Do NOT buy MLB 2k8 for PS3

An eagerly anticipated spring start
Yanks don't win 1-0 behind Hughes' complete game

Okay, so I’m livid right now. I grabbed MLB 2k8 for PS3 today, and got home to a defective copy. Nothing would load past the Playstation 3 title screen. So I went to another store to exchange it, and guess what? Same deal. I’m saying they’re defective. Unfortunately, 2KSports and Take Two Interactive aren’t easy to get a hold of.

An eagerly anticipated spring start
Yanks don't win 1-0 behind Hughes' complete game
  • iYankees

    why would you buy 2k8? mlb the show 08 is where it’s at.

    • Joseph P.

      Can’t stand the one-push hitting. But given the defectiveness of this pressing, I think I’m going to get The Show.

    • BigBlueAL

      Agreed. 07 the Show was WAY BETTER than 2k7, and from all accounts ive read its even better this year. the Show is DEFINITELY the game to buy.

  • bgood

    Has anyone tried it for the Wii? I just bought it and counting down the minutes to get home and play it. On a related note, I am on a self imposed pitch count for the next few months. I have also scheduled an appointment with Dr. Andrews in June.

  • barry

    Maybe you should of bought an xbox 360 because it’s pretty much the shit on that. Even madden sucks on the ps3, game lags after every every play and then lags again after you call your play, games shouldn’t lag when not being played online. Next time buy American.

  • Manimal

    Download The show demo to keep you busy.

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  • mg

    I vastly prefered MLB 2k7 over the Bigs for the same reason. The hitting is way better. Baserunning sometimes is really awful, but those analog sticks should be used. I actually also prefer the pitching mechanism.

    • mg

      Ooops, I mean The Show, not The Bigs.

  • Mr. Faded Glory

    My copy works fine… maybe something’s wrong with the optics in your PS3?

    • Joseph P.

      No. It’s probably the batch sent to my region.

  • Aaron

    Mine is working just fine. I had some initial trouble getting online for the roster update but otherwise I haven’t encountered any problems.

  • Kaz

    Joseph P, I had the same problem as you but I solved it. You have to press O on that black screen 3-4 times and it will work from there after. Problem solved.

  • SeanO’Kane

    I bought this for the Wii, it’s so good to finally have a legit baseball game for this system. It’s great so far, I’m 7 games into a season and it’s super intuitive, and probably one of the most solid games the Wii has so far (which isn’t saying THAT much).

  • Jamal G

    No sympathy for you Joe, shoulda gotten The Show. I don’t think any baseball title will ever live up to MVP 05 but I will gladly settle for MLB 08.

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  • Derek

    Holy crap! Pressing O does work! I was about to buy the Show, but not anymore. I played the demo for The Show. But I just got bored with it. The hitting and batting was boring. The Show definitely looks better, but I just have more fun with 2K8.

  • Ryan

    I bought this game for the wii awhile ago.. At first it was great until i started a season and then now i can only play homerun derby and a 3 inning game if that (if the game doesnt have disc error). Great game just think that 2k sports did not finish entirely.