The secrets inside Yankee Stadium

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Obligatory link to PeteAbe's Q&A with Brian Cashman

As the Yanks prepare for their last opening day at the House that Ruth Built, Tyler Kepner checks win with a great piece on the hidden parts of Yankee Stadium that only the players know. Find out where the Yankee Stadium seats are fixed, where Jeff Nelson has left his marked, and why Goose Gossage thinks the new stadium is “something they had to do” and “just a shame.” It’s a great read.

A RAB Thank You
Obligatory link to PeteAbe's Q&A with Brian Cashman
  • Joseph C.

    Damn. That article made me sad. Part of me is excited about the new stadium, but a big part of me also feels like we should keep playing at old Yankee Stadium… I just can’t believe how much of our history will be left behind. It’s no longer going to be THE Yankee Stadium. I guess I still haven’t let go.

  • pete c.

    I’m glad to read something else about this particular subject. I was beginning to feel like all anyone was worried about was the price of admission, not that that’s not something to be concerned about, but there’s more to it than expense.
    we can actually go see where Mantle,Ruth, Joe D and Gehrig played. I asked it earlier how many of you will think Mystique and Aura will be the words visiting players use to describe the new stadium.
    As far as the ammenities are concerned, does anyone think a year round steakhouse is gonna be a destination for a couple in a South Bronx January? Not unless they fix the neighborhood. The state is on the hook to improve access and egress. how much of that has been done? And if they fill their obligation how much money will they have to spend on the neighborhood. Basically the only reason for people to go to that part of the bourogh is a game, after that most of the place shuts down.
    So in closing, demolishing a building where a team has won 26 and maybe 27 cahmpionships is folly of the worst sort. This is one of those times when the old saying of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” gets used.

  • Joseph C.

    I also don’t understand why it has to torn down. I mean, Fenway will probably get the historical building status, and I can’t ever see Wrigley getting torn down. So what does it mean? Yankee Stadium is just as important as those other parks. These kinds of things piss me off to no end.

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  • Greg G.

    The audio slide show that goes with it is also pretty nifty.

  • Jim Johnson

    You know how people go over to Europe and say “man, I can’t believe how historic this place is.”

    This country is only a few hundred years old. But what do we do? We tear down a building with as much history as Yankee Stadium. I guess that’s what we do in America.

  • pete c.

    That’s what I’m talking about. It’s disgraceful not to mention bad JU JU.

  • Around The Majors

    That was a really good feature, didn’t know about most of those areas of the ballpark.

  • Seb

    In a way I’m happy that now when I go down to the Yankee game I’ll be sitting in a new state of the art stadium. But then the truth sits in that there only is one Yankee stadium and that’s the one Ruth built. Hopefully the yanks can end their last season in this landmark stadium on top.