Murcer to return to the booth tonight


Good news for Yankee fans on a dreary day in New York: Bobby Murcer, recovering from a brain cancer scare and subsequent biopsy, will return to the broadcast booth tonight. He’ll be resuming his full broadcasting role, according to the AP. Here’s to you, Bobby. Welcome back. (Hat tip to iYankees.)

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  • KW

    Yay bobby! Now if we could only get kitty back as well….

  • andrew33

    I saw that Kaat was now working for TBS, I thought he had retired but maybe he didnt want to deal with nonsense at YES. A great broadcaster.

    Welcome back Bobby Murcer, always good to hear hes doing well. And to be honest, maybe he can grab a glove and play right, i doubt Murcer would have backed away from the wall the way Abreu did last night. When you are going bad those types of things stand out even more. And right now, there isnt much light – especially if the name Kei Igawa is being thrown around.

    Heres a question i dont have an answer too, what do you do with Cano if this continues ? Anyone – I mean 151, you can’t make that up.

    • Jamal G.

      Jason Giambi didn’t break out of his slump until June in the 2005 season. They just signed Robinson Cano to a multi-year extension, I’m pretty sure they’re going to give him a long ass time.

      • Dylan

        Jason Giambi broke out of his slump?

  • andrew33

    I understand he isn’t going anywhere, and that hes hit in the past. But this is bordering on the absurd considering he isnt walking either. We all hear about david ortiz, but the redsox are getting alot more out of his 185 average.

    Bottom line if he doesnt start hitting the playoffs are a moot point. Of course, the lack of hitting in the clutch overall needs to get a hell of alot beter as well.

  • A.D.

    Hopefully Murcer will inspire something in the yanks

    • Mike A.

      Whenever I need inspiration, I think back to that scene with Lance Armstrong in Dodgeball:

      “Did I give up when I had brain, lung and testicular cancer all at the same time? No”

    • Count Zero

      Amen. Maybe they should rub his head before the game or something…

  • Number 27

    that’s awesome murcer’s back. more importantly it’s awesome that he’s healthy.

    on another note, (and I’m sure you guys are in the same boat): I can’t believe all the doomsday bullshit that’s going on right now about the yanks. Despite all the pre-season talk about how rough our April was going to be, everyone is shitting the bed because april has been so rough. Do yankee fans have such a short memory that last year’s start has already been forgotten. give it a little more time before you pack it up for next year. steve at waswatching’s got posts about emergency trades and a clubhouse that’s falling apart, dayne perry (who, granted is an idiot) has, well just generally retarded kneejerk articles about what the yanks need to do immediately.

    wait for the weather to warm up, give the bats a chance to heat up, give the yanks not the most brutal schedule (~18road games, brutal competition) and see how they do. this is the yanks we’re talking about. when have they ever made april easy.phil and ipk may not be doing well now, but do you remember having to watch guys like igawa, wright and pavano pitch. clippard igawa, desalvo, karstens, wright and pavano combined for 31 starts last year. just be happy you don’t have to watch that again. christ.

    • Number 27

      sorry that was a long winded… im just sick of all the whining and pessimism. if there is one criticism of yankee fans that I actually might agree with is that some feel somehow entitled to always win. give em a chance.

      • Count Zero

        You won’t get an argument from me there…

      • Dylan

        3 games back; we’ll get healthy and we’ll be OK. Just gotta make it to the playoffs and the team that gets hot at the right time wins. I’d rather be hot later than now.