Karstens heads to the DL

Reggie to throw out first pitch
Minor League quick hits

Kat O’Brien notes that Jeff Karstens will start the season on the DL after straining his groin today. Having recently recovered from a similar injury, I can tell you that those take a while to heal. Meanwhile, I guess this means that either Darrell Rasner or Kei Igawa will win a spot in the bullpen. I think the Yanks would be better off with Ohlendorf or Patterson, but the tradition of having a long man — while seemingly foolish — seems to be carrying the day. We’ll know more soon.

Reggie to throw out first pitch
Minor League quick hits
  • dan

    What does Patterson have to do to make this team? 7 2/3 innings, 1 hit, no walks, no runs, 7 k’s. And the ability to go multiple innings. I’ve been saying it all spring… screw the long man (that sentence is G rated), Patterson and Ohlendorf can go 3 innings if necessary.

  • rbizzler

    How’ d you pull the hammy, Ben? I know that you said you were an ex-catcher, but are you trying to get out there again?

    Being that after ten years of inaction I just joined a baseball team, I fell your pain. This old(er) guy can still run ’em down in center though….

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      It was a groin pull at the gym. I had to do quite a bit of physical therapy to rehab it.

      • rbizzler

        Best of luck with that, but another reason to hate the gym. I would much rather hurt myself ‘doing something’ but I have always had a soft spot for B-Ball, rather than running.

        My goal is to not embarrass myself on the field, unlike what Karstens has done late in the Spring.

        That may be harsh but he had the long-reliever spot to lose and he lost it…

        • Bo

          Hate the gym? I know we’d all love to fat, drunk and stupid but come on. If you’re not pulling something, you’re not working hard enough.

          • rbizzler

            The gym is boring, I prefer to get my workouts in the great outdoors.

            Sorry for the off topic posts…

  • blah

    You seriously think Igawa still has a chance?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Until the Yanks release him, Igawa will have a chance. That’s a scary thought.

  • Adam

    i think you have it all wrong ben k., it is clearly favorable to carry a crappy pitcher who can throw 5 innings over a decent pitcher that can throw 3. oh, and crappy lefties always beat good righties too.

  • mustang

    The chance of the Yanks releasing a 42 million dollar investment are ZERO.

  • Bo

    I don’t think its too long before Horne and Marquez and White zoom past Iggy for the 6th starter spot.

    I’ll be shocked if Rasner, Karstens or Iggy is pitching in the Bronx in June.

    You may as well get guys like Ohlendorf and Patterson regular work in April and May in Scranton. Better than sitting there as a long man.

  • Eric from morrissania

    We already have a long man in the bullpen. His name is Mike Mussina.

    • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

      Then who’s our 5th starter?

  • pete c.

    Even if those guy’s (Patterson and Ohlendorf) get sent down. They gotta know they’ll head north before to long.

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  • Count Zero

    I gotta disagree with you on the long man situation — there’s a very valid reason to carry a long man, it’s not just a “tradition” with no logical reason behind it. Especially given the Yankees’ April schedule and the fact that Moose is a blowout waiting to happen in the first three innings every time he starts. It’s already been discussed in other threads, so I won’t rehash the position here.

    For all of you who keep saying: “Patterson and Ohlendorf can go three innings,” just what are you basing that on? The fact that they couldn’t do it worth a crap when they were starters? Both of these guys got a huge career boost when they stopped pitching multiple innings, so I fail to comprehend your logic on this.

    My theory: Sometimes you just have leave someone out there to suck up innings regardless of how badly it’s going. Shit happens. You’re going to get hammered every once in a while. I would much rather that “someone” be a Rasner, than it be someone like Patterson or Ohlendorf, because I want the latter two to build confidence, not lose it.

    I would keep Rasner, Patterson and Traber at this point. Let Ohlie start the season in the SWB bullpen making Bruney look like the piece of garbage that he is. The situation is going to be fluid and Ohlie will be in NY before 50 games have been played.

  • RustyJohn

    Thank you, Ben, for reaffirming my belief that the team needs to carry a mediocre pitcher that would be a 5th starter for a AAAA team rather than a good reliever. I don’t understand the logic behind the long reliever just for having a long reliever. If the long reliever is good (see Ramiro Mendoza in the mid-90s) then great- you have someone who can work a few innings and keep the game close. But this idea that you need a long reliever in case Moose gets shelled in three innings so…what? You can bring in another pitcher to get shelled for the next three innings? If the bullpen is in such disrepair on the day that Moose gets shelled, guess what? Moose doesn’t come out of the game- he stays in there getting his ass beat until the end of the fifth. Otherwise, you bring in another reliever who throws two innings or three innings instead of four or five. How many games are there going to be when the starter comes out in the second or third inning? Two a month? Three a month? So for 12 innings a month we toss someone who is effective off the roster and put in someone who is going to have an ERA of 6.00. Smart….or we can have the person who is effective on the roster add flexibility to the bullpen.

    • Count Zero

      I think you’re vastly underestimating the innings. Mussina alone did not make it through the 5th six times last year in only 27 starts — that’s more than 1 in 5 starts. So if he repeats form, he can be counted on for one or two long relief appearances per month all by himself. :P If there’s an injury and we need to add Rasner or Igawa as a starter…

      Sorry I don’t have the stat handy atm, but I think the Yankees rotation averaged under 5 IP per start last year. Hopefully, that won’t happen again but that works out to about seven or eight long relief appearances per month — not two or three. You’re way out on a very creaky limb of statistical nonsense.

  • RustyJohn

    My post should have said “reaffirming my belief that the team DOES NOT need to carry a mediocre pitcher”. I think the intent of what I was trying to say was clearly expressed in the remaining 8 sentences…lol

  • RustyJohn

    Well in the tradition of Harry Truman- (“There’s lies, damn lies and statistics.”) and to play the contrarian, again let me rebut…

    First, if there is an injury the solution is fairly straight forward- someone goes on the DL and one of the proposed long-men would be called up, so no need to have them on the roster.

    Second, this team won 94 games last year without a long man and the bullpen woes were not a result of there not being a long-man, but of the pen sucking and Torre not being able to manage it properly. I would sit perplexed and wonder why Torre would pull guys after five innings or six innings even if they were throwing well. Then I would cry for Scott Proctor. And, obviously, a big part of that is starting the season with a starting five of Pavano, Pettite, Mussina, Igawa and Rasner.

    Third, I’d be totally on board for long-man in the pen if long-man in the pen were not named Igawa, Rasner or Karstens

    Fourth, no stats in front of me, but I’d be curious to know how many of those games where the starter was out in five innings we were either up or down by three runs of fewer- in those instances throwing in a guy who is going to give up another two runs in three innings does no good.

    Finally, I think we are in agreement that hopefully the starting five are all effective and this never becomes an issue. Maybe Mussina can take a page out of the Jamie Moyer book and just throw 69 MPH change-ups all day.