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Damon Endorses Giuliani
The Worldwide Leader Loves RAB

As we hit the three-week home stretch before pitchers and catchers finally show up, David Pinto has decided to fill the time with some offensive projections. Using his excellent Lineup Analysis Tools and the Tom Tango projections for the Yanks’ lineup, he comes to the conclusion that the Yanks should lead the league in runs scored again. That’s good news for Yankees fans, and despite the doom and gloom some folks have expressed this winter, the team is sitting pretty if the pitching can be half decent.

Damon Endorses Giuliani
The Worldwide Leader Loves RAB
  • http://lbaprequel.xesf.net/ LBA Prequel

    All the credit in the world to opposing pitchers the last few playoff series’, but our amazing lineup won’t mean a hill of (Boston) baked beans if they choke in the playoffs again. I love our lineup on paper (for the most part), but they’ve got to get it together in the playoffs (which I’m assuming we make this year, whether or not that makes me arrogant is debatable).

    *Thinks fondly of Melky’s solo HR off of Fausto Carmona in the ALDS*

    Sorry, I forgot. Hear no (positive) Melky, speak no (positive) Melky. :p

  • Bo

    Doom and gloom?

    I think its been a positive winter. Kept all our own guys. Kept Hughes and Melky and the young guys. Giving the young guys a shot to be big time contributors ie Shelly D, the pen, IPK.

    And a full season of Joba.

    Who isnt excited for the season to start???

    I pity people who define a yr by 5 games in October. If that is who you are and LBA is one of these people they shouldnt follow, post, watch games til October.

  • Nefarious Jackson

    hopefully won’t repeat the slow starts of the last few years– Girardi talked about contacting all of his players and telling them what kind of shape he expects them to come to training camp it– if Abreu, Damon can come into camp in shape and Cano & Melkyman keep working out with A-rod from the get go they should all get off to better starts that last year

    • RollignWave

      If Melky had a good April last year they’re be much less bash on him…

      If Cano ever have a good April/ May he’s be having an MVP season meh

  • Bo

    I realize that 400 people have prob told u guys but two huge shout outs for you guys from Gammons and Neyer on Espn today.

    Unfortunately, time keeps most of us from getting to those sites specific to teams. It’s amazing how many club officials read USS Mariner (Seattle), Fire Brand of the American League (Boston), Ducksnorts (San Diego), Athletics Nation (Oakland), Viva El Birdos (St. Louis), Lone Star Ball (Texas), River Ave. Blues (Yankees), MetsBlog.com, FishStripes (Florida), Dodger Thoughts, Bronx Banter (great writing), The LoHud Yankees Blog, Reds Reporter (Cincinnati), Bleed Cubbie Blue, Brew Crew Ball (Milwaukee) and more.

    Over at River Ave. Blues, Ben K. points out that Robinson Cano has a bright future, and I’m certainly not going to argue (I can’t, considering that just last week I anointed Cano the best second baseman of the next five years). But Ben concludes by arguing that the Yankees’ arbitration figure should have been higher than $3.2 million, lest they annoy their young star. Which is silly. Cano and his agent know how this game is played, and everyone will be smiling within a few moments after everything is settled.

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