Yankees ticket sales reach record levels


With a week to go before Opening Day, the Yankees have already sold 3.8 million tickets this year. Before a pitch is thrown, the Yanks are guaranteed an average per-game attendance of at least 46,900 fans, and according to the team, this figure is 400,000 tickets ahead of sales from the same day in March 2007. That’s insane.

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  • JRVJ

    What I’d like to know is how Red Sox apologists are going to spin this (what with the specious argument having been made that the Red Sox – barely – outdrew the Yanks as a road team – but without taking into account the large seating differences between Fenway and Yankee Stadium).

  • Count Zero

    Man! That is insane.

  • Chris

    Why are all these people going to see the Yanks? Don’t they know that ESPN has declared the Sox are going to repeat because it’s Red Sox Nation?

  • Chris

    Not Olney…He thinks yanks win the division and red sox get wild card

  • Jamal G.

    I just find it funny how people swear the Red Sox are light years ahead of the Yankees when they had to game 161 to clinch the division after holding a 14.5 game lead.

    I literally almost had my brain explode when John Kruk of (GOD, can’t believe I’m going to type these words) Baseball Tonight (ahhhh, my head) proudly proclaimed how the ‘deep pitching of the Red Sox and Tigers” are going to propel them into the post season. Deep pitching?!? u fat tub o’ goo. What deep rotation has Bartolo Colon competing for a spot in the rotation? What deep pitching consists of Jeremy Bonderman (who I used to love as a prospect but beginning to lose faith) and Dontrelle Willis as two-thirds of your top 3 starters? Oh and let’s not forget the injuries to Fernando Rodney and Joel Zumaya. Damn idiots.