Why the Yankees lost

Game 43: Lefty matinee
Another TJ rehabber returns

Quickly: We can blame Kyle Farnsworth and Joba Chamberlain for shoddy relief work today. We can criticize Andy Pettitte for walking the number eight hitter in the Mets’ lineup with two outs and the bases loaded. We can point fingers at the umpires and absolve the team of blame in a game where Johan Santana didn’t look that great. Or we can note that the bottom of the lineup — Melky Cabrera, Alberto Gonzalz, Chad Moeller and pinch hitters Shelley Duncan and Morgan Ensberg — went 0 for 11 with one walk. No matter what, this team is looking pretty pathetic, and they will remain in last place, five games behind the Rays.

Game 43: Lefty matinee
Another TJ rehabber returns
  • barry

    Just not a good ballclub right now.

  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    Little harsh for a May 17th game no? Derek Jeter said it best, “it’s a little silly to evaluate a ball club after 40 games or so”. I couldn’t agree more, there are 110+ games remaining, words like pathetic and such should not be used, relax and enjoy the early point of the season. You shouldn’t worry about a club game-to-game or series-to-series until August, late July at the earliest.

    • Ivan


      Hey the yankees are struggling we all know that, but would you rather be Detroit right now? Look, right now the yankees are without Posada and A-Rod, two of the most valuable yankees in this lineup especially against left handed pitchers.

      Plus, I,ve said it before, nobody is running away with this division/WC. We have the weather the storm and hopefully as the season prolouges they get hot at the right time.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I say pathetic because of something that PeteAbe drew everyone’s attention to: “That’s 10 runs in the last 51 innings for the Yankees.”

      That’s pretty bad.

      • Steve S

        21 of those innings are against James Shields, Scott Kazmir and Johan Santana. Thats not too bad. Part of it is the offense but sometimes its alright to give credit where credit is due.

    • mustang

      I agree especially with the teams in front of them. Still time is moving and they need to be within striking distance by the all-star break.
      The rest of the schedule this month is easy. There is no reason with A-Rod coming back that they should not be able to make-up some ground.

  • Brandon

    for anyone interested Christian Garcia is going to Tampa

    • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

      I love you. :D

      • Brandon

        LOL he pitched tonight too

        4.2 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 K’s
        1.93 ERA, GO/AO 2-6

  • stuart

    it is early but I want a few changes.. when arod comes back on Monday bye bye to Ensberg.. Don’t the Yanks have enough slow, big strikeout, and no field guys!!!!

    they need to keep gonzalez he can be a utility guy and when betemit comes back send down 1 more pitcher..

    arod will help a ton lengthen the lineup.. why can’t the yanks be as cold as boston and cut. trade, waive, whatever the dead wood..they give them to much time… they lost because 2 baserunning throwouts, pettitte having another bad inning(walking schneider), gonzalez not catching the foul ball and no clutch hitting..

    they are terrible with RISP, there offense has been atrocious the #’s are scary scary bad….

    the offensive #’s are down so much it gives me hope, they cannot be that bad.. Cano is hitting a bad 208……………..

    • whozat

      “why can’t the yanks be as cold as boston and cut. trade, waive, whatever the dead wood..they give them to much time”

      Who do they have around that’s better? If there was a solid hitting righty corner IFer or corner OFer in AAA, he’d be on this club right now. But there isn’t.

      It would seem like that’s the kind of complementary piece you could find on the market. Xavier Nady is someone I wanted in the offseason, but the Pirates aren’t interested in trading him at this point, they’ve said that publicly.

      • Micky7 Old Ranger

        I have not gotten much info on this guy, what is the story? 27/08.

  • mustang

    Unrated to this thread.
    I can’t believe Dice-K is 7-0 with era of 2.15.
    He is totally proving me wrong.

    • whozat

      He still walks a ton of guys. He just can’t keep succeeding that way. The other shoe will drop.

      • mustang

        I thought the same thing, but damn it’s taking a long time for that other shoe to drop.

