George King actually gets paid to write this crap

The numbers game
When George bought the Yanks for $10 million

It’s amazing how these writers – who are paid gobs of money to cover the team, but I digress – are so out-of-touch with the team’s fan base. Phil Hughes will be dogged for a long time as the hurler the Yankees didn’t sacrifice to get Santana? Not in these parts, George Queen (haha! see that, he’s not the only one that can make fun of people’s names!). And what the hell does “boobs a bull” mean anyway?

Click here to read that garbage and more. But be warned, you’ll get dumber and dumber with each word.

The numbers game
When George bought the Yanks for $10 million
  • Ivan

    I like how losing Larry Bowa was a bad move for the Yanks because of the Cano connection and giving him a multi-contract was a bad move because he’s “not a hard worker”

  • zack

    Wow does that article ever not make sense! Thats downright Lombardian logic there…

  • Ivan

    Plus, I gotta put my 2 cent in for the Joba arguement.

    This is ridiculous. It shouldn’t be a fucking arguement. The NY media needs to stop this please. The guy is starter and should be a starter, and stop letting the short stint in the BP fool you.

    Second, think about this, Would any baseball franchise take a top 5 prospect who is a pitcher, hell top three or four, and groom him for the BP without seeing him as a starter? HELLLLLLL NOOOOOOOO.

    If Tampa Bay did this, we will all kill them. Can you imagine the Cubs putting Zambrano or Prior in the bullpen? Can you imagine the Tigers ever considereing putting Verlander in the BP? Can you imagine, the Indians putting CC Sabathia in the BP? Exactly, they didn’t have any disputes nor the fans about them being starters, so why should we?

    Plus, can we a please stop comparing Joba to Papelbon. Papelbon wasn’t as good as Joba period. No way. For crying out loud, Lester was considered a better pitching prospect than he was. So I really don’t see the logic there. If Papelbon was rated as highly as Buchholz or Joba, he wouldn’t be in the BP unless he failed as a starter. I don’t think Florida had dispute for Beckett when he was there if he was a starter or reliever.

    This is dumb and shouldn’t be an arguement, and it’s completely blown out of porportion. Please Yankees, make the sound move and put Joba in the rotation. Besides, if Joba is in the Rotation, the dominoes fall well positively.

    Plus, is it me or does people want Hughes to fail?

  • Nick-YF

    there should be an award given out to any reader who can find a statement in that article that makes sense.

  • Colin

    linking to the article only gives him more hits. just ignore it.

  • Ivan

    There is a reason why, that baseball fans KILLED the Pirates for drafting Dan Moskos with 4 overall pick in the draft in 07. You don’t draft a reliever with the 4th overall pick.

    Same thing here, you don’t put a pitching prospect that highly regarded in the BP without seeing him as a starter.

    I understand that the BP has evolved into something much, much more significant, but don’t that cloud your head up please. Use Logic. Unfortunately some people just are unable to do so?

  • adam

    a google search for “boobs a bull” returned exactly two pages: king’s article, and the rab post making fun of it. someone should tell the post that their writers can’t just make up phrases.

    • Brian

      So the saying is “as useful as tits on a bull” for which there is precedent. And King’s basically trying to be alliterative on that with “boobs,” like us saying something is as useful as “Carl in camp.”
      But King’s the boob. Remember that.

  • Aroundthemajors

    Whoa, that was really dumb.

  • pete

    “They should have let Rodriguez dance out of The Bronx, thanked Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera for wonderful careers and sent Bobby Abreu away”

    Right. They should be starting the season with wilson betemit at 3rd, francisco cervelli behind the plate, kyle farnsworth closing (or joba? then we get kyle as set-up man again, hooray), and an outfield of matsui, damon, and cabrera in right. that deffinitely makes sense.

    And a starting rotation of Wang, Pettitte, Hughes, Chamberlain, Kennedy, and Mussina is undeniably worse than Wang, Pettitte, Clemens, Mussina, Hughes, right? Or how about the opening day abomination of Pavano, Pettitte, Mussina, Igawa, Rasner?

