Obligatory link to PeteAbe’s Q&A with Brian Cashman


Blah blah blah here’s the link yadda yadda yadda. Check it out, it’s worth the read, don’t miss it, you know the drill.

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  • LiveFromNewYork

    I liked the props to Brett Gardner.

  • Mike P

    Anyone think the power lefty reliever Cashman aluded to was Gonzalez of the Pirates? Am I just stating the obvious?

    • Mike A.

      Could be. I was thinking Marte.

      • Travis G.

        yeah, could be Gonzalez, although i also thought first of Marte.

  • barry

    If I’m Melky, and I’m not, I’d hurry up my breakout this year with Cashman thinking Brett Gardner will be this year’s impact player. Interesting to read that Hank and Hal may not be as involved as everyone assumed.