        • Whitey14

          I’m nervous every time he takes the bump. You never know if he’s going to throw strikes and challenge hitters, or if he’s going to nibble at the corners and walk them around the bases. It’s obvious from his BAA that he’s tough to hit so you’d think Varitek would be in his ear every waking moment about throwing strikes.

  • Mark B

    As a big Joe Torre backer, I am glad he is riding the pine in the Dodger dugout these days as they circus that the media and Steinbrenners would have created would have been ridiculous and further tarnished his image with this lackluster play. At least we know it’s not the manager’s fault, but the players. Not sure about the rest of you, but if we keep this up and miss the playoffs, I think I would rather see some new blood at GM as Cashman’s moves since becoming the “real” GM and not a Steinbrenner puppet a few years ago don’t seem to be paying off at all. Outside of his keeping the three amigos (we can be argued whether this was a good move or not) and re-committing to growing the farm system, I can’t think of one single acquisition or trade he’s made that has worked out well for us.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      David Justice and Mike Mussina come to mind, and I didn’t even have to think about those.

      • BigBlueAL

        that trade for David Justice, even though it did involve trading Jake Westbrook who is a decent pitcher when healthy, almost single-handedly saved that 2000 season/championship. not to mention pickin up Vizcaino and Glenallen Hill too durin that season. granted, the Neagle move didnt turn out as good as we thought it would, but those in-season moves won a championship. aaah the good ol days, when every move made turned out to be gold………

    • mustang

      This should be fun good luck Mark B.
      I loved the “three amigos” line.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I can’t think of one single acquisition or trade he’s made that has worked out well for us.

      Alex Rodriguez and Bobby Abreu say hi.

    • Mike P

      I think he was talking about the last couple of years. I liked the Sheffield and Johnson trades. He was pretty handcuffed and got pretty good returns for expensive injured veterans.

    • Whitey14

      It also depends on whether you’re happy with Division Titles and American League Championships. I’m guessing as yankee fans you expect more. So in those terms none of the above signings worked out, although the jury would still be out on abreu, a-rod and mussina.
      I would add though, that there are at least 24 other teams out there that would be happy with what ny has accomplished in the last 7 years. I’m excluding only Arizona, Anaheim, Florida, Boston, Chicago and St.Louis.

  • Mark B

    I know I left myself an open target now…..just a bit ticked I see us doing the same damn thing as last year – stink it up in the first half, make a spirited second half run and this year miss the playoffs instead of making it in and losing in the first round. Cashman has gotten off too damn easy for too long. This game that we love so much is driven by results (sorry Cubs fans!) and we sure haven’t been delivering nor do I see us doing anything for a while unless out favourite three amigos come through!

    • mustang

      I agree with you.
      I don’t think they should fire Cashman, but they should pull back on the reins.
      I admire the effort just get ready to do a lot of

      • mustang


  • RollingWave

    it happens when you replaces 2 MVP with 2 black holes

    now of course it’s more than just that. but let’s be real here. even with the kids bombing the pitching staff isn’t nearly as bad as last year (amazingly) so far. but the hitting simply hasn’t been any good. and there’s certanily some tough luck factors in there. I don’t think Cano / Giambi has been nearly as bad as they’ve seen overall so far. but the luck has been just horrendous. but it is starting to change.

    overall. i’m frustrated but realistically it’s hard to say they’re fucked.

  • Mark B

    BTW, if we have to resort to looking back at Mussina and Justice as Cash’s best acqusitions (nice calls, Ben), maybe that can take away the stench of Igawa, Pavano, Wright, Farnsworth, Giambi, Damon, Abreu, Andy Phillips, Tony Clark, Kenny Lofton, Contreras, Javy Vazquez, Kevin Brown, Chacon, Big Unit, Mike Myers, Wilson Betemit, the list goes on.

    Seriously, outside of brining up Wang, Cano & Joba (jury is still out on Hughes, Melky & IPK) and possibly trading Ventura for Proctor, what has he done to merit serving as GM any longer?

