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An unnecessary Spring circus
Obviously, C.C. won't talk about ’09

Last night, the draft for the 2008 edition of the YBFBL was held, and by my count, 10 of the 14 teams were present. (Great turnout). I led the league wire-to-wire during the regular season last year thanks mostly to 21st round pick BJ Upton, and I’m pretty sure I won the regular season title in 2006 as well. I’ve gone out without a whimper in the postseason each year, mostly because my team was never deep enough offensively. I plan to change that this year.

Usually, I go into my fantasy draft targeting six or seven key players hoping to land four or five of ’em. From there, I just wing it and build the rest of my team around those guys. This year, I tried something different. I went in with a set strategy that I’m happy to say I stuck to despite several tempting opportunities to digress. Basically, I loaded up on offense early, and waited until the very end of the draft to grab pitchers–preferably high upside guys. My thinking is that hitters are generally known commodities and can be difficult to obtain during the season, but pitching is so unpredictable that there will certainly be a few quality arms available in free agency along the way. (I grabbed Fausto off the waiver wire last year). Problem is that if my team stinks, I look like an idiot.

I got stuck with the first overall pick in the scissor style draft, meaning I had to wait roughly 15 minutes in between making back-to-back picks; it was quite the ordeal. (The draft started at 9 p.m. and ended at 11:30-ish). Thanks to Patrick for once again putting this together. My roster is after the jump.

C: Kenji Johjima (9th round)
1B: Nick Swisher (6)
2B: Brandon Phillips (2)
3B: A-Rod (1) – It was either him or Melky.
SS: Khalil Green (12) – 97 RBI last year … who knew?
OF: Adam Dunn (3) – Contract year … 50 HR?
OF: Gary Sheffield (4)
OF: Nick Markakis (5)
UTIL: Jim Thome (8)
BN: Rickie Weeks (7) – If he stinks, I can blame it on Keith Law.
BN: James Loney (10)
BN: Jeremy Hermida (11)

SP: Ian Snell (13)
SP: Rich Harden (14)
SP: Matt Garza (15) – I hope the AL East isn’t too rough on him.
RP: Kerry Wood (16)
RP: Heath Bell (20)
P: Gil Meche (17) – As soon as I picked him, I regretted it.
P: Ubaldo Jimenez (18)
P: Mike Mussina (19) – contract year rebound? Hope so–and not just for the sake of my fantasy team.
P: Pat Neshek (21) – Bill Smith, I’d appreciate it if you went ahead and traded Joe Nathan before the season starts.

An unnecessary Spring circus
Obviously, C.C. won't talk about ’09
  • http://scottproctorsarm.blogspot.com Andrew

    Totally missed the draft last night. I went to Harvard to watch my Quinnipiac Bobcats lose in the hockey playoffs.

    I hope me not being there didn’t hold up the draft too much. I hate being that guy.

  • NYFan50

    Assuming this is a standard 5×5, you are going to have to hope Wood is named the closer, Nathan is traded, and that you can acquire another good SP. Or two. And you may need to keep a close eye on your BA.

    I follow much of the same strategy that you do, picking up offense early and getting SPs and closers late. I play in 12 team leagues, which are not as deep as your league, but your pitching looks like it’s going to need help.

  • sciorsci

    Getting Sheffield in the 4th and Markakis in the 5th makes up for the huge reach of taking Dunn with the 1st pick of the 3rd round, I guess. Dunn definitely hits a ton of HRs, but that .260 BA has negative value in roto ball, and Swisher compounds that problem.

    You might just as well punt BA early, because a slow month with those two guys and you’re going to be in a hole in that category anyway.

    Hermida in the 11th is a great pick, though, in my opinion. If he can build on his August/September from last year, he’ll be the stud he was supposed to be two years ago.

  • http://www.yanksblog.com Patrick

    No problem, Mike. Thanks for participating.

    Andrew, don’t worry about it. Auto picks tend to go by quickly, anyway. Was sorry you missed it.


  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    And Mike conveniently leaves out exactly who won the league two years ago.

  • Chip

    That pitching is just horrible. I mean when you have Ian Snell as your ace, you could have big problems. I think Neshek, Jimenez and Bell are great late round picks but you need a lot of things to go your way before you can even compete in the pitching categories

  • Barry

    man your pitching is pretty weak

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  • dan

    I see you completely punted on saves. I don’t know if your hitting is good enough to make up for that god-awful rotation.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      There’s ALWAYS saves available in free agency. Closers lose their jobs weekly it seems.

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