Volunteered for All Star weekend; get a fanny pack


Unless you’re willing to sacrifice a kidney or your first-born, getting into the All Star Game will be neigh impossible. The Yankees however are looking for All Star Game volunteers. Be a part of the New York welcoming committee; man the DHL All Star Game Fan Fest; register for the “opportunity to win All-Star Game tickets.” The team needs 2000 volunteers, and that commemorative shirt, cap, lanyard, and fanny pack may be as close to the game as most of us will get this summer.

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  • Bruno

    Actually sounds like a fun idea.


  • Jamal G.

    I volunteered for the NY job, the stuff they would have be doing seems perfect for a 19 year old to put on his resume :)

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  • dan

    What’s the over/under on the number of applicants?