Who’s sponsoring the Yankees?


How about something a little lighthearted to combat the 208 Johan Santana-related comments covering four posts and 24 hours around here? Ok? Ok.

Last season during some of the YES Network telecasts, I tried to keep track of what aspect of the game is brought to you by which company. No longer do we get the Yankees starting lineup; rather, we get the Richo Yankees Starting Lineup. Calls to the bullpen — which are not on my list below — are sponsored by Verizon or AT&T or some phone company. (Get it? Because it’s a call to the bullpen.)

So here’s the list I concocted over a few games in the middle of summer. It’s far from complete and doesn’t cover the John Sterling/Suzyn Waldman “Whore Ourselves Out To The Highest Bidder” Radio Broadcasting from the Lowe’s broadcast booth. But it’s a start. Feel free to add. Or make you own. I’m sure someone could sponsor Kyle Farnsworth’s outings.

Bigelow Weather
New York Lottery Pitching Matchup
Ricoh Yankees Starting Lineup
Land Rover Scouting Report (Away)
Land Rover Scouting Report (Home)
Coors Light Scoreboard in between innings
AFLAC Trivia Question
Bacardi Scouting Reports
Hertz Out of Town Scoreboard
Chevy Player of the Game
Hummer In-Game Box Score
LoJack Caught Stealing — This one is the best. It’s a themed sponsorship that makes perfect sense.
Nissan Post Game Show

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  1. mehmattski says:

    Who was it that used to sponsor the “Catch of the Game” on the Yankees radio broadcasts? For a while the name of the company it was synonymous with “great catch,” although now my mind is blank. I think it was a Leather company. Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?

  2. dan says:

    Beck’s presents Center Stage, if that counts for anything.

  3. It'sMeSNITCHES!!! says:

    Sterling’s Indian Point commercials really piss me off.

  4. It'sMeSNITCHES!!! says:

    What about when the camera just zooms into a Sony Bravia or W.B. Mason wall-ad on air. They might have done that too with J&L Computers. It’s rather annoying; this covert type of advertising.

  5. MikeD says:

    Giseppe Franco presents the Yankees.

    Hard to believe Yes can’t get any real advertisers and has to rely on snake oil salesmen. Quite sad actually.

  6. RobertGKramer says:

    I zap them all! Just as long as Yankee Stadium doesn’t become Chase Manhatten Field I’ll be happy. I loath CitiBanK!

  7. Scott says:

    Doesn’t Benihana sponsor Hideki? Suzyn always does a spot for them during the radio telecast

    • Ben K. says:

      The best part of the Benihana/Hideki Matsui partnership came in 2006. When Matsui was out for the year, Waldman still had to do the plug. So every time Melky came to bat, she would plug Benihana and mention that Matsui was on the DL. Classic.

  8. Rich M. says:

    Back in the 80′s every Yankee home run was sponsored by Budwieser

    • ceciguante says:

      good one, rich. i miss this one, from when ads were simpler and less whorish:

      [Bill White announcing; Mattingly rounding bases]:
      DOOON MATTINGLY! You just hit a home run! THIS BUD’S FOR YOU!

      [Mattingly hi five's Willie, Rickey and Winnie at home plate...crude all white 80s THIS BUD'S FOR YOU graphic blots them all out...joy in yankeeland...]

  9. Bill Porter says:

    It might be fun if you put some of them together like “the Hertz out of Town Hummer”.

    Nothing will beat the old days when a “Ballentine Blast” would drive one of my uncles to the “ice box” for a cold one. Ah Mel we hardly knew ye . . . and we were pretty happy about that.

  10. Jeff says:

    Will we still see Jeter’s edge?… so ridiculous. To think he sports around in blazing copper.

  11. Off-topic here, but I suggest you guys do a special on BA’s top 30 prospects, which were revealed at PeteAbe’s blog:


    • Mike A. says:

      I’ve had the Handbook for almost a week, so I know all about the Top 30. There’s really not much to say, the Ivan Nova ranking had me saying “fuck the heck?” and I thought Miranda was a bit too low. BA does a great job, and I have little qualms with the list. A lot of these guys are more interchangeable than people realize, so it’s really just a matter of preference.

      I agree that one LHP is troubling, and I have a rant planned for that (coming soon). It’s sad really. No disrespect to Mike Dunn, but sheesh.

      I’m working on my personal Top 30 list, which I’ll release sometime in Spring Training.

      • Eric Schultz says:

        I know that John Manuel said that he was very high on Nova in a recent interview, and liked him more than Jairo Heredia. That could be responsible for his high ranking, as Manuel is the guy who covers the Yankees’ system.

      • dan says:

        Comparing top 30 lists is like comparing baseball and superbike racing. With your list representing baseball, of course.

  12. Barry says:

    it pisses me off alot to see sponsors like the new york lottery. i hate government sometimes.

  13. Eric Schultz says:

    As long as the stadium is still called Yankee Stadium, I don’t really care if they sell naming rights to everything else.

  14. Mr Met says:


  15. Mike R. says:

    They are actually looking to sponsor every spot in the line up. The rough draft so far is:

    1 – Johnny Damon – Brought to you by the friends of Rudy Giuliani Mitt Romney John Mccain.
    2- Derek Jeter – Brought to you by Gardasil, the only vaccine for HPV.
    3- Bobby Abreu – The Manhattan Psychiatric Center encourages everyone to conquer their fears and will donate $1,000 everytime Abreu runs into a wall.
    4- Alex Rodriguez – Brought to you by Warren Buffet. Giving the best financial advice since 1956.
    5- Jorge Posada – Brought to you by the US Treasury department. Want a hot wife? Get yourself some money today.
    6- Hideki Matsui – Matsui is celebating X years with the Yankees and Benny hana’s is celebrating…
    7- Robbie Cano – Brought to you by JG Wentworth. It’s my money and I need it now!
    8- Shelley Duncan – Brought to you by Red Stripe. Would you say you are an ugly man? You are a very ugly man! (“Hooray beer!” will be the home run call)
    9- Melky Cabrera – Brought to you by UHaul. Ready to mave at any minute.

  16. Jeff says:

    Couldn’t agree with Barry more… if gambling is not good for people and subsequently illegal why advertise for it? Why is taxpayer money supposedly to be used for the betterment of society pumped into ad after ad to get people to pay the stupidity tax.

  17. Matt Hanson says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Matt Hanson

  18. Spike says:

    Does Sterling still do the ‘Who’s happy, whose hungry’ thing at the end of broadcasts? That was hilarious. I think it was Wendy’s or something.

  19. Phil McCracken says:

    How about Scott Proctor’s post game comments sponsored by Kingsford Charcoal.

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