‘Mike Lupica is just a gigantic asshole.’

It's a celebration!
From Los Angeles, Bowa offers Cano encouragement

So I clearly stole this one from PeteAbe. But it’s too funny to pass up — some of you, I imagine, while reading Pete, didn’t click this link. But you should.

Yankees To Play Exhibition Game Against The Media

The whole thing is damn funny, and if I could I’d reprint the entire thing here. They do incorrectly cite Ken Rosenthal as being from Sports Illustrated, but I’ll let that one slide. Anyway, swallow your drink before reading this:

Despite only occurring once a year, the Yankees vs. Media game has spawned its share of memorable moments in past seasons, including Journal News beat writer Peter Abraham’s walk-off home run off Mike Mussina in 2004, Carl Pavano’s perfect game in 2005, and a bench-clearing brawl in 2006 that saw Gary Sheffield attack Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan and ESPN Page 2 pop-culture writer Bill Simmons, who lost four teeth and received a gaping head wound that needed 45 stitches to repair.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to knock out four of Bill Simmons’s teeth.

It's a celebration!
From Los Angeles, Bowa offers Cano encouragement
  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

    If they hope to continue their string of success, they must overcome such factors as an aging veteran core, young inexperienced pitchers, and ESPN.com’s Buster Olney adding a late-moving cut fastball to his pitching repertoire.

    Best line in the piece.

  • Chris

    This has nothin to do with the onion story….but i saw this on yahoo today wow whata concept for a stadium, i Love it.


    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Saw those renderings a few weeks ago. We’ll see if it ever becomes reality.

    • TurnTwo

      after taking a look at the renditions, i cant say i like it at all.

      it’s original, sure. but original doesnt make it great. the sightlines to the field look awful from the perspective behind home plate.

  • DanElmaleh

    I actually like Bill Simmons Hall of Fame idea. Other than that he’s not worth it.

  • http://www.samiamsports.blogspot.com samiamsports

    I didnt take heed to you (swallow your drink before you read this one” warning.
    Now there is coffe all over my computer

  • NYFan50

    Just four?

  • http://aroundthemajors.blogspot.com/ aroundthemajors

    That was pretty awesome


  • http://www.duelingpinstripes.wordpress.com jboogz

    I used to be a big Simmons fan. His style takes a little getting used too, and it reminded me of my college friends hanging out talking sports.

    But, then I got out of college and matured a little bit. Now I see 90% of what he did back then is what he coasts on now. I check his weekly NFL stuff just see his wife romp him in picks [she has beaten him in picks overall for two years, and wiped the floor with him this year with a +19 end rate].

    He seems to overtly mention bad predictions/announcers that he comes across, but then when he drops some huge bombs they get a short little “Hey I messed up, but I’m Bill Simmons so its all good, ex: [I’m trying to get this quote right but I don’t have time to look it up] “I’m picking the Redskins becuase I don’t think a dead Sean Taylor is going to help this team”, he apologized for it in the next column but it still doesn’t change the fact that it was a horrible thing to write, and his editors should have come some serious heat for this as well.

    Also, the RedSox fanboy stuff needs to transition to a more analytical perspective. Again, all this is just my opinion. That and a metrocard will get you a ride on the subway so take it for what its worth.


  • Count Zero

    The New York Mets were scheduled to play an exhibition game against the New York media Wednesday, but the media did not show up.


  • kevin

    god, does that guy need an editor. His gossip girl/ 90210 refernces are the only things he brings to the table. whats w/ having his wife write about football picks?

  • http://www.duelingpinstripes.wordpress.com jboogz

    I think the point of his wife doing it was to show that if you know less and make snap judgements its better than over analyzing the situation. It has to do with a Malcolm Gladwell book called Blink.

  • Spike

    I’d like to give Peter Gammons one swift hard kick to the ass.

  • Steve

    I used to like Mike Lupica until I read his comments today concerning A-Rod. MLB & the Yankees were raking in the money when the players were hitting the ball out of the Parks. And it is very funny that not one contract has a clause concerning the drugs that Mike said went on for years. Now that the Media has made a big deal of this, MLB thinks its time to punish everyone. What a bunch of hypocrites. Mike Lupica is an Ahole.