Trenton downs Scranton 3-2 in exhibition game


Chad Jennings – who else? – has the scoop. Scranton had each of it’s pitchers throw an inning, and the game was called when they ran out of the relievers in the 8th inning. Colin Curtis and Cody Ehlers had RBI singles off Edwar for Trenton, while Matt Carson took Heath Phillips deep for a solo shot. Scranton’s run came via an Eric Duncan RBI ground out, and Brett Gardner scoring on a passed ball. Scott Patterson tossed a perfect inning, and reportedly screamed “they took Albalawho over me?!?” when he walked off the field. DotF returns Thurday.

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  • Adrian-Retire21

    Why is Ross Ohlendorf so much better then Albadajaho.He hasn’t even pitched a full year as a reliever in the majors or minors and didn’t he give up two runs in his only playoff apperance.

  • J.R.

    Wow Patterson seems really pissed, I hope he just focuses on pitching and waits for the call-up. And doesnt do/say something stupid.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I think Mike was joking about Patterson’s being upset.

  • Manimal

    Patterson has a reason to be pissed he got robbed. But the instant bruney shows he wasnt the right choice patterson will be brought up

  • CaptainCargo

    Enough already.

  • Mike R.

    Mike Ashmore over at Thunder Thoughts actually live blogged the game. I suggest anyone who is interested in the details of the gam head over there. I can’t provde a link because I am using the mobile version of RAB.

  • Bo

    I hope you do realize he was kidding about what Patterson said.

  • JD

    Patterson hasn’t thrown a ball since 1987. And that was because the umpire missed the call. Also, he has 12 wives and can dunk on a 17 foot basketball hoop.

  • RobertGKramer

    Patterson’s alledged scream wasn’t heard in section 11 row K and I was watching!