Cameo at Pending Pinstripes


Just wanted to mention that I took part in a prospect roundtable over at my old stomping grounds, Pending Pinstripes. I find it pretty funny that I bashed on George Kontos in the roundtable, only to have him pop up as the lead story on Baseball America’s site. You planned this EJ, I know you did.

Thanks to gang over there for asking me to take part.

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  • E-ROC

    Good stuff. Are there any other minor leaguers that you think will disappoint this season?

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Cervelli was my first choice, but I harp on him later on in the roundtable.

    Otherwise it’s just the usual suspects – Suttle, Gardner, Cody Ehlers, etc.

    • E-ROC

      Do you know what level and position the Yanks plan to play CJ Henry?

      • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        They said they were starting him out in High-A Tampa’s outfield. I’m presuming it’ll be LF.

  • Moose

    So what do you know about this Cantos? I don’t have access to the Baseball America Insider stuff. Whats his makeup, picthes, age, etc? Thanks.

  • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees EJ

    Anything that I can do to undermine my competition :)

  • Jim L.

    Looks like the SMETS got Johan, just glad it isn’t the sox