• casey

    Worst. Signing. Ever.

    • Mr. Obvious

      Please, you are insulting Carl “The Dream” Pavano.


  • steve (different one)

    did the Yankees get the Phillies’ 1st round draft pick that year? 2nd round?

    Wright sucked, but Lieber was kindof a bust as well. in fact, almost every pitcher signed to a decent sized contract that off-season was a bust. Pavano, Wright, Clement, Lieber, Milton, even Pedro. the only pitcher who earned his contract that off-season was probably Derreck Lowe.

    if the Yankees got the Phillies’ 1st round draft pick, they used it on CJ Henry, who later netted them Abreu. if they got the Phillies 2nd round pick, they used it on JB Cox.

    overall, the decision would be Henry/Cox, 2 years of Wright, plus Chris Britton vs. 3 years of Lieber.

    probably a wash in the end.

  • Bo

    Lieber. Wright. Pavano. Who cares??

    They all stunk.

    Shows you cant buy pitching.

  • Bo

    Why would the Yankees get the Phillies pick that yr?

    They got a pick for the Phils signing Gordon and I think that turned into Joba.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Got us Joba AND IPK.

    • steve (different one)

      they should have gotten the pick for Lieber. it looks like Lieber was a “type B” that year, so the Yankees should have gotten the Phils’ second round pick (it doesn’t work like that anymore).

      not really a big deal, but something to consider.

  • casey

    As the guys here have pointed out on numerous occasions, Pavano was only a terrible signing in hindsight. Wright was horrendous from the time the offer was made until the time he left NY. That makes it worse.

    • steve (different one)

      in fairness to Wright, who i was NOT a fan of, he actually wasn’t TERRIBLE in 2006. he pitched 140 innings of 101 ERA+.

      that’s actually *not bad* for a 4-5 starter.

      • dan

        I definitely agree that he was a very good 5th starter that season. But when you pay $21million for one average season in three, it’s not a good deal.