The ousted heir-apparent speaks


Jim Baumbach tracked down one-time Yankee honcho Steve Swindal recently, and Swindal, now the head of a marine towing company in Florida, talked with the Newsday reporter. Swindal left the Yanks after a drunk driving incident and a subsequent divorce from George Steinbrenner‘s daughter Jennifer. He says he still roots for the Yanks: “Honestly, I wish them the best. I’ll always be pulling for them, and I’d rather just leave it at that.” That’s a rueful quote if ever I heard one.

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  • Bo

    Has anyone in history ever F’d up as much as Swindal?

    • TurnTwo

      you’ve gotta think absolutely not.

    • r.w.g.


      • Double-J

        ^ History FTW. :-D

  • pounder

    I wonder if things would have been different if he was in control today.Maybe Santana,maybe Haren?We may rue the day that he was fired.

    • Relaunch

      What? Because Swindal would have gotten Santana or Haren. Sure.

    • Adam

      uh, our current owner wanted santana and didn’t get him, right?

      • Bo

        Swindal was known to give Cashman total control. It would eb the same team.

  • ceciguante

    i don’t think the quote came off as rueful. as much as you can read into printed quotes, i think he sounds pretty accepting of the situation. swindal’s probably worth a nice chunk of change, i doubt he has it so bad.

    • Relaunch

      i agree

  • A.D.

    He was going to have the Yankees handed to him, tough to blow that one