Chuck’s going to DC, whether he wants to or not


Unsurprisingly, Chuck Knoblauch, a very private individual who wants to put baseball behind him, declined Congress’ invitation to appear in Washington next month. So the bullies in DC subpoenaed him instead. One way or another, Chuck will be in Washington making a rare public appearance since the end of his playing days. I wonder what he’ll have to say.

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  • Deezer

    For god’s sake, leave the guy alone. These politicians are absolute fools. I do, however, look forward to watching these idiots try to pronounce his name.


    As long as they don’t ask him to throw to first he should be ok.

  • Bobby

    Isn’t their a war going on, Congressmen and women?

    This entire investigation is a complete joke. I think I see Arthur Miller writing another book……..