    • Kelvin

      IMO, the Abreu trade was a good one, basically gave nothing to get him, and some of those moves could have been because of some other “people”. IIRC, Cash wanted to sign Vlad instead of Sheff back then. Granted, some signings/trades by Cash were, well, not that good. (Wright and Igawa come into mind), but he did have some moves that were good (like the Abreu trade), some bad moves that he tried to get the best out of (the BigUnit trade was a nice trade imo), and there are some moves out there that could still be good, or bad. (Like the Damon signing, he had 1 great year, and 1 bad year, if he could have average seasons this year and next, would that signing still that bad?)

      “what has he done to merit serving as GM any longer?”
      Rebuild the farm system, from a bottom 5, to a top 5 system? Not saying he did it on his own, but he still does deserve at least some credit. Plus, I’ve always like the fact that it looks like he always puts the team first before his job, but, we might never know if that is really true.

      • Micky7 Old Ranger

        Good post, and I agree. 27/08.

    • BigBlueAL

      This was being talked about during the game thread, and i wanted to chime in about the Yankees announcers. Down here in Miami there is a radio station now that has the Yankees games on weekends, and since the game wasnt on the Extra Innings package, i listened to the radio broadcast. Now i dont want to be a sexist or anything, and really i listen to WFAN on the internet and they constantly take shots at her as does Mushnick in the Post so i know im not in the minority, but Susan Waldman is HORRIBLE. My God, i literally cringed every time she spoke with her baseball “observations”.

      I know alot of people hate John Sterling, but during the 1998-2000 seasons when the games were free to listen to on Yankees.com, i LOVED the broadcast between him and Michael Kay and literally heard almost all their broadcasts during that time. But today, i stopped listening to the game after the 6th inning cause i couldnt take it anymore, and just followed the game on the ESPN gamecast while doing other things. I actually like the YES telecasts alot, and again since i watch thru the package i see all the local broadcasts from around the country, and to me YES, SNY and i have to admit it NESN might be the best broadcasts by far in baseball. Although nothing still beats listening to Vin Scully do games by himself.

      Anyway just my 2 cents since i know people were discussing this somewhat during the game thread, and i must say, the Yankees radio broadcast is so pathetic its better off not even listenin to the game and following it online through ESPN gamecast or Gameday or whichever website u prefer, but again they have to do something about their radio broadcast, its brutal.

    • RollingWave

      If Bobby Abreu count as a bad acqusition, then just about every GM in the league should be fired.

      in terms of the offense, Giambi / Damon / Abreu / Cabrera / Jeter is actually fine and above average in their respective productions, the real issue is Cano have been a utter black hole (though he’s comming around) and the bench guys have sucked amazingly bad (espcially the 3 that’s getting the most ABs Molina / Ensberg / Duncan ) that and because while most of the hitters have been solid and above average. no one has been truely hot hot (though Matsui is sort of there) so basically you have

      5 guys that’s pretty good (Damon / Cabrera / Jeter / Abre / Giambi )
      1 guy that’s good ( Matsui)
      3 black hole

      combine that with poor hitting in scoring position. and you get a junk offense.

      Cano will come out of it at least to some extend. but they REALLY REALLY need A-rod and Posada back. AND they need Duncan / Ensberg to stop sucking.

      • Micky7 Old Ranger

        Giambi is the same (now days) as was Rocky Colavito was in his day; hit HRs when winning by 5 or losing by 5. Damon has slowed down and you are right the fill in guys are not very good. One must remember why they are back-up players.
        One must also remember that with the contracts the starters have been given, over the years, mainly Jason, Johnny, Carl we are stuck with them no mater how disappointing they are this year…like 50mm/60mm, try moving those contracts.
        Cash has done a fine( not real good) job with what he has had to work with, let’s see if he can spin straw into gold once again…shall we? 27/08.

