Damon Endorses Giuliani


Nothing really of note here, just thought I’d pass on some Yankee-related news. Johnny Damon was scheduled to introduce presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani today in Orlando. It’s doubtful that even Damon has the powers to revive the former NYC mayor’s campaign.

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  • Tripp

    That’s what happens when you quit campaigning in every other state besides Florida and New York.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    I’ve been in Florida this weekend visiting my grandparents and the sense here is that Giuliani is through. McCain or Romney will emerge with the primary win here.

  • brockdc

    Is it me or do most current and former professional athletes tend to lean Republican? Heath Shuler is the only exception I can think of.

    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      There’s not too many. Off the top of my mind, I can only name a few liberal and left-leaning athletes: Alonzo Mourning, Etan Thomas, Michael Jordan, Dan Marino, Mike Stanley, Steve Nash, Josh Howard, Adam Morrison, Carlos Delgado, Adonal Foyle, Chase Utley, Ali, Jim Brown… I don’t know much about the older retired players though. But, you got to keep in mind that the only athletes’ political leanings that we know of are the outspoken ones. We don’t know about the rest that keep those things to themselves.

  • Bo

    Thats because anyone with any sense and a bank account is Republican.

    • RollignWave

      at least most of us would agree with the bank account part… but you think Damon is a good example of sense?;)

  • brockdc

    Bo, that’s a common misnomer.


    • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

      Hmm. Meanwhile, it’s the GOP that gets the most corporate donations. In return, they’re rewarded. Bush’s FDA has ties to big pharma. The EPA has ties to oil companies, logging corps., major polluters. The people that oversee agriculture and farming have ties to factory farms, agrocorps like Monstanto. The department of the interior is infested with development industry types. How about the FCC? They’re considering changing the rules on media ownership that would let media conglomerates take over “local radio and television stations and newspapers.” That’s certainly not out of the public interest. And when these GOP politicians retire, they go right to corporate lobbying and corporate consulting firms. Almost every single Bush government apointee has ties to some business. C’mon, brock. Big business and the GOP doesn’t need your help, they have plenty of it.

    • Rich

      It’s also ridiculous.

      • Rich

        My comment was meant to be in response to Bo’s um, point.

  • Chuck

    Will Mr. Damon be switching his jersey number to 911?
    I thought Rudy was a Soxs fan now?
    Maybe Rudy hopes getting some Yankees to endorse him will make his son Andrew, who hates him, come back on his side.
    Seems about right that an idiot would endorse a moron.
    Rumor has it Giambi, ARod, Posada, Melky, Abreau, Cano, Pettitte, Rivera along with Damon support Rudy while Jeter and Matsui don’t. That’s right, 9 out of the 11 Yankee regulars support Rudy.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!


    Steinbrenner and Co. are big Guliani supporters obviously. It’s a bit of a formality that the owners’ players follow suit in most cases. It’s just one of those things. A-Rod contributed to George W. Bush in 2004. A-Rod was close with the Rangers and Texas for a time (just as G.W. was, even after he left the ballclub)- it’s just a friendly gesture.

    This is all business, folks. Damon came out last winter and stumped for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. This time, it’s Guliani. Not a big deal. Besides. If you’ve ever listened to Damon, he doesn’t sound like the brightest of individuals.

  • Chuck

    Sorry Brockdc but I’m not sure that article “proves” anything. Big cities tend to be Democratic and tend to be more expensive, so I’m not sure just comparing how much one makes show anything else then that people in cities earn more.
    Plus, I think the idea that the Democratic Party is the party of the middle class comes from the facts that they support policies that promote a middle class, such as the New Deal, workers rights, unions, public education, minimum wages, family medical leave, single payer heath care, etc.
    Finally, I’ve lived and worked in lower income areas all around the US and have found that when people are just getting by they tend to be more selfish and look out only for themselves and their family, however, when people has a stable economic situation they tend to realize that what’s good for the community-as a whole- is good for them as well.

