Moeller up; Molina likely to hit the DL

A Foxian blunder or a business decision
Remember New York's other other team

Chad Jennings notes that career journeyman catcher Chad Moeller was called up from Triple-A Scranton today to help ease the catching burden. There is no word on any accompanying roster moves, but it’s likely that M(VP)olina will hit the 15-day to clear a spot on the 25-man roster, and either Frankie Cervelli or Humberto Sanchez could be placed on the 60-day DL to clear up a 40-man spot.

I was just thinking about this whole catching mess, and I had an idea so ridiculous, so crazy it just might work. Why not sign sign this readily available free agent to not only catch a few days a week, but to provide a little offense? Not a bad idea, no?

A Foxian blunder or a business decision
Remember New York's other other team
  • Chris

    Great idea in theory, but by the time Mike is in baseball shape or gets enough minor league at bats, molina would probably be back or soon to come back.

  • Casper

    Disagree. Piazza is a soon-to-be 40 yr old catcher who was a defensive liability behind the plate even in his prime. I don’t see the point. We’re going to carry both Posada and Piazza on the roster when neither one can play the field effectively? Piazza also hasn’t caught in a couple of years, he was a DH last season in Oakland. Seriously… Think back a few years and try to remember how god-awful this guy was behind the plate (and that was when he was younger and playing the position regularly, neither of which is still true). No thanks.

  • CB

    They’ve also put Joba on the bereavement list and called up Albaladejo according to the NY Post.

    Post says they’re making room on the roster by putting Betemit on the DL with conjunctivitis that makes it impossible for him to wear his contacts.

    • Manimal

      OMG, that made my day.

  • samiamsports

    Rotoworld is saying joba was put on the bereivemant list in order to call up moeller. Ive long been dreaming of Piazza on the Yanx and I think its something that must be thought about especially with the yankees hitting the way they are . and they just lost the hottest bat they had in molina

  • r.w.g.

    I don’t think Chad Moeller is the answer for more than a week or two. Molina’s injury doesn’t sound good. When Hughes injured his hamstring last year he was out for 2 or 3 months wasn’t he?

    Posada at DH is killing the defense right now because it forces Matsui to play LF when he needs to be the DH. If Jorge can’t throw guys out right now (he can’t) you need to go get a real player.

    Texas has catchers at both the major and high minor levels. Gerald Laird might be available, maybe Taylor Teagarden or Adam Melhuse. I guess it would depend on what the Rangers think of Salty playing catcher in the majors right now and what the Yanks were willing to send their way.

    • nmc

      Really? You don’t trade talent for a mediocre catcher because someone is on the DL. If the Yankees cannot live with a below average catcher for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the season then they’re screwed anyway.

    • TurnTwo

      Texas seems to be an ideal partner. Problem is that since you really have your catching core in order for the rest of the season and next season, really, you dont want to pay too much for a catcher you’re only going to use until Molina rehabs back from the hammy injury.

      from what i understand, Laird is the guy they want to trade, with Teagarden the real catching prospect…

      • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

        We have Laird’s brother in our system right now. From what I understand he’s a better hitter than his brother.

  • Mike R.

    I think Ensberg is a better option than Piazza at this stage. The ofense would be about the same and Morgan could probably play better D.

  • Manimal


    Joba is out(Because of his father), Albaladejo is in
    Betamit is out(pink eye), Moeller in

    Would it be smart to take out Molina and put in Duncan?

  • Tripp

    Ew. This is getting ugly. No love for Britton still? And I thought Patterson was told he would be the first called up? Oh well….

  • nmc

    Am I crazy, or can we ditch Wilson Betemit? I don’t like this guy. Alberto Gonzalez has been pretty hot; maybe it’s because he’s a rookie and there’s no book on him yet, but I say give him a shot.. I bet he can play second and first, and I’d like to see a guy who can get on base and hit doubles, instead of Betemit who stikes out like 89% of the time and maybe can hit a homerun…

    I think Gonzalez + Ensberg is a better duo than Betemit + Ensberg… Also, I wish Giambi would just get injured already so we can get Shelley back. I can’t stand the Giambino just sitting in the middle of the lineup getting out… at least we can have Shelley get out near the bottom of the lineup and occasionally do something other than homer off Timlin.

    Furthermore, when is Robinson Cano not going to swing at the first pitch? So far, he’s been really disappointing this year… I don’t think I can remember when he walked last…

    And I’ve been really impressed with Melky.. So far, he’s been almost Bernie-esque. Small sample size yada yada…

    Oops, I guess that was pretty random. Food for thought, though..

  • nick blasioli

    i agree that we need a good catcher now…knowing the way cashman works…the yankees will be short players that we need now…..that means today mr cashman……

    • steve (different one)

      yes, Cashman is a terrible GM for only equipping the Yankees with a borderline Hall of Fame level starting catcher and the best backup catcher in the league.

      how dare he not foresee that both would get injured in the first 2 weeks of the season after the 3rd catcher on the 40 man was run over in Spring Training!

      get on the ball and make a trade, Cashman, nick blasioli is unhappy and wants a better 3rd string catcher NOW!1!11!

      • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

        YES! QUICK! Go ruin the farm system so we can have an adequate backup-backup catcher for 2 weeks! Hamstring injuries depending on severity take 4-6 weeks to come back from. No idea how quickly Molina can come back, but this is what happens when you continually play in 30-40 degree weather. Phil Hughes was almost back from his hamstring strain when he rolled his ankle causing him to miss more time. Ankle injuries are harder to come back from than hamstrings and thus he was out for 2 and some off months. Chill out everyone, remember when half of our pitching staff and most of our outfield was hurt for most of last-season. We pulled it together then, we’ll do out best to pull it together now, stop calling for somebody’s head the minute something goes wrong.

  • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

    Maybe we should ship in Doug Mirabelli and give him a police escort so he can make the 7:05 start time!

    • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

      How big is that Josh Elliot play at the plate now. I’m glad we retaliated, Shelley should have kicked harder and put some of the Rays depth on the 60-day dl. Anyway we can call up Jesus Montero from low-a Charleston? That kid can f-ing rake!

  • Joey

    off topic, but here’s an article on the Wanger’s mechanics:

    take a look, pretty cool stuff

    • Joey

      also a piece on Joba on the site, the author doesn’t love his mechanics in terms of long term health and injury risks, but I’m not an expert (or a beginner really) so I’ll save whatever opinions I have, watch and see what you think

  • Manimal

    I have come to the conclusion that the team on the field is NOT the best option for the 25 man roster. Brian Cashmen needs to release Farnsworthless.

    • Ron

      As worthless as Kyle is, Cashman will get a couple of prospects for him before the deadline. There’s always a sucker out there whose enamored with someone who can throw 98 MPH, even if it’s as straight as an arrow.

  • Ron

    Mike – Please tell me you’re kidding about Piazza. Right now, Posada can throw as well as he can. The last thing we need is another aging player whose only position is DH and is not very good at that. Pass.

  • Joey

    just throwing this out there, I saw it on Buster Olney’s blog, but what about Mirabelli, I don’t think he has a team. I know his offense sucks, but if we’re looking for a short-term, quick fix for defense maybe we could consider it…

  • Count Zero

    Ten years ago I would have bet the farm that the following sentence would never, ever have come out of my mouth:

    I would rather have Mirabelli than Piazza.

    There — awful a thought as it is — I said it. BLECH!

    • yankeemonkey

      Signing Mirabelli will create a rip of such proportions in the space-time continuum that there’s no telling what will happen! Possibly a black hole will open up and swallow us all. Cats and dogs, etc etc.

  • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

    Straight up, Chad Moeller and Doug Mirabelli will provide the same thing, no offense and reliable defense. We already have one of those two…no reason to pick up the other.

  • Lanny

    Why is Piazza a bad idea for 3 weeks?

  • Lanny

    Anyone who says Mirabelli is better than Piazza has rocks for brains.

  • AndrewYF

    Chad Moeller will not break the Yankees. This is a team that carried the shuffling corpse of John Flaherty, Kelly Stinett, Sal Fasano, and Wil Nieves for the past 3 years. They’ll be fine.

  • Jamal G.

    I like the idea of Piazza. Just two seasons ago he had a SLG% of .501 while he was starting 99 games at catcher for the Padres. If he can give us an OPS in the range of .810 to .830 it would be crazy for us not to entertain the thought.

    The question is, what do we do with him once Molina returns? I don’t know if MLB has anything like those 10-day contracts in the NBA so he would take up a spot on the 40-man for the rest of the year.

  • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

    I’m not sure 3 weeks is worth a few million dollars, and if you think Piazza will sign for anything lower than that you’re delusional.

    • Mike A.

      Who knows. If the Yanks go to him and offer the chance to be the regular DH against lefties, catch once a week or so, and of course, one final shot at a World Championship, maybe he’d be interested for say, $3M over the rest of the year. He knows New York, knows the fans would give him nothing but love, and he’d get a crack at a WS Title. That’s more than he’s got going for him right now.

  • r.w.g.

    Laird is a little better than mediocre, especially I think at this stage of his career. He’s 31 years old, he’s been hitting since spring, capable defensively.

    I’m not advocating trading the entire farm for a one season guy, but we it’s tough to know how to approach this situation when Posada isn’t currently fielding his position. Do we have any idea when this dead-arm thing is going away? If Jorge will be back in two weeks to a month, ride out Chad Moeller.

    But if Posada is going to need to DH for a significant amount of time, we need a better hitter than Chad Moeller. Posada at DH hurts us defensively because it forces Matsui into left and sits Damon or Melky. Chad Moeller’s bat will not help overcome that defensive downgrade. Gerald Laird’s bat would.

    But Texas has more options than just Laird. There’s Adam Melhuse, too. If you honestly need someone for a couple months, Melhuse is definitely a better bat than Moeller at this point and would come much cheaper than Laird, Teagarden, or Salty.

    As far as Teagarden and Salty, it all depends which one Texas wants to keep. Both have put up some pretty nice numbers in the minors, and Teagarden is supposed to be very good defensively. Maybe Texas wants to keep both and have the back-up DH when the other catches. Maybe the Yankees don’t even want to trade for a young catcher.

  • Count Zero

    A) What makes you guys think Piazza is in playing shape? and B) He couldn’t throw out my grandmother even when he was in playing shape.

    You would be paying $3MM for a guy who will probably hit .200 for two weeks and be a complete liability on defense. Granted .200 will be 50 points higher then Moeller, but still…his defense would make up for the 50 points.

    You guys are starting to sound like Torre — “Bring me a crafty veteran who knows how to play the game. Even if he now sucks.” LOL

  • JeremyM

    I read a little while back somewhere that Piazza was keeping himself in playing shape in case some team calls for him.