      • Mark B

        Giambi (.193 avg, ..468 slg) and Damon (.257 and .241 obp) are fine? you have got to be kidding….I guess we have accepted mediocrity! They both look like the aging over-priced busts they are whose stats are going down each and every year. RollingWave, you need to re-think that one. A Rod and Posada may help, but they alon cannot jolt the offense back to life given the glaring weakness we have in the #1 and #5 spots in the line-up. If either of them played tremendous defense, a la Melky, I wouldn’t be writing this. They don’t, so we have to look at their hitting, whic continues to free-fall for both of them.

        • RollingWave

          Look at OPS dude…

          both of these player are above the league average in terms of on base and slugging, your getting completely mesmerized by average here.

          • Micky7 Old Ranger

            When you hit means more then what you hit. They could be hitting .350 for all I care, hitting when it counts…that’s good. Billy Martin hit about .265 (back in the day) but he was one of the most feared hitters in the league. Rocky Colavito hit 44HR (I think) in a year, but when they were winning by 5-6 or losing by5-6…so, what is the point? Numbers are only as good as how they are applied. 27/08.

            • RollingWave

              result wise, sure, the only problem is that in the larger picture and sample size there’s simply very little if any evidence to prove that it’s a skill more than a luck. there simply hasn’t been truely consistent cases of anyone who’s significantly better / worse in such cases through his career.

              If he’s hitting , then he’s bound to get some sooner or later when it’s with guys on.

              • Micky7 Old Ranger

                True, but results are what count. Wouldn’t you say?

  • Mark B

    I’ll admit Abreu wasn’t a bad pick-up – my bad – though I’m not buying into his rebulding the farm system is a total success as of yet. I think we need to see someone – anyone outside of Joba and Cano – emerge this year. The rotten start to IPK’s year and the injuries to Humberto Sanchez (acquired for Sheff) and Hughes hurts. I would like to see Ohlendorf (who I think was an astute acquisition when Cash dumped the Big Unit) step up as a set-up man. To me, it looks like Anaheim, Boston, Arizona and Colorado to a point (last year, though definitely not this year) have all developed players better than the Yankees. I hope we can do the same….based on Cashman’s terrible track record since ’03 with free agents, that’s all we seem to be able to hold on to now.

    • Kelvin

      Actually, I agree with you. Aside from Cano and Wang, (and Joba in the relief role), no one had really emerge..yet. But, at least, the farm has promise, and potential to produce contributors.. Compare it to the system we had a few years ago, at least now, there is a lot better ‘chance’ for someone from the system to emerge.

      Finally, if I am not mistaken, Boston and Arizona are ahead when it comes to development of talent from the farm system. You would notice that the Yanks have a LOT of prospects, position players and pitchers, in the lower ranks, and MAYBE, maybe, after two or three years, we maybe feeling the effect of a rebuilt farm system.

      Sure, the rebuilding of the farm system is not a success yet, but at least it has a chance to succeed, now.

  • Manimal

    The outlook for next year looks amazing.I’m pretty close to giving up this year, just cheering on the players I want to succeed and if* we make the playoffs I’ll cheer on but from what I see, the yankees are not a strong physical team.

    BTW, Rebuilding a farm system begins when you fire your GM. Yankees haven’t done that quite yet.

    • Kelvin

      Just an innocent question, but, why does the rebuilding of a farm system begin when you fire your GM?

    • Micky7 Old Ranger

      Yes, I also would like to know why one would fire the guy that started it all(after stick)? 27/08.

      • Mark B

        For the same reason they let Torre go last season…..time for new blood, a new approach, and most importantly, some success come October – something we haven’t had since ’03

        • Micky7 Old Ranger

          Cash took over about 2004-5. One can’t build a farm system and trade away (as we had done before) every blue chipper for a big name ageing star. That thinking got us into this mess. Give him a chance to make this thing work…we now have a lot of arms etc, for trade bait. Let him do his job, for a while anyhow. I am getting old and would like to see this team win it all again 27/08.

