Girardi lighting a fire under Yanks

Torre's tenure was too long
A-Rod ready for drug questions, wants World Series

Via Baseball Musings comes a complementary piece to my farewell to Joe Torre: According to reports out of Yankee camp, Joe Girardi is really cracking the whip this year, and so far, both the veterans and young kids in camp in Tampa are responding well.

As John Harper writes in the Daily News, the Yanks went with Girardi over Mattingly to bring some discipline to what the Front Office had viewed as a lax team:

That was part of the reasoning for choosing Girardi over Don Mattingly as the new manager. After all the years of Joe Torre’s calming influence, Cashman and the Yankee brass wanted someone who would be a little tougher on players.

And although Girardi has downplayed it, his first camp has included considerably more running for the pitchers and catchers than Torre’s camps, and the same is expected today for the first full-squad workout.

Meanwhile, in a piece in The Post, Jason Giambi talks about how Girardi’s demands made him work harder this offseason. Girardi, as Pinto at Musings points out, knows that a good offense will outweigh the benefits of a good defense and wants Jason Giambi at first base. Giambi responded in turn, and it seems that, right now, the players are willing to show deference and respect to someone who isn’t much older than they are and has their attention. This can only be good news for the Yankees.

Torre's tenure was too long
A-Rod ready for drug questions, wants World Series
  • TurnTwo

    the effects i was hoping to see from Girardi being hired as manager, mainly lighting a fire underneath these guys as pointed out, but also creating a sense of urgency, has seemingly worked thus far. it’s still early, but i like what i’m hearing.

  • samiamsports

    Girardi’s sense of ugency will def help this team what also is going to help this lineup is that Giambi and Abreu are playing for a contract

  • Curramba

    Maybe during the season Giambi’s O may outweigh his D but remember this Pitching and D win championships.

  • MD

    the same thing happened when Ralph Houk took over for Casey Stengel……a number of vets had their best years ever (Ford, Mantle, Maris, Howard, etc.)…you can look it up…..

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