The 2008 New York Baseball Yankees

Stop the Presses
Murcer out indefinitely

Johnny Damon LF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi 1B
Jorge Posada C
Hideki Matsui DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF

Jose Molina C
Shelley Duncan 1B-RF-LF
Morgan Ensberg 1B-3B
Wilson Betemit 1B-2B-3B-SS

RHP Chien-Ming Wang
RHP Mike Mussina
RHP Phil Hughes
RHP Ian Kennedy

RHP Mariano Rivera
RHP Joba Chamberlain
RHP LaTroy Hawkins
RHP Kyle Farnsworth
LHP Billy Traber
RHP Ross Ohlendorf
RHP Brian Bruney
RHP Jon Albaladejo

PeteAbe says that’s the roster, and there’s not much to complain about (keep your head up Scotty P., you’ll be up soon enough). The Yanks retroactively placed Pettitte on the 15-day DL (he’s eligible to come off on Saturday, Sean Henn was also DL’ed), and they eschewed a long reliever in favor of a whole lotta short relievers. Humberto Sanchez was placed on the 60-day DL, opening up a 40-man roster spot for a guy like Darrell Rasner when the time comes. I’m assuming Albaladejo’s the garbage time reliever for now, and will go down to Triple-A Scranton once Pettitte’s ready.

Don’t get too attached, the roster come September and October will look quite different.

Stop the Presses
Murcer out indefinitely
  • Ben K.

    So Albaladejo gets sent down on Sunday or Ohlendorf? I’m glad they didn’t go with a “long reliever” just for the hell of it.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Yeah, also agree with ditching a long reliever. Hope it’s not Ollie that gets sent down. And I really think Patterson ought to have been the last guy, not Albaladejo. Let him get a taste of the show, withe the extra dough that brings, if only for a few games, as a reward for his lights-out spring.

  • Joe

    Somebody pass Scott Patterson a bottle of Jameson and leave him alone, that dude got a raw deal, and not in the Arnold Schwarzengar I’m gonna end up being the hero anyway, so what’s the big deal if I got to eat a little shit for now. Or maybe it’s more like “Kindegarten Cop” a train wreck that you just can’t look away from.

    • barry

      what in the fuck are you talking about?

      • RustyJohn

        I can’t figure it out either- and I think Kindergarten Cop was an okay movie too. Flash Gordon, now that is a train wreck movie you can’t look away from. Perhaps it is because Melody Anderson is hot, particularly when she gets into the cat fight with Aura. Maybe because I think Max von Sydow is an underrated actor or it could be the Queen soundtrack. All I know is, it wasn’t Timothy Dalton.

  • ikl

    I’m surprised that they took 8 relievers without taking Rasner or Patterson. I think that I would have taken Patterson over Albaladejo, but I can understand why they didn’t. Albaladejo’s numbers in the short time in the majors last year were quite good. I’m glad that they didn’t take Rasner just to have a long man. That seems sort of silly at this point in the season, esp. with 8 relievers. Also, I think that we know more or less what we have with Rasner whereas some of the other guys are worth taking a look at to see if they can get it done in the majors. Rasner is a decent long man or spot starter, I think, but is unlikely ever to be a really, really good relief pitcher. Some of the other guys may have higher ceilings. Finally, taking Bruney makes sense. He pitched well in spring training and has good stuff. Putting him in Triple A does no good. If he doesn’t get it done in the majors this time, it is probably time to cut him and free up a roster spot. If he does get it done, then he replaces Farnsworth next year (not exactly big shoes to fill!) as a hard throwing middle reliever.

  • Chip

    Did they send down Patterson to make sure the arbitration clock doesn’t start ticking? If he’s going to be sent down in a few days, what’s the point anyways?

    • Travis G.

      i wouldn’t think arbitration would matter much as the dude is already 28. by the time he is eligible, he’ll be past his prime.

      Joe, that was damn funny, but wtf?

  • Joe

    good to see Ollie in the pen already, I was afraid theyd hide him in the minors. Albaladejo is underrated, I don’t think people realize that he could and should be a good reliever RIGHT NOW. But kind of stupid when hes had an MLB debut last year to put him there in front of Scotty P……

  • Whitey14

    You clearly have the best #8 hitter in baseball…

  • mustang

    I can’t say I’m surprise by anything on this roster. Like most of you I would of liked to see Patterson make it, but WHEN (not if) Bruney blows up Patterson will have his spot.
    Albaladejo is just holding a spot for 5 days and I don’t think players get MLB salaries unless they are up for 30 days. So Patterson wouldn’t be missing out on much and he can get his work in at AAA.
    Overall I think Cashman did a great job on the roster with the route he choose to take. However, I still would of like another proven starter. You already see the writing on the wall with Pettitte and if he goes down for any long period of time we are in trouble. Please don’t start listing all the kids down in the farm that can help because they are just that kids.
    Well I will be there on Monday freezing my ass off in the up deck and guys THERE NO PLACE I RATHER BE.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I agree. Patterson should be there and will as someone (most likely Bruney) hits a slide. Other than that, I’m happy with it.

  • CB

    Girardi is still planning on carrying a long man:

    From Pete Abe on his entry about the roster:

    “Joe Girardi made it clear that they will have a long man sometime soon.”

  • Around The Majors

    Can’t wait for the season, I agree that the roster might have some major changes in August.

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  • Bruno

    I’m utterly SHOCKED Patterson didn’t make it. Bruney? ugh.

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  • mustang

    If you guys get a chance take look at “Yankees’ Patterson miffed by demotion” on the Yankees MLB site. Bruney’s attitude just plain annoys me and now I have even more respect for Patterson. The kid was robbed.

    • Chris

      Patterson definitely got a raw deal. What more could he have done?

  • New York Yankees

    Love those Yankees. What a tough season.