BA projects the first round


Jim Callis of Baseball America posted his first mock draft today, and has the Yanks taking Arizona prep southpaw Kyle Lobstein. Callis writes:

The obvious move would be for New York to use its financial muscle to pay what it takes to get whatever top talent falls because of signability. Hosmer would be a coup for the Yankees, but Cole could be too raw for their tastes. They’ve been scouting a lot of lefthanded pitchers, making high schoolers Kyle Lobstein (Arizona), Brett DeVall (Florida), Mike Montgomery (California) and Robbie Ross (Kentucky) candidates.

Lobstein would be a bit of an over-draft at #28, and frankly I think there’s a chance he’d still be around when the Yanks picks again at #44. Plus Robbie Ross is better than Lobstein. The Yanks are going to take whichever signability guys falls to them, it’s almost guaranteed.

Interestingly, Callis has Fresno State RHP Tanner Scheppers dropping out of the first round. Back later with DotF.

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  • Mike R.

    I read that mock draft today and my reaction was WTF?? Lobstein? Really?

    If Hosmer and Cole are gone I say we take a chance on Scheppers. I really wanted the Yankees to draft a player from the long list of power hitting first basemen, but it looks like they’ll be going like hot cakes come June 5.

    • Mike A.

      There’s so many power hitting first basemen in this draft, it’s not even funny. Unless one of Hosmer or Smoak or Brett Wallace falls to the Yanks, I say wait until the 2nd or 3rd and take Allen Dykstra if they’re really that into a mashing 1B.

      • Pablo Zevallos

        that would also show that they’re not sold on Juan Miranda…not that I am (yet), either

        • barry

          He can’t buy a hit off lefties.

          • Aaron

            OK, then do they draft a first baseman or plan to move Jesus Montero to first base and search for a future backstop elsewhere?

      • Mike R.

        I’ve seen Dykstra projected to go as high as 30th to the Red Sox. The only elite 1B that I think could fall to round 2 is Cal’s David Cooper.

        I am a firm believer in drafting from the strength of a draft whenever possible and the two clear strengths for this class are 1B and College relievers IMO. The prep arms aren’t doing it for me this year.

        I really like what I’ve seen from Ike Davis. I would be very happy if we landed him at 28.

        • r.w.g.

          I’m not saying they won’t take a 1B because I’m sure they’ll take the best available player.. but they do have Lars Anderson in their system.

        • Mike A.

          See, I’ve always felt the best way to take advantage of the strongest part of a draft class is to hold off and take the lesser players later.

          Example: Why take say, Yonder Alonso in round one, and a mediocre shortstop in the second round, when you could take Reese Havens in the first round, then take Allen Dykstra in the second round?

          Maybe my thinking is wrong.

          • Mike R.

            I think that’s sound logic. Truth be told when you pick 28th you can’t exactly have much of a strategy.

            • A.D.

              It’s going to come to who falls or is available I agree with Mike A. in that a deep position you can wait, but I’d only say that once the elite players are gone, a few are a cut above, and if you can get one of those you jump it

          • TurnTwo

            i read, i think on Keith Law’s chat i think, that Reese Havens is a name to watch… will have to move from SS to play in the majors, but can expect something just below a projected Jeff Kent-like production.

            • A.D.

              BA projects he’d have to move to 2b, and he’ll be a productive 2b, but not the hall-of-fame bat of kent

              • TurnTwo

                i have to admit, i dont know much about prospects in the draft, but only get the info from what i read on chats, blogs, etc…

                but yeah, of course you cant ever project HoF type numbers from a guy who has never played professionally, but yeah, almost as guaranteed a college bat as it gets in the draft, allegedly.

        • chris

          when you draft as low as the yanks you take the best guy availabe. i do not like this talk about Cole being to raw – who cares? Is their farm not dep enough to carry a young pitcher for a few years? if he is there you take him and i am just praying hosmers pricetag jumps to a ridiculous number so the yanks can grab him

  • Steve

    I’m happy anytime the Yanks take a lefty. They really could use more lefties in their system. Lefties tend to over perform in Yankee stadium, and its a fact that the Yanks seem to have forgotten in recent years. Their opponents certainly haven’t.

    Lefty hitters, lefty pitchers. That was the formula I grew up with. In case Cashman hasn’t noticed, the stadium is kinda slanted that way. Of course its not that simple, a balanced lineup is great and I wouldn’t want sub par pitchers just because they’re left handed. But they should maintain a bias toward lefties, especially pitchers. All things being equal or close, take the lefty. You don’t need great stuff to succeed as a lefty at Yankee stadium.

    • r.w.g.

      You cannot use the first round of the draft to take a lefty just because you need more lefties on the major league team. They need to take impact players who have a real shot at becoming big league regulars.

      • A.D.

        Well there are some impact lefties out there

  • Jamal G.

    What are the chances Dan Webb falls to us in the Supps?

    • Jamal G.

      BTW, any relation to Mr. 9-0?

      • Mike A.

        Nope, already checked that out. Oddly enough, they’re both from Kentucky in addition to sharing a name.

  • A.D.

    While you can never have too much pitching & I agree to taking a big pitcher if he falls, but a mashing 1B is difficult to ignore, especially given the glaring need in our system, I mean if in 2 -3 years we can be bringing up a Bruce like masher at 1b & Jesus Montero….that’d be exciting

    • Mike A.

      The thing about drafting first basemen so high is that you better be sure they can rake, because there is no fall-back option. They’re already at the position that guys get moved to in the worst case scenario.

      It’s like drafting a reliever in the first round, the options are limited. What do you do if he sucks, move him to the rotation?

      • Chip

        Worked with Giese :)

      • Mike R.

        I agree with your observation, but a guy like Ike Davis can play in the OF and when I see stats like 57% of his hits going for extra bases I can’t help but salivate over the idea of him hitting 30 HR in pinstripes.

  • chris

    from BA, “Cole is a high school version of Max Scherzer”

    they project him to go to AZ at 26, but he is a Boras client and AZ is cheap. he will be there at 28.

    love to see them take a chance on Scheppers if he falls into the 3rd or 4th round

    • Mike A.

      The D-Backs are anything but cheap. Upton, Drew, Scherzer and Parker all got mucho, mucho dinero when they signed.