    With Schilling apparently gone, the Red Sox rotation, which has been proclaimed as a second coming, looks to be on par with the Yankees. For some reason, people take it as an inarguable fact that Beckett is infinitely better than Wang, essentially based on limited playoff statistics. Even last year, i would argue that Wang was better. Remember, he didn’t pitch until late april, and still won 19 games. Give him four more starts, plus a clean transition from spring training into the regular season (which would probably have meant a better start than wang’s 2-3 mark), and he might have had 22 or 23 wins last year. Maybe that would have opened ESPN’s eyes. Wang is an ace. And one of the best in baseball, too.

    • Relaunch

      Wang is not on the same level as Beckett. If you measure success by w/l, then you can make a point. But overall, its not even close.

      • Travis G.

        Wang has a better career ERA+ than Beckett.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    No 3rd baseman, no catcher and no closer. I guess we would do really well.
    Is King paying these salaries? Because it sounds like he is. Any shred of credibility he had is just gone on this one……and he didn’t have much to begin with.

  • Bobby

    Hey George…… the jerk store called….

  • Rich

    George King is the poster boy for affirmative action for idiots.

  • Randy

    I don’t understand how people in the media make these outrageous statements like the yanks shouldn’t have re-signed arod or posada but don’t offer up any alternatives. there is no mention of what the yankees should do as a plan b for the outrageous comments he makes. what does george king suggest the yanks do for third, catcher and closer? and why would he think that any yankee fan, player or organization member would accept a full blown rebuilding process until 2010? what do you do in 2010 with the holes that you have left open for two seasons? wouldn’t it make more sense to have the young guns learn about success on a major league team while actually winning games?

    about the joba thing, i agree with any decision is made. i think he can be a great starter and we know what he can do in the pen. i just hope in any situation his ability is maximized. my only concern is hoping that the surplus of arms turns into a solid pen. there are way more arms than kyle and latroy, we just have to hope that something sticks with all those arms.

  • Lanny

    Joba is an ace.

    Papelbon while he would be good as a starter isn’t on Joba’s level.

    But I cant see the Yanks having 3 rookie starters who are all on pitch counts.

    If Moose has anything left, one of them will get his innings in the pen. Is 160 innings from Joba out of the pen ala Mo in 96 such a bad thing for this yr?

  • Mike D

    These guys got to write something, so they write crap. Face it, he’s a NY Post sports reporter. That’s sub-human on the journalist scale. It reminds me of the reported “troubles” A-Rod had with the fans in 2006 when the sports talk shows and the New York Post were all reporting how he was hated and was being booed. Well, I have season tickets to the Yankees, and during the height of the low, I’d look around and see 45,000 people who weren’t booing, and three or four thousand who were. Most fans were always behind A-Rod, as they are with the Yankees in general. Not that facts are things reported by the Post. They are good at creative writing,

  • Colter

    Yes, don’t bring back, Posada, Rivera and A-Rod…so King can rip the team every single day of the season.

    Sometimes, there just hasn’t been much news about the team, a column is due and a beat writer just has to wing one. Unfortunately, this type of bile is what you get from King during such times.

  • Ivan

    buy hey, he ain’t no Mike Lupica

  • Ivan

    I know it’s old but I just read it.

    Lupica is some guy huh?

    Also doesn’t it tell you how the Media can be so savage and how much they can be such hyprocrites

  • BigBlueAL

    I’m glad everyone is ripping this article, because when I first read it I was stunned at the pure garbage I was reading. The NY Post is so bad that Joel Sherman is the only writer left worth reading, because even when he does write something that you may not agree with, at least he explains his opinions, unlike this idiot as someone mentioned earlier, let Arod, Posada, Mo and Abreu go, and then what????? Pure garbage this article.

  • dan

    “There was nothing wrong with Andy Phillips and Doug Mientkiewicz, but the Yankees got rid of them.”

    How can George King honestly believe that there was NOTHING wrong with Andy and Minky. He must be a Carl Pavano fan.

  • Moshe Mandel

    I wrote a longer piece about this over at The Bronx Block. Click on my name to chock it out. Thanks for the tipoff, you guys this article is a goldmine.

