‘Get yer Yankee Stadium right here’

ESPN attempts to broaden Red Sox coverage; realigns divisions
Covering Spring Training the wrong way

Little known fact: When the new Yankee Stadium opens, the Doomsday clock on old Yankee Stadium will strike eleven.

That’s right; when the Yankees move across 161st St. to their new digs, plans to dismantle and tear down the House that Ruth Built will kick into overdrive. With just over 13 months to go before that fateful date, the Yankees and the City of New York are already planning the long, commercial good bye.

According to USA Today’s Paul White, an official within the Department of Parks and Recreation has confirmed that the Yanks will auction off some of the stadium and then tear it down. The article provides some details about the post-Stadium plans for the historic site:

Though details are still being worked out, the Yankees expect the stadium will be replaced by a complex of three fields, one for softball, one with Little League dimensions and one for high school and college games. A running track will ring the field, and 12,000 trees will be planted to form the outline of the old stadium around the facility.

As for the rest of the stadium, it doesn’t sound like too many people are losing sleep over this destruction. Even the Hall of Fame, according to White, acknowledges that Yankee Stadium lost its heart and soul when George Steinbrenner renovated it in the 1970s:

Even the Baseball Hall of Fame, which certainly will be in line ahead of the public, doesn’t have any grand expectations.

“Remember, everything was new after the (1973-74) renovation,” said Jeff Idelson, Hall of Fame vice president. “We already have Babe Ruth’s locker and one than was used by (Joe) DiMaggio, then (Mickey) Mantle and Bobby Murcer.”

Idelson said Hall officials haven’t discussed what they might want from the old stadium but expect no problems, especially considering Yankees owner George Steinbrenner is a member of the Hall’s board of directors.

As for the auctions, expect a lot of lower level seats to go. The Tier seats are attached to the step behind them and do not rest flush on the ground. While my dad owns a seat from the old Yankee Stadium, it will be tough for the team to sell seats that don’t sit flat. A few years ago, when the team replaced seats, they sold groups of three for $1500 each. The last seats should sell for significantly more.

Despite the renovations, it will be a sad day in New York when Yankee Stadium is torn down. In 1923, the Yanks erected this ballpark in the Bronx and have brought unparalleled sports success to the field. They marched Hall of Famers through the outfielder and perfect games past the pitchers mound. They’ve had their ups and downs, but it’s all baseball history. And soon the Stadium will be lost to history. I will mourn that day.

ESPN attempts to broaden Red Sox coverage; realigns divisions
Covering Spring Training the wrong way
  • guy

    am i right in assuming that the massive parking garage next to YS is still going to be in use for the new stadium? are they building a new one and does anyone know where?
    doesnt it seem like putting a fenced-off ( i assume) set of fields and a track on the old stadium site will be a massive obstacle for fans to squeeze around on thier walk to and from the old garage? and will fans be able to stand at the spot where home plate (or the monuments in the old park) used to be?
    I’m glad they are returning at least some of the parkspace that has been taken but i hope they can use the space creatively so that the yankees fans will have a place to remember the old park in.

  • J.R.

    I wonder what they are going to do with the lockers? They cant auction munson’s, that has to be moved.

    • Casper

      I believe that Munson’s locker is being moved to some sort of Yankees museum in the new stadium. It won’t be in the clubhouse, but will be in the building.

  • pounder

    Imagine this: Yanks win last game of the WS.The fans go wild,storm the field and forcibly remove valuable artifacts from the playing field as well as from the stands and other bits of the structure. Oh well, at least that would defer part of the demolition costs.

  • steve (different one)

    i would buy a seat if possible.

  • Tony Nazzaro

    Correction there – George Steinbrenner did not renovate the stadium in the 70’s, the renovation was already planned when CBS owned the team, GMS III purchased the team in “73 and they Yankees finished the season of ’73. Then closed down for two years. The stadium was then and still is owned by the City of New York, Mayor Lindsay made the arrangements for the renovation. But I do agree that the character of the stadium was lost from that renovation.

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  • Betsy

    Has anyone heard what they are going to do with the seats?

  • norman

    I want a seat also where and how much?

  • Deborah Reynolds

    Would also like to buy seats let me know what they are doing with them. My husband saw his first game over 50 years ago at the stadium. This summer he took our grandchildren to see a game in the old stadium. Would love to surprise him with a Yankee seat.

  • Vince Terranova

    I want to buy a seat preferably # 13 who do I contact and how much will it be

  • Phillip Stone

    This is a first of hearing about the yankee stadium i dont understand as to why they are doing this, are they building a new stadium and will it still be in ny and location. Is the old stadium being torn down if it is why cant they build a new one in the same area? Never really went there but i know it has alot of history at the stadium.

  • Rick Johnson

    I would buy a seat if possible, from the higher deck.

  • Tatum

    Would like to buy tier seats. Any information on the seats??