  • YES

    Having the 5th best system. I would called that a rebuilt farm system. Having a good farms system isn’t based on how well players from your system have done in the majors (unless they are still considered prospects if they are in the majors, which last a short period of time) but how good they are as prospects.
    That’s why I laugh at people when they say ‘we’ll see how good the farm system is when these guys develop or produce in the majors’.
    Why would have Boston developed better then the Yankees?
    Is it because Ellsbury is doing a little something in the majors?
    I don’t understand why it’s so hard for Yankee fans to understand that developing young players takes time.
    Once upon a time the pitchers on Tampa’s staff where going through the same struggles as Hughes/Kennedy are now.
    Also teams like Arizona and Tampa pick top 10 every year and have players because of that that are pretty darn close to the majors. Those type of players hardly spend time in the minors.
    So of course when you have Longoria, Upton, Drew….those kind of high ceiling talents it will look like they have done a better job then the team who pretty much picks last every year or close to it.

  • Mark B

    I am not trashing the farm system in any way….I do agree it takes time.

    If my dad gave me the keys to the Rolls Royce and gave me his credit card and told me to get lucky, I sure as well hope I would score.

    This may be a crude reference, but Cashman has been given a $200 million budget and has done jack with it since 2003.

    Sentimental feelings aside for the guy (heck I was and still am a huge Torre backer, so no one needs to tell me about being sentimental about the glory years), but how much longer do we give this guy when we expect (200 million reasons to do so) to win it all each year?

    • Micky7 Old Ranger

      Because it is the USA, everyone has the right to their opinions. I happen to disagree with your (and some others) justification on how bad Cash is. But, it’s your opinion, and you have the right. 27/08.

    • Kelvin

      IMO, having a $200 million budget does not assure success, although it does give you a better chance at winning. However, I think, even with that kind of budget, it is hard (or should i say impossible?) to win it ALL each year, and thus, expecting to win it all each year is kind of setting the bar too high, IMO, add to that the fact that teams are getting better and better each year, most notably at our division.

      “how much longer do we give this guy?”
      IMO, you don’t say “give him all the time he needs”, nor say “no more”. Giving an answer right from the top of my head, i say give him 3-4 years, but that is just me, and i may very well be wrong.

      • Mike P

        200 million dollars makes it a hell of a lot easier to win though. And because higher salaries often come with more years attached, it magnifies your mistakes.
        No guarantees, but they shouldn’t have to rely on two rookie starters with that kid of money. And no first baseman? Pretty questionable to me.

        • LiveFromNewYork

          Yes it depends on HOW you spend your 200 million. We should have a first baseman. We absolutely must have one. We don’t have one.

  • McCaff

    A-Rod! Posada! Now! Please!

  • Bonos

    2006 – Joba, Kennedy, Melanson, Betances and Almonte off the top. Good draft probably the best draft by any team. 2007 – Brackman, Romine, Angelini, Suttle, Pruitt et al. Charleston is the top team by a bunch with 6 or 7 projected Major Leaguers. What is it that you people would do differently and by the way the team was in the playoffs all along. The bullpen is a powerhouse with Cox, Melanson, Sanchez and Garcia in the pipline. And so on. A few years ago Big George fired most of the scouting staff because they were making too much money, insisted on Giambi, Sheffield and Johnson. Do you think Vlad and Beltran might have made a difference?

  • Brandon

    Mike A. update the TJS watch

    Christian Garcia tonight for Tampa A: 4.2 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 K’s
    1.93 ERA

  • Back to Glory

    I will stand for the proposition that a long drawn out losing streak is just what this club needs right now. I personally am SICK AND TIRED of this bumbling team and thier long faces and weak runs on ground outs. I was sick of it under Torre and his hessians but i stomached it because you could feel that they would get out of it. I was hoping for a change with this joe at the helm but i was sadly disappointed. This club is not a good baseball team and will not win a championship as it now stands. I wasnt at the game today but i sure as hell hope there were loud boos for this team because the attitude is pathetic. A ten game slide is just what the doctor ordered. They would be 11 or 12 back, still in last place, and only then will desperate, win or die players come out of the wood work and perform. At the very least we will learn who has heart and who doesn’t. Especially from “no heart girardi” who I want to know if he has it in him to throw over some tables in the clubhouse. I am this claose to giving up on this team this year and want to know at the very least who is worth dumping and who is worth keeping for th new ballpark next year.

