Win the All Star Game ticket lottery, if you can afford it

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It’s the All Star Game ticketing information we’ve all been waiting for. Too bad few — if any of us — will get or even afford the tickets for the game.

Anthony Rieber has all the details:

A ticket to the 79th Midsummer Classic on July 15 will set you back at least $150 and as much as $725 – up from the $75-$285 charged for last season’s game in San Francisco. And you have to buy two. Tickets were $10-$15 for box and reserved seats the last time the All-Star Game was at Yankee Stadium, in 1977…

Tickets for the general public will be on sale only through an online drawing. Fans can register now for the chance to buy two tickets at or until 10 p.m. on June 15. The online drawing will take place the next day. Tickets will be sold on June 23.

Yankees’ full and partial season-ticket holders will be given an opportunity to buy tickets, subject to availability, on

MLB president Bob DuPuy said “70 percent” of tickets would be available to “existing Yankees fans.”…

The game itself is not the only event that will cost fans big money. Tickets for the Home Run Derby, always a fan favorite, and workout day on July 14 are $100-$650, an increase from $50-$225 last year. Tickets for the Futures game on July 13 are $50-$225, up from $22.50-$125 last year.

Fifty bucks for the bleachers for the Futures Game?! Yikes.

I really want to go to the All Star Game. I’m practically willing to give up an extraneous appendage for it, and it seems like that’s going to be the going rate.

While DuPuy can promise the world to 70 percent of Yankee tickets, you can bet that scalpers will drive up the prices of these tickets to astronomical levels. The All Star Game should really be about the fans enjoying that spectacle. Instead, it’s going to be all about the money and ticket prices as Yankee Stadium goes out with a bang. What a shame. What a shame.

Hughes needs to learn to cope with failure
Levitt talks Barrow and the business of baseball
  • Alan

    Welp, I threw my name into the lottery but I get the feeling it’ll have the same result as the “premium game” lottery.

  • Scott

    Is it possible that Jeter and the rest of the yanks are trying too hard this season, hence we they aren’t playing consistently in an attempt to make the AL All Star Team…According to Jeter “If I never play in another All-Star Game, I would play in this one.” Kind of makes me think..

    • Pete

      and how embarrassing will it be if we don’t have anyone there besides Wang and Mo?

  • Relaunch

    Paid my invoice yesterday. Its ridiculous that you have to buy all the events also in addition to the allstar game (fan fest, futures game, etc). Good thing is that if I don’t end up wanting to pay to watch a glorified exhibition game, I won’t have a problem getting rid of them.

  • Jen

    I’m just happy that I got my regular seats, especially for the HR Derby. I’ll probably end up going to all of the events (not sure about the fanfest though).

    As for the $50 Futures Game ticket, you get to see the Celebrity Softball game too. I usually wouldn’t get too excited for something like that, but Dave Winfield usually plays. Plus that game should be ripe for heckling.

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  • nate scalera

    how can anyone afford to gothe game, what a joke