Vizcaino to the Rox?

A-Rod's deal finalized
A thought on the Mitchell list

Tim at MLB Trade Rumors speculates that The Viz may have reached an agreement with the Rockies. If true, the Yanks would get a sandwich round draft pick as compensation, and depending on where some remaining free agents sign, this pick could be as high as #39 overall. At worst it will be #46. So basically it boils down to this: the Yanks traded Vizcaino to the Rockies for LaTroy Hawkins, a draft pick between #39 and 46 overall, and about $8-10M in salary relief. Sweet deal.

A-Rod's deal finalized
A thought on the Mitchell list
  • E-ROC
  • Count Zero

    That’s a great way of looking at it Mike. I feel better about LaTroy already! :-)

  • mg

    Not bad when you look at it that way. Of course, we still have LaSuck pitching for us, but it could be worse.

    • Ben K.

      It could be worse. We could have Vizcaino pitching for us.

  • http://deleted Mike R.

    Now lets go out and draft the nnext Joba.

  • Dimaggio5

    Vizcaino wanted too much money. What I don’t understand is why the Yankees haven’t more aggressively tried to shop Kyle “I give up 2 runs an outing” Farnsworth?

  • Bo

    Why not get Farnsworth figured out then deal him for 10 cents on the dollar?

  • Yanks26

    We can get another sandwich pick (or higher) if we lose Hawkins next year!

  • bkight

    All middle relief is a crapshoot. You can’t predict guys from oneyear to the next. Just stick with the guys that can throw hard and throw strikes and see who gets hot.

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