Instant Analysis: An offensive offense

Game Five: The lefty returns
Who had April 5 in the Giambi Injury Pool?

Andy Pettitte wasn’t at his sharpest today, but a few of his hits were of the bloop variety. He’s not why the Yankees lost. They lost because the bats were 9 for 37 with one extra-base hit. They walked twice and struck out seven times. The Yanks find themselves at 2-3 because the team is hitting .228/.289/.382 with nine walks and 22 strike outs. But it’s five games at the start of the season. They’ll snap out of it, and if the bullpen and starting pitching keeps doing what its been doing, the Yankees will be a-ok. And that’s all there is to it today.

Game Five: The lefty returns
Who had April 5 in the Giambi Injury Pool?
  • raymagnetic


    It’s a lost cause. The Yankees will never start hitting. They’re too old and too finished. The Yankees are horrible. j/k

  • Rich

    I think they have been pressing, but I’m not concerned, merely frustrated.

  • LBA Prequel

    Get Kevin Long off his arse. Seems like the effects of the Cleveland series are carrying over. I blamed Torre for the general lack of presence/plan at the plate (imho), but I wonder what sort of impact Long really has on these guys.

    • Jamal G.

      You know what effect Kevin Long really has on these guys? 968 runs in first season a MLB hitting coach.

      • LBA Prequel

        To be fair, you’d have to provide comparisons with previous hitting coaches over the past few years, and also factor in A-Rod’s monster year.

        Oh, and that’s cool that we had nearly 1,000 runs, but I see how well that talent showed up against Sabathia and Carmona…:-(

      • LBA Prequel

        Clarification: When I say comparisons, I mean you have to show the total number of runs scored by the Yankee offense for those seasons.

        • steve (different one)

          you made the ridiculous argument, you are the one who should have to back it up.

          the Yankees lead the league in offense last year. they came within a whisker of scoring 1000 runs.

          in the playoffs, they hit fine against Sabathia. Carmona shut them down.

          so you are basically using ONE playoff game and the first few games of the season to question the job of the hitting coach, who by any objective measure has done a fine job.

          • http://deleted Seamus O’Toole

            paul byrd shut them down too.

            • steve (different one)

              they scored 4 runs in the game. sometimes you have to win a game scoring 4 runs.

              when your starter gives up 4 runs while recording only 3 outs, it’s not the offense.

              sure, it would be great to win that game 7-6, but you can’t expect to score 7 runs against a playoff team with good pitching.

          • LBA Prequel

            Yep, it’s totally ridiculous to question the hitting coach when a team is having difficulty scoring runs, and looks similar to their performance at the end of the previous season (i.e. the Cleveland series)…how foolish!

            What do I have to back up my argument? RAB even acknowledges how “offensive” the offense is; it doesn’t take a genius to see that on paper, a ton of runs should be scored by the Yankees as constructed. If you’re argument – which you seem to agree with – is that I’m wrong in questioning Kevin Long’s positive influence on the run scoring ability, then feel free to support it with runs scored over the past few years.

            Don’t worry, I’ll do the work for you:

            Year RS
            2007: 968
            2006: 930
            2005: 886
            2004: 897
            2003: 877

            So Long then is responsible for another 38 runs the team scored after he took over in 2008 from Mattingly in ’07? What about A-Rod’s record year? Do we factor that in?

            From what I saw in the Cleveland series, and beginning this year, I’m just wondering what sort of approach Long brings besides players without the last name of Rodriguez. I’d be interested to see what his philosophy is.

            • steve (different one)

              yes, it’s ridiculous to question the hitting coach after 5 games when they faced probably the best pitching staff in the AL for 3 of those games.

              your “numbers” don’t prove anything.

              anything can happen over 5 games. why don’t we talk after 50 games?

              if the offense is still struggling, maybe it makes sense to question Kevin Long then.

              • LBA Prequel

                Christ, you are the one who asked me to supply the numbers, now you tell me they mean nothing. Wow. Let me hold your hand.

                1.) I want to understand what impact Kevin Long has on the Yankee offense.
                2.) Jamal says we scored a ton of runs in 2007.
                3.) I question whether Long’s influence was just the quality of the Yankee offense plus A-Rod’s monster year (which would be shown by a trend), especially in context with the poor performance in the Cleveland series.
                4.) You tell me that’s “ridiculous,” and that I need to show the stats.
                5.) I do. I also reiterate my interest in Long’s impact/philosophy, and that I understand this is early in the season. I post the stats.
                6.) You ignore what I say, tell me my stats mean nothing, and continue to tell me it’s ridiculous.

