Leyritz drove drunk without a license

A-Rod, Boras really not talking
Parking the next aspect of the Great Stadium Swindle

According to a report in the New York Post, Jim Leyritz was driving with a suspended license when he got into a fatal accident last week. According to DMV records, Leyritz’s Florida license was suspended in New York at the end of November because he failed to respond to a summons. This suspension could add up to a year to any prison sentence Leyritz receives if found guilty.

A-Rod, Boras really not talking
Parking the next aspect of the Great Stadium Swindle
  • TheWarden

    He is up sh*t’s creek without a paddle and lots of holes in his canoe. With all his freakin’ money you would think the genius would hire a limo for the night and party hardy. Now a wife and mother of two is dead. If you are guilty, you are gonna do some time Jimmy boy. What a damned shame for everyone involved, especially the grieving family.

  • Relaunch

    He deserves everything he is going to get now.

  • Count Zero

    Dumb ass. He better hope that blood test doesn’t come back over 0.20 — he’s doing time anyway, but if it’s up over 0.20 they will crucify him.

    As said above, I’m always amazed when someone with this much money doesn’t take a limo or a cab home. The LaRussa incident last year comes to mind…

  • E-ROC

    Shouldn’t Leyritz do more time than Mike Vick???

    • Count Zero

      That’s an interesting question. I guess I would have to say yes, he should do more time than Vick.

      On the one hand, he didn’t intentionally hurt anyone. On the other hand, he killed a human being through his stupidity.

      • Relaunch

        Its not an interesting question. He killed a human being, Vick killed dogs. While dogs maybe considered to some as family, they still are not as precious as a human life. He should do alot more than Vick does and I’m sure he will.

  • Bo

    Who compares this case to the Vick case? Are you f-ing nuts?

    A young woman is dead here.

    He made the conscious decision to get behind the wheel and drive while impaired. He should get the max. Accident or not. I dont care if he went out every night and had 35 beers. But once he gets behind the wheel he throws out any sympathy.

  • mg

    Way worse than Vick. If the reports are to be believed it’s way way worse. They’re describing him as regularly being so drunk he had to be escorted out by the police while spouting crap like “Do you know who I am?” F#&k him. I loved the guy. I mean, we might not have 26 rings if not for him but damn. There’s no excuse for what he did and he ought to and most likely will face the consequences. He will get much more time than Vick. My guess is five years minimum served. They don’t take kindly to DUI’s with a fatality. Especially if you don’t take responsibility for your actions in any way. Refusing to submit to a test among other things will damn him.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Never let it be said that the Post allows the truth to get in the way of a front page story.

    Jim received a ticket in New York last spring for driving while talking on a cell phone. He failed to answer the summons last fall so his license was suspended. Now this suspension is not I repeat is not yet recognized in the state of Florida (where the accident took place). As of today (1/2) Jim’s license is still valid in Florida.

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