From “Joba Rules” to the “Kershaw Decree”

The early emergence of Melky Cabrera
Yanks could aim Lowe in 2009

Joe Torre’s at it again. Or actually, won’t be at it again. After seeing his shiny new manager signal for relievers Joe Beimel and Scott Proctor a combined 32 times in the Dodgers’ first 31 games, GM Ned Coletti instituted the Kershaw Decree to protect his 20-yr old stud southpaw, who will inevitably take over the fifth starter spot later this summer. Kershaw will be limited to 25 innings per month for the remainder of the year, putting him on pace for 150 IP or so after tossing 122 last year. “We don’t want to get teased and find out in September [that Kershaw’s] not pitching anymore,” said Torre. I’m sure the front office is thinking “We don’t want to get teased and find out in September [that Kershaw’s] shoulder and elbow are shredded.”

Saving the world’s top young arms from Joe Torre, one GM at a time.

The early emergence of Melky Cabrera
Yanks could aim Lowe in 2009
  • http://2009 Haggs

    To paraphrase Ruben Sierra:

    “Joe Torre sucks, all he does is win.”

  • Adam

    something tells me “kershaw decree” will not be as big of a hit on t-shirts as “joba rules” was.

  • Edwantsacracker

    Right now the Decree isn’t for Torre it for the minor league system. The whole idea of it is so that he can be used effectively as a starter when he does get called up.

  • RR

    This post is intentionally misleading, the Decree has nothing to do with protecting anyone from Torre’s bullpen management, or anything to do with Torre at all really.

    “The Dodgers have a “Kershaw Decree” — he is not to exceed 25 innings in any month while in the Minor Leagues.”

    Besides, since when has Torre had a problem with leaving starters in too long? 25 innings a month does not make sense as a restriction for a relief pitcher.

    • Jamal G.

      He’s starting in the bullpen at first, so yes this is in part to protect from Mr. T’s horrid bullpen management.

      • RR

        I wasn’t aware that Torre had been managing at AAA as well.
        25 innings a month limit really protects him from bullpen management, he will get at least 5 days off a month.

  • Bo

    I guess some rubes dont get satire and sarcasm.

    • RR

      Yeah, of course, because I’m sure everyone reading this site was completely aware of the details involving an innings cap for a minor leaguer from a team we don’t follow. So the fact that this post misrepresented the situation to make it seem more humorous than reality should obviously be recognized as such, because its not like people come here for actual baseball news or anything.

      • Adam

        wow. lighten up. i think the humor in this post comes from the fact that after spending 26 years as a manager and being allowed to manage pitchers however he saw fit, for the last two years he has had pitchers under strict usage rules. it is funny, no?

        • RR

          I wasn’t attacking the post here, I was attacking the guy who called people “rubes” for deciding to post what the actual situation was that was being joked about in this post.
          Enjoying some poking fun at Torre and talking baseball are not mutually exclusive.

          • Ben K.

            This, my friend, is for you.

            • RR

              I’m afraid my comments are being taken more seriously than intended. I really don’t care about this at all.

  • Mike R.

    This might clear some things up.

    “Torre said he spoke to Colletti and that the 20-year-old left-hander’s next couple of appearances for Jacksonville will be as a reliever. With Jason Schmidt close to heading out for a minor league rehabilitation assignment that could lead to him becoming the fifth starter, Torre said the organization wants to see how Kershaw performs as a reliever.”,0,2719469,print.story

  • Blogger

    Stuff like this takes away from the credibly of this blog and really all blogs. Thanks ass.

    • Count Zero

      Somebody takes himself way too seriously. But not seriously enough to use a real tag or link.

      And it’s “credibility” not “credibly” — when commenting on someone’s credibility (or lack thereof), I find it’s best to use the proper form of the word. Noun / Adverb — I can see how a noted blogger like yourself would be too busy to fuss with such distinctions. :-P

      Please slither back to the hole from which you emerged and trouble us no more…ass.