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"I hope it has his eyes."
Top prospects visit Legends Field

Some random stuff I discovered whilst surfing the web:

  • While all standard sample size warnings apply, LaTroy Hawkins has recorded each of his outs this spring via the groundball. Considering his whole shtick coming in was that he transformed himself into a sinkerball pitcher last year, this is nothing but encouraging.
  • Former Marlins’ first rounder Jeff Allison is back in camp with the team after 15 months of sobriety. I was hoping Allison would fall to the Yanks at the 27th overall pick in the 2003 draft, but alas, they ended up with Eric Duncan after the Fish made the high school southpaw the 16th overall pick. Allison’s story is a bit more self-destructive than Josh Hamilton’s, but if Hammy can come back, maybe Allison can too.
  • Which pitching line is the ugliest: Josh Wymer’s, Craig Chaput’s or Kevin Nabors’? I say Nabors’.
  • The more I think about Pedro Alvarez’s injury, the more I realize there’s almost no chance he falls all the way to the Yanks at #28. Mark Teixeira broke his ankle his draft year and not only went fifth overall anyway, he also received a deal worth $9.5 million. Alvarez isn’t in Tex’s class, but there are some out there that think he is. Something crazy could happen.
  • There’s still a big chunk of Spring Training left, but I can totally see Scott Patterson making the team. Girardi’s been using him in a fireman role – bringing him in the middle of an inning to work out of a jam – and he’s been perfect so far. Brian Bruney may have lost some weight and grown out his hair, but he’s still craptastically ineffective. Patterson’s making the most of his opportunity; Bruney isn’t. Simple as that.
  • Here’s your top two prospects for the 2009 draft. Gibson’s video doesn’t do him justice; he’ll be the best pitching prospect to come out of the draft since Prior.
  • Eric Erickson is now 3-0, 2.75 ERA, 0.81 WHIP with a 23-2 K/BB ratio in 19.2 IP with Miami this year. The Yanks drafted Erickson out of high school in the 43rd round of the 2006 draft, but didn’t sign him. He’s the lefthander the system is sorely lacking. Ho hum.
  • More from the “What Could Have Been” files: Rick Porcello is having himself a damn good spring considering he’s a 19-year-old in big league camp. 9-1 GB/FB ratio so far. Wow.
  • Torre’s been getting a mixed bag from some of his personal favorites so far. At least Joe’s third base decision just got a whole lot easier.
  • Last but certainly not least: I know steroids are bad and everything, but weren’t the games more fun to watch when the players could do this? I’d say so.
"I hope it has his eyes."
Top prospects visit Legends Field
  • http://madein1903.com.forum Jeff

    “While all standard sample size warnings apply, LaTroy Hawkins has recorded each of his outs this spring via the groundball. Considering his whole schtick coming in was that he transformed himself into a sinkerball pitcher last year, this is nothing but encouraging.”

    Mike check Hawkins GB/FO ratio from last year his “schtick” has been working since last year….

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      That’s exactly what Mike’s saying.

  • CB

    Hawkins gives the pen another look from the other power arms they will probably have there. The other thing to like about him is that he just doesn’t walk many guys. Much better control over his career than the VIz

    The relievers Cash has brought in – Hawkins, Albaladejo, Traber, Patterson (given he was signed as a free agent, technically) and even Giese all throw strikes. Same thing with Britton last year. Thankfully, that seems to be the organizational priority for the pen this year (well other than Farnsworth whole guaranteed a job no matter how bad he is). Girardi keeps getting back to that point with the staff – throwing strikes.

    That’s a big plus Ohlendorf has over guys like Veras, Edwar and the awful Brian Bruney. Ohlendorf has never walked a lot of hitters throughout his stops in the minors.

    • RollingWave

      to be fair, Edwar ‘s walk rate in the minors were fairly decent.

      so far, the only guy that’s completely crap is Steve White …. sigh.. a relic of the days when the Yankees farm was horrific I guess

      • CB

        Yeah, but when he got to the majors it was awful. He walked 14 batters in 21 innings. No matter what excuses you want to make for him or how you want to blame Torre, etc, that is terrible.

