Checking in on Scotty Bro

Wang: The Sultan of Sink?
What do the Red Sox want with Kei Igawa?

Ah, Scotty Bro. Everyone loved Scott Brosius (and no one booed Macus Thames, Jeff Weaver, Homer Bush, John Oledud, Andy Phillips, Bubba Crosby or Johnny Damon for taking his numbers). Jim Baumbach recently caught up with Brosius in Oregon and wrote a nice piece about Brosius’ current role as the head coach of the DIII Linfield College team. Brosius sounds like a man enjoying his retirement from baseball.

Wang: The Sultan of Sink?
What do the Red Sox want with Kei Igawa?
  • Curramba

    Brosius was on the team for what 4 years and was on a team that had already won a WS. Oneill whom you want to compare him to was on the Yankees for almost a decade and was one of the reasons the team started to win. Only helped the Yankees to get to the post season in 1995 and probably would have done the same in 1994. He was one of the key players in helping to bring the Yankees back to Championship form.

    • Ben K.

      I think I was joking ;)

      • Curramba

        Oh, okay :)

  • J.R.

    Its nice to read an article like this. Unlike the miserable life lead by Knoblauch

  • Cam

    I think you guys had a post a while back about what some former players were up to. It mentioned in the post that Scotty was a DIII baseball coach in Oregon and gave a link to his page. It had his e-mail attached to it, and even though it was probably ridiculous, I decided to shoot him a quick e-mail. He was probably my favorite player during his time on the team because at that point, I really wanted to be a 3rd baseman. He replied back to me and was completely gracious and appreciative. Hope to see him at old timers game again!

  • My Pet Goat

    We boo ARod because he plays the same position…

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      No, we boo ARod because he has the audacity to taint the proud Yankee tradition of underwhelming hitting 3B by posting a career OPS above .800. BOO AROD!

      On a side note, while I didn’t boo any of the above named players for wearing Scotty-Bro’s #18, or Hawkins or Ensberg for rocking ol’ #21, I did boo all of the following:

      – Hideki Matsui for wearing Ramiro Mendoza’s #55
      – Ruben Sierra, Sidney Ponson, and Robinson Cano for wearing Tino Martinez’s #24
      – Bobby Estalella, Nick Johnson, Tom Gordon, Mike Myers, Jim Brower, Edwar Ramirez, and IPK for wearing David Cone’s #36
      – David Justice, John Vanderwal, Karim Garcia, Esteban Loaiza, and Melky Cabrera for wearing Chad Curtis’s #28
      – Felix Jose, Jay Witasick, Ted Lilly, Felix Heredia, and Carl Pavano for wearing Chili Davis’s #45
      – David Wells, Alfonso Soriano, Javier Vazquez, Jaret Wright, Kelly Stinnett, and Brian Bruney for wearing “Last Out” Charlie Hayes’s #33.

      Long Live “Last Out “Charlie!!!

  • Count Zero

    I was expecting an update on Proctor’s appearances in games where one team led by five or more runs…

    But this was good, too. ;-)