Pay no attention to the Brad Wilkerson rumors


An MLB Trade Rumors source says the Yanks may have expressed interest in Brad Wilkerson. I’d imagine the Yanks’ interest went a little bit like this: “We already have two guys capable of putting up a sub-.800 OPS at first base and a a third who can do what you can for a fraction of the cost. But if you want to ask the Red Sox for a laughable $21-million, three-year deal, we’ll help drive up the price.” There’s no place or desire in the Bronx for a 31-year-old who couldn’t really hit in Texas. I’m sure the Yanks would have him in camp on a invite, but Wilkerson delusionally thinks he can get a multi-year deal. This one ain’t happenin’, folks.

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  • waswhining

    Hearing the news that Johnny Podres passed:

    “Podres got his start as a pitching coach with the San Diego organization in 1969. The Padres assigned him to Walla Walla, Wash., of the rookie-level Northwest League. Podres had to sort out about 15 young pitchers.

    “How many of you like to go out three night out of four, have a few beers, stay out late and maybe meet some young ladies?” Podres asked.

    A few raised their hands.

    “You’re my starters,” Podres said. “You milkshake drinkers are the relievers. You have to be ready to pitch every day. You need your sleep.”

    We’ll miss you Johnny.

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike

    Due to the NFL situation over the next few weeks, baseball is in a dead period. This is the time when media types fabricate rumors to fill time and space.

    • dan

      Generally that could be true, but Tim Dierkes doesn’t have any deadlines to deal with. And this is the second source he’s heard the same rumor, so it might have some truth (on the redsox end).

  • steve (different one)

    Wilkerson would be an awesome guy to have on the bench. for a 1 year, $2M deal or something like that. but 3 years, $21M? he should call the Orioles.

  • levi

    dude..wilkerson was offer 2 million, 1 year that WAS the deal