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Checking in on Bobby Murcer
We really do live for this

As much as we don’t like rules around here, now and then, we have to enforce some measure of control over our anarchy. With Opening Day just a few hours away, let’s take care of this bit of housekeeping right now.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen a huge increase in the level of visitors and comments to this site. As I noted yesterday, we’ve had over 1.25 million page views since the Yankees 2007 season ended. With baseball on tap, we expect this site to remain popular, and we’ll be updating just as frequently during the season as we did during the off-season, if not more frequently. We’ll have game threads on a daily basis and other special RAB events as the season unfolds.

But before we get to the fun, I want to announce the RAB Commenter Guidelines. First-time visitors and long-time readers should take a minute to read through the guidelines. If you have questions or concerns, you know where to reach us. The guidelines will be posted permanently on this page, and a link above the comment box on each post will direct you to them if you need to consult the guidelines at any point. Click through the jump to read the guidelines.

Here’s to Opening Day.

River Ave. Blues Commenting Guidelines

River Ave. Blues is the premiere independent Yankee blog. With multiple posts and thousands of visitors a day, River Ave. Blues has developed into a community of knowledgeable and outspoken Yankee fans. With Opening Day nearly upon us and the upcoming return of Game Threads as well as an anticipating Opening Day spike in traffic, we wanted to lay out some commenting guidelines for those of who wish to contribute to the site.

First and foremost, we urge everyone who reads to comment. We know a lot of regular readers don’t like to comment, but feel free to stop by and say hi anytime. Now, on with the guidelines:

  1. River Ave. Blues has never required registration for commenters, and we plan to keep things that way. We ask — but do not require — that you provide a real e-mail address in the e-mail field. We will not share or redistribute your e-mail address, and all e-mail addresses are safe from the prying eyes of spammers.
  2. For the most part, everyone reading and commenting on RAB is a Yankee fan. Those who are not Yankee fans choose to enter the fray anyway. When arguing and opining about the Yankees, remember that we are all fans of the same team. To that end, personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated. Any comments that we deem libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing or threatening will not be tolerated, and we may ban repeat offenders from contributing to the site. The same is true for fans of other teams who are here to insult Yankee fans. Constructive conversation, however, will not be stifled.
  3. Do not post links to or make mention of any unauthorized retransmissions of Major League Baseball game telecasts. These comments will be removed.
  4. While we try to limit profanity on site, we have not censored comments for profanity. We ask that you be judicious in your use of profanity and keep in mind that fans from all walks of life read and contribute to River Ave. Blues.
  5. Keep comments on topic. Every day during the regular season, we will host a Game Thread. In that thread, feel free to discuss the Yanks, the news of the day, what’s happening in the game, etc. For the rest of the posts, do your best to keep comments related to the topic at hand. News tips should be e-mailed to one of the writers. Contact information is available in the sidebar on your left.
  6. If your comment does not appear or you receive a message saying it is awaiting moderation, e-mail us or simply wait. Those comments marked for moderation usually fail one of our spam tests, and we’ll approve them as soon as possible.
  7. Any comment written out in all capital letters will be deleted. That’s just unnecessary.
  8. We understand that many commenters may have blogs of their own. To that end, there is a field in the comments section where you can add the URL to your site. In the comments, your name then appears as a hyperlink. Please do not redundantly place a link below your comment as a “signature.”

We don’t delete comments very often, but we will if we have to. RAB has developed into a successful site because of our readers, and we want to encourage you to contribute. We also want to keep the conversations relevant and respectful. You may disagree with us about Melky Cabrera but do so courteously, constructively and critically.

Checking in on Bobby Murcer
We really do live for this
  • dan

    Please don’t let this turn into USS Mariner where they delete posts if you spell someone’s name incorrectly.

    • Ben K.

      The goal is to avoid deleting comments. In all of our months, we’ve really only deleted a handful of comments. With these guidelines, we just wanted to present our community standards so that the readers know what’s going on.

      Don’t worry; it’s basically just business as usual around here. We wanted to codify that business. We’re not comment Nazis.

  • LBA Prequel

    Comments are okayish, but I prefer message boards for this very reason – there is always a name connected with an IP, so troublemakers can be tossed and order can be enforced without too much trouble. Not that there is really ANY trouble here, but I digress…

    • Ben K.

      Our WordPress software works in a similar way to message boards. We have the ability to ban comments based on IP address and toss troublemakers with limited trouble. That information is available only to me, Mike and Joe, and we’re not sharing it with anyone else.

  • Tripp

    Good Stuff…keep it civil!

  • Bo

    I like guideline number 7.

  • zack

    Might I be so bold as to add that persons linking to an article for whatever reason should always use tiny url?

    • Ben K.

      That’s not a problem. We have a plugin that shortens URLs in comments so that they don’t break the column width but still link to the article. Good idea though.

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  • Pablo Zevallos

    What do you mean by “unauthorized retransmissions”?