Leyritz victim was driving drunk, too

Another Bernie 'What If?' scenario
We'll always have C.C.

Jim Leyritz is set to face an arraignment hearing today, and the New York Post reports that the 30-year-old who died in December’s car crash was driving drunk as well. There is no word on how this will affect Leyritz, but I’m sure his attorneys will be all over this one.

Another Bernie 'What If?' scenario
We'll always have C.C.
  • Spike

    Throw the book at her! Oh, wait. She’s dead. Never you mind.

  • Mr. Yankee!

    Wow I wonder if they drop the manslaughter charges? It could be argued that it was she who caused the crash driving drunk and not Jim. After the way the NY newspapers bashed Leyritz, I wonder what they will say about this case now. I was getting sick of seeing pictures of that woman’s kids in the paper anyway. Who’s going to tell her kids that her momma was a drunk ho bartender and that’s the reason she died, not because of a millionaire baseball player.

    • Count Zero

      Wow, I’m just speechless at the insensitivity of that comment.

      If (big IF) the story is correct, she had a .08 which means she probably had two drinks closing up the place. Obviously you never bartended or waited tables, or you would know that at least one “shift drink” is standard practice for the industry.

      I’m not absolving her of all self-responsibility, but the fact that she had two drinks before driving home, then got hit by a guy who ran a red light and tested at .14 hardly qualifies her as a “drunk ho.”

      Do you also extend that description to date rape victims, or is this just a “defend the former Yankee” thing with you?

      • Mr. Yankee!

        Was it verified that Leyritz ran the red light? I haven’t heard anything definitive either way.

        Look I’m not saying either party is 100% guilty or innocent, and I don’t know if you live in NY but if you did you would have seen how Leyritz was blasted left and right for driving drunk. If she was drunk too behind the wheel, that impaired her ability to drive and maybe she did something on the road that led to this accident. We don’t know – all we know is, they both were drunk drivers and she had worse luck.

        Additionally, I never did bartend or anything like that, but even if I did I still wouldn’t condone drinking and driving. I’m sorry if it’s standard practice for you, but for me drinking and driving can and will never be standard practice. I have more respect for my fellow LAW ABIDING citizens. And truth be told I really hope you don’t live near me, the last thing we need on the roads is more drunks.

        • Count Zero

          Actually, it’s not standard practice for me — I haven’t waited tables since I was in college two decades ago. I’m not condoning anyone DUI. But I’m sure you’ve NEVER had two beers and driven a car…

          My point was simple — there’s a big diff between a .08 and a .14. Now I wasn’t there either so I don’t know, but it sure seemed like everything that came out put Jimbo at fault in the accident, and no one assigned any fault to the woman.

          Now somebody reports she was at .08 and that makes her a “drunk ho?” Then I guess I Leyritz would be a…”plastered ho?” Or a “effing bombed ho?” I mean, how the heck did her sexual activity (or lack thereof) get into the picture? Why is a woman at .08 a “ho” but an ex-Yankee at .14 is a victim?

          In short, don’t look now but your gender bias is showing…maybe you and Isiah can get together for a double date scenario.

  • Geno

    Jesus. Makes me wonder how may people are driving drunk. Scary.

  • Terry

    For Mike A.
    Did you see that Was Watching said the Mets package would be the same as teh Yankees offering “Ian Kennedy, Jose Tabata, Alan Horne and Delin Betances for Johan Santana.”
    I read Steves blog all the time but I really disagre with that one. Am I crazy ?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Our e-mails addresses are featured prominently on the left sidebar. Please try to keep comments relevant.

      Also, I’d say you’re crazier for reading his blog all the time than for disagreeing with him :)

      • Bill Porter

        “Also, I’d say you’re crazier for reading his blog all the time than for disagreeing with him :)”

        Could not agree more. From where the sun now stands I am “watching” no more, forever.

    • http://yankeefansunite.freeforums.org/index.php Old Goat

      There have been a lot of Was Watching articles that I don’t agree with. This one in particular is way off base. I used to go there fairly often to see what he had to say, but he rubs me the wrong way with some of his postings. This one in particular pushes select numbers and ignores others. I doubt I will bother reading any more from that site.

  • The Good Doctor

    I’m not an attorney so I’d be curious to know how this will affect the proceeds against him. I’d imagine that in the criminal proceedings it would likely help him reduce or beat the charge of manslaughter, but he’d still be held responsible for DUI and have to pay some significant penalty for that, yes, no?
    On the civil side, this has to be a tremendous help for him. He’d still have to deal with the sympathy that a jury would feel for the children, but once you spin the story of her being drunk as well, and possibly the cause or at least a contributor to the cause of the accident — well, it would seem to me that any big payday for the family of the victim is over now. But one never knows what a jury would decide, I suppose.
    Either way, he still must pay the consequences for his actions. The price, however, may not be so steep anymore.

  • http://eephus.blogspot.com Emma Span

    Can somebody who studied ethics and/or philosophy more closely than I did please explain to me whether this actually makes Leyritz any less morally culpable? I’m sort of stumped here. If we assume that he was, in fact, the one who ran the red light, I suppose it doesn’t make much of a difference…

    Also, “Mr. Yankee!”: nobody dies from driving “ho”.

    • Spike

      Also, “Mr. Yankee!”: nobody dies from driving “ho”.

      Well, what if they are performing sexual acts while driving? That’s a bit unsafe, is it not?

  • Bo

    .08 isn’t two drinks at dinner.

    She was drunk and it got her killed and it got Leyritz off the hook. Any defense lawyer with a brain cell can claim she was the one who was impaired and hit him.

    And no prosecutor would touch this case in a court room.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Actually, .08 is two drinks at dinner. If dinner was right before she left the bar. I’ve known people blow more than a .08 after two drinks, too.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I wish drunk drivers would take each other out more often…unfortunately one walked away.

    It’s scary how many jerks are on the road driving drunk. I know people like this and you CANNOT tell them that they are not fine. It just blows my mind.

    • Mr. Yankee!

      I totally agree with your statement. My original statement came off sexist, but the fact of the matter is I’m just ticked off that she was made out to be a saint in the beginning of all of this and now it turns out she’s just as guilty. Additionally, it ticks me off to know that her family was/ is planning a civil lawsuit to get rich of Leyritz. At the end of the day, they are both drunks and are both culpable.