                You know what is ridiculous? You totally ignoring my initial question – just to remind you, that’s regarding Long’s philosophy and impact – and just keep on repeating the same crap. I thought that sort of tactic went out with the third grade, rarely seen outside of politics.

                • steve (different one)

                  you said “get Kevin Long off his arse”.

                  this implies that Long has not been doing his job.

                  i asked your back that claim.

                  you have yet to do that.

                  now, if your line about “getting off his arse” was a throwaway line, and shouldn’t have lead the conversation off course, then i can accept that and i will apologize for missing your point. it seems like you wanted to analyze the impact of Long over someone like Mattingly, but that’s not the part of your argument i was addressing. so, i apologize for not being clear.

                  let’s move on.

          • LBA Prequel

            Edit: That should read after Long succeeded Mattingly as hitting coach in 2007.

            And just to reiterate: From what I saw in the Cleveland series, and beginning this year, I’m just wondering what sort of approach Long brings besides players without the last name of Rodriguez. I’d be interested to see what his philosophy is.

            I realize that it is still the first week of the season. This isn’t doom and gloom.

  • iYankees

    I had the exact same title (“an offensive offense”) for my review of the game. they were terrible.

  • Realist

    I didn’t see the game but hope Melky’s return and a possible lineup change spark the sleeping giant.

    I know some think it is “knee jerk” to even mention a possible lineup change after a handful of games but a spark is needed and I felt last year’s lineup , which is essentialy the same as this year’s………could have been even more potent with a few players switched around. It is an observation over last year’s and now this year’s……..NOT 4 or 5 games this year only ;-)

    Btw , how did Petitte look?

    • Mike A.

      Pettitte looked good, he tired in the 5th inning (75 pitches or so) and left some pitches up, which is when Gomes hit the homer. Same old Andy, really.

  • Realist

    Thanks Mike! I look forward to seeing his progress as his endurance builds….I feel if healthy he is good for 15 or so wins.

  • steve (different one)

    i don’t think they necessarily miss Melky in the lineup, but they miss him in the field.

    they weren’t going to win that game last night anyway, but i am not sure that Melky doesn’t get to that 3 run triple that chased Kennedy.

    and i know Damon would have caught that ball that would have gotten Hawkins out of the inning with 1 run.

    also, what coach’s wife did Ensberg sleep with? there have been 2-3 spots where he should have PH but no love. even though Betemit got a hit against the lefty in the 8th, that was a no brainer spot to hit Ensberg.

    • steve (different one)

      i didn’t mean to downplay Melky’s role on offense, i just meant that the trickle down effect on the OF defense is brutal.

      damon can play LF fine, but probably shouldn’t be in CF. and Matsui should not play the OF if it can be avoided.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    gotta take the bad with the good, though, or however that goes….

    i like what i’m seeing out of this bullpen, even with the one horrific outing by Hawkins. we’re going to have to deal with growing pains from Ian and Phil (and jeez, Phil looked amazing his first start out.) we were warned from the beginning as to Andy not being 100%.

    the bats will come around. we were horrendous out of the gate last year, and this is definitely a better team than last year’s. we’ll be fine.

    at least we’re not, um, Detroit…

  • mustang

    I pick Detroit to win the central……ouch……oh well. LOL

  • mustang

    The over/under on Detroit is 93.5. I think I picked over… double ouch..LOL
    It’s so early.

  • Jamal G.

    I picked Detroit to finish 2nd in the Central and out of the playoffs. Offense alone can not get you in the post season when you don’t have a semblance of a pitching staff. They have no bullpen behind Todd Jones (and naming him as a positive is a bit of a stretch) and have no rotation behind Verlander that you can count on. I am still in awe how many people are riding this team, they have no god damn bullpen. Also Maggs is going to suffer a regression, Sheff is already hurt, Polanco has never played consecutive 140 game seasons since the beginning of this millennium, and they have no god damn bullpen (yes, it’s that bad that I have to say it thrice).

    Also, I just realized I like BBTN. Only when the trio of Karl Ravech, John Kruk (God my stomach hurts just thinking of these morons), and Steve Phillips (“Detroit Tigers have the best offense in the history of baseball”, fucking tool) are nowhere to be found.

