned for the last 7 years), although it means they’ll be in the playoff hunt.

    The Yankees can continue to blow lots of money on Giambis and Pavanos and the rest, but it doesn’t mean we’ll win it. The last 6 WS champs had the following starters at the front of their rotations:

    2002 Kevin Appier, Ramon Ortiz, Jarrod Washburn, Aaron Sele, John Lackey
    2003 Carl Pavano, Mark Redman, Brad Penny, Dontrelle Willis, Josh Beckett
    2004 Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Derek Lowe, Tim Wakefield, Br. Arroyo
    2005 Mark Buerhle, Freddie Garcia, Jose Contreras, Jon Garland, El Duque
    2006 Jason Marquis, Chris Carpenter, Jeff Suppan, Mark Mulder, Jeff Weaver
    2007 Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Tim Wakefield, J. Tavarez

    It’s obvious that you need great front of the rotation pitching to get there and to win, but look at 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006. The rotations aren’t loaded with HOFers. Beckett is the one guy that appears three times on this list, and the Red Sox have done a great job building a balanced offense and starting rotation. How many other Cy Young guys are on this list? Lackey is very good. Pedro, of course. Carpenter? Schilling is quality, and he was also there in 2001. That’s about it. The point is, the Yankees can be just a little patient, come out with Hughes and Chamberlain at the front of the rotation, have Wang as a #3, and compete every year. It looks weird now because they are super young, but in 3-4 years it may look brilliant.

    • Geno

      Right on.

    • Glen L

      lets get this put on a t-shirt :)

  • Bo

    Maybe they can still get Santana for Kennedy instead of Hughes when Minny realizes they won’t get anything serious from the Sox and the West Coast teams wont pay him 25 mil a yr. Forget the Mets. There system is as bad as ours was in 02-04.

  • Bo

    Don’t forget the other young guys coming up that we have no idea about. Who knew Wang would win 19 games a yr?

    And dont sell Kennedy short. His minor league numbers are off the charts and his major audition, while small, was really impressive.

  • Bo

    Marte would be a real nice addition to the pen. Absolutely dominating against lefty’s

  • Jon

    Marte would be nice, and would be the only reliever I would overpay for, considering the Yanks’ need for a lefty. But if Viz wants a Linebrink contract, see ya later.

  • C’mon George

    Wake up George – slap all those assholes in the head and make this deal for Santana cause once Boston wraps it up you won’t be alive to see another championship!

  • save hughes

    you can get pitchers like viz anywhere. let him go and take the draft pick

  • CB

    I personally don’t believe this rumor at all.

    This sounds like a yankee leak to take even more leverage away from the twins.

    its clear now the red sox were in this for a mix of ambiguous reasons. The first of which may have been just to keep him from the yankees. The second – drive up the yankees price.

    Now as the lone suitors the Sox don’t seem to want to dance.

    If the yankees are out, if they turned down that trade, if they are concerned about the money – that takes a lot of leverage from the twins.

    I think the sox are reconsidering how this makes sense for them now that yanks are out – both money and talent.

    You have to be impressed with Cash as mike said above. Last year on his contract – he’s protecting his prospects and saving money instead of making the move that is clearly in his short term best interest.

    That’s impressive.

  • mike

    Can’t wait to watch a healthy Hughes next year!!!!!!!!! Screw Boston we’ll find a way and if we can score 1000 runs forget it!

  • E-ROC

    I think Cash made the right decision. They’ve already spent a ton of money re-upping with their free agents. Not of these young pitchers will be busts. Somebody will step up eventually. Whether it’s Hughes, Joba, Kennedy, Horne, McAllister, McCutchen, Betances, Brackman, Marquez, Steven White, etc. Go CashMoney!

  • nick blasioli

    thanks alot brian….there are five teams ahead of the yankees now…that deal should hve been made….and why are you in nashville anyway…you havent accomplished anything yet…..im really disgusted……

  • younguns

    The agent for Viz wants a 3-4 year Scott Linebrink-like contract, which makes it very easy in my opinion to say no. If we lose Viz to free-agency, what type of compensation can the Yankees expect back in terms of a 2008 draft pick?

    It is expected that after the 2008 season, $64.5 million will be coming off the Yankees’ books if you include Abreu. After 2009, an additional $26 million comes off from Damon and Matsui’s contracts. That is about $90.5 million saved before Cano & Wang receive well-deserved raises which will probably add about $10-$14 million to the 2008-2009 payroll, still great bargins as far as I’m concerned.

    Given time over the next 2 years, the Yankees’ farm system should really explode with tons of cheap and battle-tested minor league talent that will be ready to fill the ranks of the MLB-level team. Hughes, Joba, & IPK are just the vanguard of an army of talented arms which will keep the Yankees from having to overpay for crappy pitching on the free agent market, which is what is currently available and is what every team is desperately seeking. It’s also comforting to know that we are beginning to see signs that our development program for position players is finally beginning to produce good results. If the positional player side of the Yankee system can catch up to our pitchers, we will have the engine needed to power the Yankees well into the 21st Century.

    • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

      We would get a compensation pick due to the fact that he’s a Type B Free Agent.

