The Road to Omaha


Not Yankee related, but exciting nonetheless. The NCAA baseball postseason starts tomorrow night as the double elimination Regionals kick off in 16 college towns across the country. The NCAA postseason is some of the most exciting baseball you can find (the College World Series has been far better than the actual World Series for about 5 years running now), and I can’t possibly recommend spending a two week summer vacation in Omaha for the CWS any more highly. It’s unbelievable (and scorching hot).

The crew over at The College Baseball Blog have done us all a favor and posted previews of each regional, as well as their picks for Omaha. Two-time defending CWS champs Oregon State are left sitting at home this year, thanks to a paultry 11-13 conference record, and 27-24 overall. The team they beat for those two titles, North Carolina, was ranked in the top 5 all year and locked up a top 8 national seed. A bunch of games are going to be on ESPNU, CSN and various FSN channels, and the primo pitching matchups to look out for on Day One are Aaron Crowe (Missouri) vs. Lance Lynn (Ole Miss), and Brian Matusz (San Diego) vs Tyson Ross (Cal.)

Baseball America is having another Bracket Challenge this year, where the winner takes home a rather expensive DeMarini bat and a BA book (there’s a bunch of other prizes as well). If you’re interested you can check out my brackets here. Arizona State has just been too good all year, and I went with the underdog Mizzou as the runner-up because of their Aaron Crowe-Kyle Gibson-Ian Berger rotation. No team in the country can match that.

I know I’ve linked to this clip a billion times before, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to it again for all of you that haven’t seen it: here’s current Yankee farmhand JB Cox closing out Texas 2005 CWS Title. Enjoy.

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  • Jamal G.

    Thanks for the video link but I have to admit, although it’s lovely seeing a future Yankee farmhand close out the College World Series, nothing beats watching the Texas Football team doing the Soulja Boy on the sidelines.

    BTW, how much value is put on players in their Road to Omaha performances?

    • Mike A.

      Very little. The draft is held in the middle of the postseason, so it’s not like there’s much time left to scout guys.

  • Adam

    I’m not sure where else to put this comment, but it is awesome that MASN is advertising on your site. The Orioles are paying you for your Yankee blog.

  • A.D.

    Michigan had a toughie last year, their Ace Putnam had a no hitter through 8 2/3, gave up a hit to score a run, and they loose 1-0 to champion OSU

    • Mike A.

      Yeah I remember watching the end of that game. Crazy. Eddie Kunz almost blew it for OSU, IIRC.

      That happened in the Super Regionals. In the Regionals Michigan beat Vanderbilt because some freshman hitting under .200 took David Price deep in extra innings. Behold the awesomeness of college baseball.

      • A.D.

        I turned it on in the 7th, and was instantly glued to the tv

      • A.D.

        I turned it on in the 7th, and was instantly glued to the tv

        Putnam…Big 10 pitcher of the year this year

  • yanks99

    Haha, I was watching a different video of texas winning. This was a much longer one but if you go 5:05 in they have the yankee score on the ticker and they lost to the Rays. The losing pitcher, Carl Pavano. Who is this Carl Pavano fellow?

  • Nate

    There’s no “e” on the end of Crow, it’s just like the bird. I’ve seen him pitch six or seven times this year and only once did he have a less than truly spectacular outing. There’s no way I see him falling past the White Sox at 8, but I’d love him on the Yankees. One game, he got drilled in the pitching shoulder on the second pitch of the game and stayed in to pitch a shutout. He’s absolutely nuts.