Baseball can save your life

Yanks young guns must buck history
An unnecessary Spring circus

Yesterday afternoon, in Midtown Manhattan, a crane took a disastrous fall into some nearby buildings, crushing a Brownstone and destroying a restaurant. While four people died, the death toll could have been higher had it not been for a Yankees Spring Training game.

Manny Fernandez, writing in The Times, has more:

Fubar, the bar that was destroyed by the crane, was not open at the time. It opens at 4 p.m., and the owner, John P. LaGreco, said he had been on his way there early Saturday afternoon but had gotten wrapped up in the Yankees preseason game.

Jorge Posada had just driven in a run, the Yankees were down 2-1 in the fourth inning and the bases were loaded. He stayed in his apartment, blocks from the bar, to see what would happen. Then a neighbor, a bartender at Fubar, knocked on his door and told him what had happened. Mr. LaGreco’s heart raced. “If I wasn’t watching the game,” he said, “I would’ve been killed.”

John P. LaGreco will never again believe that Spring Training does not count.

Yanks young guns must buck history
An unnecessary Spring circus
  • Jamal G.

    It’s amazing how many stories you hear like this when some tragic things happen. Good for him, his next meal is gonna be the sweetest meal he’s ever tasted.

  • Greg Cohen

    Whoa… thank God he’s not a Mets fan.

    • dan

      You could have said that 3 days ago and it would still carry the same weight.