        He does not have the confidence or command of his fastball to use it effectively inside the strike zone. That’s where he stands. Could get better but he’s not there yet.

        • RollingWave

          it’s definatley terrible but it’s also small sample and pitchers can change things like that during their career.

          obviously, if Edwar can’t make that sort of adjustment to at least get his bb/9 down to the 4ish range he’s not going to be a major league pitcher. but there’s certainly reasons to think that he might be able to do it.

  • marc

    can anyone come up with a good nickname for scott patterson because he’s going to need one… i love guys who throw strikes and locate well (i guess those come hand in hand) but man he is not the least bit frustrating to watch unlike bruney, veras, farnsworth… etc.

    • Rob

      What about Gilmore?

    • RollingWave

      ole man Patterson ;)

    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      “too tall” Patterson?

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  • Colin

    sadly, now we know it was not the shoes

  • Rob

    Besides Latroy, another sign Cashman is brilliant for the swap:


    The Viz is having elbow troubles.

  • Jesse G.

    Regarding Gibson, I saw him start three times last summer on the Cape since I root for Falmouth and I can say that in person he definitely lives up to the hype. Obviously that youtube clip is mislabelled since, if you have been there, that is obviously the Commodores Stadium in downtown Falmouth.

    Also, in terms of Falmouth, we will look back no that team as one of the best in Cape League history in terms of draft position of the players on the team. They had a top five/ten player in this coming draft Aaron Crow, the odds on favorite for number one overall in 2009, a likely first rounder this year in Christian Friedrich from Eastern Kentucky, and a likely sandwich round or second round pick in Connor Gilaspie the MVP of the Cape League in 2007. Pretty Amazing, no?

  • RollingWave

    I love what i saw from Patterson too. crazy K-rod like delievry with a huge curveball. can definately see him being very effective.

    I kinda want a pen with different looks, so right now for the remaining 3 spot I’m guessing I would like Patterson / Edwar / Traber… but Ohlendorf / Albaladejo would be nice too.

    it’s really exciting that we actually might put together a pen where the worest pitcher is Kyle freaking Farnsworthy.

    seriously though. considering how icky a lot of other teams’ pen might be. I’d kinda hope Cashmoney start looking for teams to see if anyone fleece anything with a pulse for El Farnsy

  • http://breakingballs.riveraveblues.com Tommy

    “It’s gotta be the shoes! It’s gotta be the shoes!”

    Hoo boy, that video is amazing.

  • Brian

    I’ve been confused on something. When the Tigers grabbed Porcello at 27 and we were waiting for Brackman at 30 or 31, would we still have taken Brackman over Porcello had Porcello been available? While I was watching it, I remember not knowing we had focused so much on Brackman and I was flipping my lid about possibly getting Porcello. But given the choice, what were we most likely to have done?
    Both are great for different reasons, and time will tell, obviously. But the high reward aspect of Brackman seemed to be plenty good reason at the time, we just didn’t get this choice.

  • YankCrank20

    i think it was better not to have the choice between porcello and brackman. i remember watching it on espn and the basebal ltonight guys were talking about how the tigers were geared to take brackman, and i couldnt believe porcello was going to fall to us. but getting to settle for 1 of the 2 high-end talented arms was ok for me. having to choose between the two and having your choice possibly not make it as far as the other would be a lot harder to handle. if porcello doesn;t develop, the tigers will have to deal with that stigma.

  • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link

    This may have just been a comment on here but I could have sworn someone saying that we would have took Brackman regardless….that Hill HR was amazing I remember some of his bashes for the Yanks..good times…I love it when guys swing and hit the ball and it feels like he literally killed the ball lol…

  • Rich

    It’s hard to believe that they would have taken Brackman over Porcello given the disparity in arm health. There were some reports that they had a pre-draft financial understanding with Porcello if he fell to them.

  • http://knickerbockerchatter.blogspot.com/ BrunoAKAmaximumpotential

    A BP of Rivera, Ohlendorf, Farnsworth, Hawkins, Patterson, Karstens/Ramirez/Britton, and Joba as the relief Ace/6th starter would be quite good in my opinion.


  • Travis

    I think the answer to the steroids question and home runs being more fun is “No.” I’d rather not see a homer like that if it’s not authentic.