  • Chuck

    Thanks for reminding me Snitches, Mr. Steinbrenner was once given a life time ban from baseball for making illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon.

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    I also want to note that for all those World Series years, Guliani was a Yankee fan and a big part of that era. It could be viewed as disrespectful or a slap in the face if some of the Yankees from that time shunned the guy now (even though they should given Guliani’s kissing of the Red Sox ass). Like I said earlier, it’s a friendly gesture. For the players that won’t support him, it’s because of ideological differences. For those that do – it’s a thank you for what he did in the past decade. One of my friend’s likes Guliani – I ask him why and he has no answer. It’s rather stupid. It’s because he was New York’s mayor and wore a Yankee cap. That’s it. He doesn’t know a damn thing about Rudy’s current platform. I mean, c’mon. I used to love the guy too. But things changed – he changed and i’m over it now. He’s just a republican politician now that will go out of his way to exploit 9/11, while turning his back on his Yankee roots for votes. True signs of a phony.

  • Rich

    Ball players, like children, should be seen and not heard.

    • Tripp

      Like actors.

  • brockdc


    The article link I posted wasn’t intended as a sweeping claim that Dems are wealthier than Republicans, but rather that Bo’s post was misguided and stereotypical. But thanks for the civics lecture, anyway.

    • Chuck

      Sorry BrockDC, no lecture nor disrespect meant. Snarkiness noted. I was just thrown because the Wall Street Journal recently had a column with a similar-one possible conclusion- about a study that shows that Bush has a much higher “extremely dislike” rating from proclaimed liberal than conservatives did for Clinton in 98. Being the OpEd page of the Journal the only possible conclusion was then that liberals are more hateful than conservatives. Alas, as my brother the PhD. in Econ hates to hear, those “soft” sciences can make their studies conclude almost anything.

  • george

    If you make money by actually working your a republican. If you make money being a lawyer or investing money your a democrat. Liberals convince people they have a problem then tell everybody they can fix the problem for them with more money and regulation. Every problem has the same solution more government control. Most athletes succeed because they have worked very hard. They are not looking for help. The secret of success for anyone is to work hard and not wait for a liberal to help you.

    • Rich

      Liberal and conservative Labels mean nothing at this point.

      Republicans have run up tons of debt under Bush and a Republican Congress. That’s hardly conservative under any reasonable definition.

      It used to be conservative to not wage unnecessary wars, yet Bush lied his way into an unnecessary war in Iraq instead of going after bin Laden.

      It used to be conservative to protect the environment, yet under Bush the quality of our air and water has been put at risk because he has removed regulations that had cleaned up polluted air and water.

      The whole regulation thing is such a canard. Would anyone seriously argue that more regulation isn’t needed to prevent the kind of predatory lending that helped cause the subprime mortgage and accompanying credit crisis?

      That lack of regulation isn’t helping the people who are actually working yet are still losing their homes.

      Could anyone make fact-based argument that regulation isn’t needed to protect the food supply as it moves through steam of commerce.

      Could anyone make a fact-based argument that regulation isn’t needed to ensure that prescription drugs are both efficacious and safe?

      Of course not.

      Republicans, at least in the current era, have no solutions for anything, except tax cuts that aren’t paid for in the budget. That has helped cause the national debt to soar to $9 trillion, financed by the Chinese, the Saudis, and similar questionable characters, thereby weakening the dollar.

      That doesn’t help people who actually work.

      Failed Republican policies have made liberals the true conservatives.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        Yeah, I was going to say this but I’ve spent the last six hours in airports or on airplanes. Very nicely summarized.

      • george

        I would not site the past 8 years of the bush regime has a model for conservative thought. Just because politicians do not represent an idea well does not mean the idea is dead or not valid. If you live in a state like nj were it cost 5 dollars to drive three miles down the road or you pay $15,000 of property tax on a $500,000 house, or own a small business that is constantly attacked by an overreaching government I think you would have a different perspective.