    As to the Yanks, how many of you guys think if (I am a superstitious ball player, so I will not say “when” :) ) we make the post season that Phil Hughes will start Game 2?

  • Travis G.

    i’m not asking to stir up people, but merely bc i want to know other opinions: how many games will/should Girardi let the offense struggle before shuffling hitters around?

    i say he’ll give them another week to see what happens. if by next weekend they still haven’t scored more than 4 runs, we could see some changes. i personally am a proponent of batting abreu or jeter leadoff, with Arod 3rd, and dropping Damon to 8th.

    • Realist

      I say next week as well….a switch at leadoff and possibly 3 and 6 may help?

      It may not be the answer but at this rate , and should it continue , the current isn’t either.

  • doty

    the yankees scoring stats the past few years are very misleading! They score an abundance of runs in one game a blowout victory i.e 13-3 victories but they will lose the next 3 out of 4 games scoring a total of 8-10 runs. At weeks end it looks nice in the box score, but in reality they were horrible! last year alone i believe the yankees for most of the season lost almost every game decided by 1 run! To go far in the playoffs they will have to learn how to win these close games

  • doty

    i think cano should be the 3 hitter he can hit for way above average, got power, can hit to all fields, and can even run a little bit. let matsui when he plays bat 2 behind jeter, matsui is a very good contact hitter, who knows hoe to drive in runs!


    there is a lot of speed at the bottom of the line up

  • chris

    i am reading these posts and nobody is remembeing how piss poo the team was in the geining of last year until abreu got hot – he was about to be un out of town when all of the sudden he remembered how to hit.

    this team will score a ton when the top of the order starts getting on base for arod. If abeau is going to give us another 2 months like he did last season, i would sooner want cano put in the 3 hole. hell, its a team of kids – lets see what they all can do.

    i dont think that they are playoff bound this season so my interestlies moe in what kennedy, hughes, joba, melky, and cano do. oh yeah an i will keep a close eye on the 24-2 season that johan puts together acoss town. not getting him becasue pettite resigned is turning sour. while i am glad we kept the kidds, pettite will have a horrible year coming off the mitchell report and starting the season hurt. think back to pitchers who have had injuries at season start – it is often tough fo them to get back in the groove fo a long time if at all.

  • chris

    i like the lineup by doty only if matsui is running healthy. even then i would rather the speed algeit diminished of damon at 1 or 2.

    dont know why the yanks refse to bat jeter leadoff – in the past he has been spectacular in that spot. i know he doesnt walk or take many pitches but its a different game now. they batted melky number 1 a lot last year – he was HARDLY a prototypical leadoff hitter.

    jeter hits great in that spot. loves first pitch fastball and more often than not pitchers throw very hittable pitches to the first batter.

    my line-up is

    damon (i know it it crazy switching them, but damon is a left and getting that hole open on the right side would be hue for him)
    abreu (assuming he doesnt hit 180 and 210 the fist 2 months)
    matsui (with duncan getting some at bats in left0
    giambi (again splitting time with duncan)

    this team will have a major facelift next year offensively and defensively. it is a shame that they didnt start this offseason. i strongly believe that unless a team makes it to the WS, they need to inject another very good offensive player or pitcher into the line-up if nothing else than to pump up the team a bit.

    this offseason the team did nothing to better itself – cant tell me that didnt frustrate some of the veteran players

  • nick blasioli

    i hate to be an i told you so…but the kennedy for santana deal really looks big..kennedy will be in scranton real soon….watch and see….with santana we would be over 500….cashman really sucks…

    • Realist

      It wasn’t Kennedy for Santana….

      If Santana pitched in Kennedy’s place he may have won and yes NY would be 3-2 instead of 2-3 ….and if my Father had tits he would be my Mother ;-)

    • steve (different one)

      yes, except for the whole “there never was a Kennedy for Santana deal”, but hey, anyone can win an argument when they just make up all the facts.

      you also said over and over how the Tigers were better than the yankees.

      and since you seem to think the season is only 5 games long, how is that looking?

      • Realist

        That was pointed at nick , correct??? :-)

        • steve (different one)

          yes sir.

          • Realist

            Thanks for the clarification , my friend , I believed as much but wanted to make sure :-)