  • Hughes Your Daddy

    I have a feeling that Madden is completely off base. I mean, even his “facts” are wrong. If the Yankees were to have traded for Santana and signed him to a six year extension, it would have been for beginning NEXT YEAR! That means the Yanks would’ve picked up $13.5 million this year. Next year when the deal hit/exceeded $20 million, Pettite’s deal would be over, Giambi would be gone, Pavano gone, Abreu gone. If money was an issue, than Farnsworth would be traded by now, Abreu wouldn’t have been picked up or he’d have been traded, and they’d be exploring Moose trade options. Not to mention they’d have found a much cheaper back-up catcher. This is poor journalism folks, nothing more.

    The reality is that blogs have surpassed beat writers.

  • younguns

    Heath Phillips, a 25-year old lefty starter/reliever with decent numbers was just DFA’ed by the White Sox. Does anyone have a recent scouting report on him?

    He’s won several awards as a pitcher in the minors and did ok when he was briefly brought up to the Majors in September 2007. The Yankees are seeking left-handed relief pitching & should take a flier on him since he won’t cost much & fills a need on the Yankees. If he surprises us & outperforms expectations, it would come at a minimal cost while patching a big hole in our bullpen.

  • Mitchell’s Eleven

    What bugs me here is that the team specifically said they were willing to deal under one particular set of parameters and, in what seems to be reality, actually weren’t. TFrom a detached layman’s perspective, that doesn’t sound like very straightforward management to me.

    I was against giving up Hughes for Santana but, if they said A and B would get the deal done and, then, didn’t do so when asked, it doesn’t speak well for them.

    It is rather unfair, though, to pin the success of the non-trade on the development of the young players. This trade isn’t their problem. They need to develop at their own pace.

  • Beau

    I am from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I definitely have a hard time letting go of top notch prospects, such as Phil Hughes having watched them on the lower level often. However, this is a deal you have to make more of an effort to get done. Johan Santana is the best in the business and still not even 29 yet. The Yanks past flaws and mishaps seem to be acquiring amazing talent that is just over the hill. Who knows if Boston will cave to the Twins demands for more. The fact is the Yankees are instantly better if THEY have Santana and nobody else does. The twins don’t feel desperate enough yet to dump him for cheap but resigning him is NOT an option for them. I believe the Bombers aren’t out of this yet. They will bide their time and make one last attempt if the Sox show legitimate signs of acquiring him. If I’m wrong then we are in serious trouble for 2008. We may still get to the playoffs but I am sick of taking an early exit. How bout you?

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    ‘only a fool pays twice for the same thing.’

  • Steve S

    I have to agree. I think this is Cashman realizing he has some leverage here with Pettitte back in the mix. Lets be honest the Yankees in this situation are the market makers. The team that definitely has the money to spend and of all the packages presented, Hughes is clearly the best player that has been linked to the trades. Cashman has the depth of players to make the deal without Hughes, especially the longer this plays out and it becomes clear that the Red Sox arent going to make a better offer. Its good negotiating tactics.

  • eric from morrisania

    This is a big gamble. I’m not sure of what to think about it. I think Hughes, Cabrera, Marquez, and Hilligoss is a great price to pay for an Ace, and while I love Hughes and the Melkman, I wouldn’t cry if we dealt them for a stud of Santana’s stature. Marquez and Hilligoss are no great shakes.

    The gamble here is that nobody comes in and trumps that offer between now and November of 2008, and Santana hits the open market where we can sign him outright. My rationale for giving up on Hughes the stud and Melkman is that they’re insurance to make sure that nobody else (RedSox, Mets, Angels, Braves, Jays, Indians, etc.) gets him before we do. Cashman may be on to something in that the Twins don’t seem to be ready to pull the trigger on any of the deals proposed and that he’ll simply leave in free agency, and if he’s right and we can add Santana for nothing and have a 2009 rotation of Santana/Wang/Hughes/Joba/Kennedy, he’s a genius. But, if the Sox make a blockbuster offer at the deadline and deal for Santana, and one/two/three of the kids don’t pan out and we have a 2009 rotation of Wang/Joba/Kennedy/?????/?????, then he’s an idiot.

    Time will tell.


    mike plugh your postings are excellent.keep up the good work.your stuff is better than madden and sherman.excellent stuff.

  • http://dunnp@bc.edu paul dunn

    How reliable is Bill Madden ? I thought with the Tiger’s “let’s go for it now” approach, the Yankees might jump back in and if Madden is correct Cashman may have blown it. Satana is the best pitcher in baseball right now. His salary would be a killer plus it probably would be for at least six years. On the other hand, does it occur to anyone that what has really killed the Yanks the last two years in the playoffs has been a total lack of hitting-horrible !!! When all is said and done maybe we are looking in the wrong direction. Keep the young pitchers, but compare the Yankee lineup to the Tigers.

  • Beau

    While I completely agree with you about the Yanks hitting in the playoffs Paul I still can’t help to think we might be making a big mistake here. A big part of the reason they have sucked so bad in the playoffs is because quality pitching negated our huge bats. ( and some major hitters choking too- Don’t get me wrong) However, that rock solid ace who can still keep you in the game to the end like Pettite did last year is something we’re lacking. In any big game situation all you can ask for is to be in it to the end. That is where I think the disappointment has been. Too often it seemed we were down 8-3 in the fifth. It is too much pressure to put on an offense to always have to claw back in it- like game four last year for instance. We almost did it, but ‘almost’ being the operative word. We need a true ace who’s young enough to take the pressure off our hitters and other quality starters. That’s just me though. I love our prospects and it would be sad to fork them over to help a team rebuild.