As always, The Onion gets it right


Yankees bury Bernie Williams under new stadium for good luck: “By giving Bernie this chance, we have once again proven why we are the classiest organization in all of sports,” Yankees President Randy Leving said to The Onion. “Lesser teams would have overreacted to this whole curse thing and buried Derek Jeter.”

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  • Adam

    haha, “Yankees officials did not allow Williams’ family to attend the burial, citing the fact they were not ‘true Yankees’.”

  • Mike R.

    “When asked if burial in the new stadium guaranteed that Williams’ No. 51 would be retired in the new Monument Park, both Steinbrenners had no comment, saying only that they appreciated Mr. Williams’ commitment to the team.”


  • pete c.

    Man, that’s just rude.

  • Jeff

    “Lesser teams would have over-reacted and buried Derik Jeter” – That tops it.