Obviously, C.C. won’t talk about ’09


C.C. Sabathia is under contract with the Indians for the 2008 season. It’s still Spring Training with the entire season ahead of us. Yet, for some reason, sports writers are surprised that C.C. won’t talk about the possibility pitching in New York next year. Tampering, folks. It’s a bad thing.

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  • sciorsci

    Is it tampering for Sabathia to talk about possibly pitching for another team? Who would he be tampering with? Himself?

    It’s certainly a little bit improper, and definitely premature, for Sabathia to be talking about pitching for anyone but Cleveland. But, to the best of my knowledge, it’s not quite tampering.

  • Todd

    And not just tampering… He may actually want to focus on this year with his current, and very formidable, team

  • Rich

    The Indians have a legitimate shot to do some damage this season. Sabathia is correct to confine is focus to that goal.

    • Rich

      Whoa, I didn’t see Todd’s post before I hit submit.

  • Bo

    I’m convinced writers get dumber each day.

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  • CB

    Writer’s aren’t dumb for asking that question – they’re just looking for headlines and controversy.

    If they trip up Sabbathia into making a foolish statement about his future goals then they’ve achieved that objective.

    And if they had gotten Sabbathia to even hint at wanting to play for the yankees you can bet that nearly every yankee blog would have had a link to the that headline making story very, very quickly.

  • E-ROC

    Would you sign Sabathia to a long term deal worth more than $100 million?