The numbers game

Yanks, Wang facing arbitration hearing
George King actually gets paid to write this crap

The Yanks unveiled their new roster today complete with many players’ new numbers. While the pitchers could still see some changes depending upon which ones make the roster out of Spring Training, let’s take a look at the guys who get new numbers.

Jonathan Albaladejo 63
Andrew Brackman 64
Chris Britton 38
LaTroy Hawkins 22 – Who had this last? I can’t remember. Some bit player, I think.
Sean Henn 30
Phil Hughes 34 – Time to get your new jerseys.
Ian Kennedy 31 – Two of three Big 3 have new numbers. Get your collectibles while they last.
Jeffrey Marquez 71
Ross Ohlendorf 39
Scott Patterson 70
Edwar Ramirez 36
Humberto Sanchez 77
Steven White 82
Chase Wright 65 – From 38 to 65? I guess he’s not on the short list of people making the team.

Francisco Cervelli 85
Alberto Gonzalez 73
Juan Miranda 72

As expected, Joba Chamberlain is keeping his number 62. I like that.

Thanks to reader Pete for the tip.

Yanks, Wang facing arbitration hearing
George King actually gets paid to write this crap
  • Guiseppe Franco

    Don’t be surprised if Joba ends up with #26 at some point, which means Jose Molina will be getting a free dinner out of it.

  • Brian

    I’m puzzled. Eduardo Nunez will have #97, but there’s at least two more spots at 98/99. Just bring in CJ Henry already! There’s plenty good room.

    • pete

      cj henry’s in Philly’s system now – he was part of the abreu deal

      • Brian

        No, CJ’s back with a left fielder’s vengeance and he’s headed for Tampa. I’m kidding in the above, somewhat, as a) we have so many guys reporting, with Eduardo Nunez being the latest, and b) well, that CJ Henry is back. He basically voluntarily dropped out of the Philly system and asked for another chance with the Yanks. So if you calculate how we got Abreu, we basically gave up Matt Smith. Sweet deal for us and Cashmoney.

  • Mike A.

    Good signs for Ohlendorf, Britton and Edwar. Patterson, Wright and Albaladejo … not so much.

    • dan

      What number was Patterson in Trenton?

    • Andrew

      Don’t forget Henn. I really don’t want him on the team, he’s never been good since his surgery.

      • dan

        Well its not a bad sign for the last three because of the high numbers they got… Henn kept a low number, which isn’t really a positive or a negative.

  • Matt B

    I kind of love Joba having a random high number. But if he got the “El Duque” 26 that would be awesome. Would just recycle the old 26 jersey!

    • Sam

      Didn’t the Straw wear #26 when he came to the Yanks in 1995? I know he wore #39 in the championship years, but I thought he also had #26. So we could also say Joba’s got “the Straw” 26!

  • bostonsucks@life

    Well atleast I don’t have to buy a new joba jersey……. yet.

  • playballny

    Didn’t Cano move to 22 to give Clemens 21 last season? Oh nevermind, I guess he took 24…. don’t know who took 22.

  • Relaunch
  • jsbrendog finally got me…i bought a save the big 3 tsrhit… win lol….


    Wow a lot of new faces this year. This is the start of the new Yankees, and to me the future looks very bright.

  • Alan

    Huzzah! My Hughes Jersey should be here with the start of Spring Training.