From Los Angeles, Bowa offers Cano encouragement


For some reason or another, Robinson Cano has developed a reputation as a “lazy” baseball player. Keeping in shape has seemingly been a struggle for him, and Larry Bowa, who left with Joe Torre to join the Dodgers, rode Cano hard last year to stay in shape. While Bowa is offering cross-country encouragements to Cano, I’m not too concerned. The Yanks have a staff of professionals and two men – Tony Pena and manager Joe Girardi – who aren’t afraid to make the team work. Robinson Cano will be just fine.

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  • Count Zero

    Judging from Jeter’s comments about running yesterday, I’m not worried about Cano slacking on the conditioning under Girardi. :-)

  • maximumpotential

    Cano SHOULD be the AL 2B in the All-Star game, at home no less. A-Hole, Jeter and Cano starting for the AL? in Yankee Stadium during it’s final season of existance!

    • keith

      A-hole? Really? Find a new team to cheer for, please.

  • AndrewYF

    You heard it here first – Jason Giambi will be the AL all star for first base.

  • ceciguante

    listening to you guys, terry francona (still sickens me that he will be managing) will have a-rod, jeter, cano and giambi playing infield for the yanks in the AS game?

    ya i don’t think so.

    watching him run, i’m not confident giambi can still tie his own shoes. he looks really inflexible, and i suspect back problems. i hope i am completely wrong.

    for what it’s worth, i think cano doesn’t try his hardest all the time. he has that strut that says “i know i’m good” — and he is — but he’s one of those players who never ran hard on every ball from his first day in the league. it’s unfortunate, but that stuff gets tolerated these days. he reminds me of soriano that way.

    a few years ago soriano got reamed in the media for not running hard outta the box and getting narrowly thrown out going for two. the next day i was close to the on deck circle, and i yelled to him to run faster next time. he heard me, and nodded. i felt all good, like i let him know the fans were on him. of course, he kept on with his “i’ll run when i think i need to” ways. too much prima donna in sports these days.

    (all that aside, i was pleased to see cano’s BB rate increase last year.)

    • steve (different one)

      Francona has no say over who starts the game.

  • steve (different one)

    For some reason or another, Robinson Cano has developed a reputation as a “lazy” baseball player.

    oh, i think it’s pretty obvious what the reason is.

    let’s just say Pedroia, Utley or Roberts will never be called “lazy” but Cano and Soriano will.

    it’s horseshit.