Damon almost quit in 2007


Here’s something of a surprise: When Johnny Damon left Spring Training last spring for what the Yanks called “personal reasons,” he almost retired, Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman reported today. “I was just exhausted …. Burnt out,” Damon said to Heyman. “[Retirement] definitely crossed my mind.” Damon, who is in better mental and physical shape this year, would have walked away from nearly $40 million.

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  • Mike R.

    Can you really put a price on a person’s mental well being? I don’t know, but $40 million is pretty close.

  • steve (different one)

    ehh, there is a pretty massive difference between *almost* walking away from $40M and actually walking away from $40M.

  • Thebronxstop

    He wants a hat tip too!

  • Jeff

    Yeah it is obvious that he wan’t ready to go in the beggining of last season. Really suckes to have someone on the team when their heart is not in it.

    Glad he seems ready to go this year.