This will end well


So how about those Knicks, huh? A few days after passing his own self-imposed test by coaching the Knicks to a 1-4 record over the course of two weeks, Isiah Thomas has not said that he won’t resign as Knicks coach until he brings home a title and creates a legacy for future generations of Knicks. Or until the men in white coats come to take him away. Needless to say, the Knicks are 8-22 this year and 41-71 under Thomas. They haven’t won a playoff game since 2001, and for some unknown reason the Dolan’s just won’t fire this guy. Oh, well.

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  • Barry

    I hate Thomas, I’m so tired of watching a bunch of fucking overpaid nobodies play ball.

  • mg

    “I don’t necessarily want to win a championship,” Thomas added. “I want to leave something that’s going to stand for a long time. I want to leave a legacy. I want to leave a tradition. I want to leave an imprint, a blueprint in terms of how people play and how they coach and how they respond when they put on a Knick uniform.”

    Please lord no.

    • Barry

      lol “I want to leave a team without a decent first round draft chance for at least a decade, a team with no chance at even playing .500 ball, I want the Thomas name to live on, forever, in the garden.

  • http://slidingintohome.blogspot.com Greg Cohen

    Isiah is completely clueless. He’s a terrible GM and a worse coach. All he’s done is a take a team that wasn’t average at best, and turned them into the laughing stock of the NBA.

  • Jeff

    I used to love watching the Knicks now it is just a game of sloppy hoops. I think they should keep him until we finish in last place so we can get next years top pick. Might as well just look to next year than hoping a new coach comes in just to finish a little better in the bottom of the pack.
    Its BS what has happened to the team over the last couple of years.
    Thank God for the Yankees.

  • http://slidingintohome.blogspot.com Greg Cohen

    Jeff remember how much fun it was to watch the Knicks with Ewing, Oak, Mason, Starks, and Harper as the starting five? They played D, the beat the snot out of opposing teams, and the Garden was always rocking. Even the teams with Houston and LJ were fun to watch. I can’t believe what has happened to the once proud Knicks. It’s very sad.

    • mg

      Very sad. I just can’t imagine what it would take to cost Isiah his job at this point.

      • dan

        He’d probably have to murder or sexually harass or someone…. oh…. wait.

  • brockdc

    With that cast of characters, the mid-nineties Knicks were one of the more despised (and feared) teams in the NBA. Now, they’re of absolutely no consequence. Still, this year’s version is not without talent. Think about it: With guys like Randolph, Marbury, and Crawford they should at least be able to stumble upon a win from time to time.

    • Barry

      Are you nutz? Talent isn’t made up of just offense, sure the Knicks can put up good offensive numbers (wait what happened to assists, yeah right keep dreaming), but remember sports usually consist of offense and defense, so they’re half-talented. Basically they’re a bunch of “half-talent ass-clowns.”

  • Relaunch

    Reasons I loved RAB since it started
    1) Best minor league reports
    2) Great topics about past, current, and future Yankees
    3) Great moderators who do not post dumb diaries like other yankee blogs
    4) Only talking about baseball!

    I guess we can take #4 off the list.

    • mg

      Whatever, not like it’s a full post. Just an aside. Not so crazy to have an occasional NY sports aside.

      • Relaunch

        It would make sense if it was a relevant sport. The NBA is different than when I used to be a fan in the 80/90’s growing up. It is NHL level now.

    • http://slidingintohome.blogspot.com Greg Cohen

      There is nothing wrong if RAB wants to talk about other sports once in a while, especially during the slowest month of the year for baseball news.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Aw, man. It’s a four-sentence post. We wrote about football over the weekend too. Cut us a wee bit of slack.

      • dan

        No! No soup for you! Just messin… If you write something bashing Isiah, I don’t see how anyone can complain.

  • Bo

    Considering that money is no object for Dolan its hilarious that he doesnt try to go out and get the top player personnel guys money can get.