  • Drew

    I know im responding a little late to some wang comments…. but give me a freakin break. Beckett is not the best pitcher in baseball, infact he is not even close. What has he done in his career??? Lets see, he was an “ace” in florida, he only had roughly a 4.4 ERA away from his home pitching haven. 2 years ago he did win quite a bit of games [with 7 runs per game of support and a 5.01 ERA]. I will give you that he was good last year, and he was great in the post season, but those are not qualifications for a consistent phenominal pitcher. Hell he only has 2 seasons of more than 200 innings. Wang may have had a rough end last year, but he like CC Sabathia got tired since he had thrown so much. He will get more endurance. The guy is a horse in terms of innings. He is the pitcher of efficiency consistently in the top couple in pitches per inning and on top of that his strike out rates are improving. I’d put $$$ on him easily out pitching Beckett who will inevitably go back to his norms. There have been so many articles written about him not being a real ace, do they even watch him throw bowling balls up there that break bats and slowly roll to second base?

  • steve (different one)

    you know the article must be obviously terrible when everyone here is in agreement on something.

  • Jeff

    Get rid of Posada… yeah nice one… smoke some more crack.

    How do people like him keep their job. Was the point publicity? – even if it is bad?

  • Drew

    Man I donno, honestly that article mostly just annoyed me sounded like the kinda garbage that most bostonians who don’t know baseball spew…

  • Samples

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought that article was a joke. Be sure to send King an email with a link to this site.

  • Realist

    I want the time back I wasted on THAT ;-)

    “Boobs a bull” is a shorter and somewhat cleaner way of saying , ” So and so is as worthless as tits on a bull.” I would just say the original but I guess Georgie boy either thought it was more clever???????

  • Realist

    Oooops…either thought it was more clever or less offensive.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Yeah, the whole “no alternative” argument is quite right.

    Going into the off-season Yankee fans were sweating the opt out of Arod and the possible departure of Mo, Po, and Pettitte.

    We got all 4 back and kept our kids.

    A collective sigh of relief went out as those contracts were inked. Now Robbie has a long-term contract and except for the 1b circus, we are in okay shape. (and 1B will do better with Tino coaching Shelley).

    George King is just a freaking idiot.

  • Matt B

    I seriously couldn’t read the whole thing because it is such a steaming pile of crap. I think he’s just throwing a crap piece out there because he’s bored and there really isn’t a ton of action right now in Yankeeland. Like Colter said, he as to write something. Too bad him pissing on a piece of paper and handing it to his editor would have been more informative than this.

  • RollingWave

    people still give a damn about George King?

    • dan

      Why wouldn’t we? He’s the classiest and most knowledgeable sportswriter in the North East.

  • Barry

    Overall I think he’s out of touch with what is actually going on. He seems to think that it would’ve been a better idea to just scrap the whole team and have a couple of .500 or less baseball seasons than to stay competitive. This guy is nonsense and if he keeps writing like this the future wont look good, the problem I have is that this shits too tabloid for a paper like the post.

  • Kevin23

    Yankees should have “re-built” around their young pitching. LOL.

    Forget about the last year in the most famous stadium in MLB, and the first year at the new one. Forget Posada’s great 2007 season and career…send him packing. Get rid of A-Rod…he’s never been good. Get rid of Cano because his talent was derived solely from a coach. Forget about the mountain of money your sitting on…you need to save it for two years for some reason.

    WOW. That guy has some serious issues with common sense. Someone should let him know that the Yankees do things just a bit differently than, say, the Devil Rays. I’m just sorry that we all had to give that article hits in order to tear it apart.

  • YankeeGM

    I watched the Yankee Hot Stove Report on Yes the other day, and George King acted like he was awaiting coronation.

    He has become a self-important dope whose only goal is to get a rise outta people.

    • Joseph P.

      Which is exactly what he got from this thread.

  • Spike

    His article was horrible. He’s simply being a contrarian to get some attention. So George, we’d have Ensberg at third, Molina catching, Mient/Phillips at first, and Jason Lane as the 4th outfielder? Sounds great, buddy.

    And on Yankees Hot Stove, he’s a complete bore. Humongous head and the personality of a rock.

  • Steve S

    It would be nice for these print writers to have some comprehension of analysis and projecting young players. Especially when the crucify the Yankees for their lack of youth and aging rosters. And the other thing would be nice would be if there was some culpability for this stuff. The Giants make it clear that no one holds these writers responsible for anything. All these guys spouting elegant words about the Giants is so disingenuous. \

    And same thing goes for the Yankees last year. There were so many people that buried that team last year in May, while none of them have the courage to write “Im an idiot. I have been following this sport for x amount of years, and I am continually wrong, sometimes Im right, but the majority of the time, I have no basis in fact, rather Im simply trying to sell newspapers.”