  • JerseyKRS

    is everyone really that surprised here? I mean, REALLY? We knew going into this season that we aren’t a powerhouse anymore. Go down the list:

    Giambi – basically one dimensional now, that’s when he can hit
    Cano – lot of baseball to play still, but slow start isn’t helping
    Jeter – consistent, but aging
    A-Rod – managed to carry the team during some key months last season, but will he ever be the go to man on this team?
    Posada – played out his ass last year, but aging, and defense is not consistent
    Abreu – steady
    Melky – some more hitting would be nice
    Damon – face it, a bad signing. too much $ and aging by the day
    Matsui – sucks that he’s trying to find AB’s
    Rotation – Moose and Petite are not the pitchers they once were and the young kids are just that, was everybody expecting them to come in and be the aces of the league?
    Bullpen – this is the biggest joke on our team IMO, mired by inconsistency other than Mariano and Joba (who gets a bit of a pass lately due to his experience)
    Bench – please.

    Just looking at the team as a whole prior to the season, how could anyone think “yeah, we got a great team”

    Everyone keeps begging for A-Rod and Posada, but they aren’t going to save the ship.

    :sigh: Hopefully it will get better.

    • Kelvin

      I beg to disagree on some points.

      Bench – almost everyone liked our bench before the season started, and actually, it was good. It only looks bad now because, well, they are playing more than they are expected to. It is a good bench because IMO, if they are to replace a regular, say, once or twice every seven games, then, the drop off from performance won’t be that bad, at least compared to the drop off the bench the yanks had previously would give. If they are good enough to start everyday and be consistent contributors, then, they would be starting somewhere else. Finally, some of these bench players are replacing the 2007 MVP, the difference in performance would really be large.

      Bullpen – Honestly, at the start of the season, I was concerned about the pen too. Now, not that much. Besides from Mo and Joba, Ross IMO is good for the pen too, and Bruney was actually good before he got injured, Alby was atleast average, and the ‘other’ relievers (veras, edwar), are also good in the little time that they had pitched. Granted, some of those young relievers are inconsistent, specially on extended work load, but can’t they get a bit of a pass due to inexperience? Hawkins on the other hand is not that good. So, for me, the bullpen is the biggest surprise so far.

      Rotation: agree with you. Andy was good early, but bad lately, and Moose was bad early, and good lately. I guess inconsistency is the word for that.

      Agree with the position players, although i still hope that the Damon signing wont be a bad one once everything is said and done, and i also hope that the answer to the A-rod question is yes (and for the record, i do think he is already a go to guy in the team.)

      • Micky7 Old Ranger

        Most of what you posted is right on, at least, with me. Others, who knows, some people will never give the guys the credit they deserve. And some will never give the ones’ that deserve it …hell. So be it, just find a way to win! 27/08.

      • JerseyKRS

        I see your point on the bench, I did overlook how much they are being used.

        I never had confidence in Bruney, or Hawkins, or Farnsworth.

        Trust me, I am NOT an A-Rod basher, truly…. but God correct me if it just doesn’t seem to me that he ever comes through when they need him. I see a TON of garbage time stat padding, but I can count on one hand the man has really come through in the clutch.

        like I said…. :sigh: I was prepared for a tough season, watching the Sox succeed stings a little more though.

        • Kelvin

          well, I am not saying that you are an A-Rod basher, even I get so frustrated when he seems to turn into tony womack in those much needed situation, but, he still produces numbers, clutch or not.

          For me, it just seems like, A-rod is in a lot of those clutch situations (maybe because he is the clean up hitter? or maybe because of all the attention to him that it makes every situation, a clutch situation?), and if you are in a lot of those situations, it s hard to look like you are succeeding, even though you are. Just my personal view though, as I think stats might prove me wrong. (which i hope they don’t)

          never had confidence in Farns and Hawkins; Bruney? a bit.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I was at the game yesterday. We could have won if Damon was not tagged out at home and Jeter at second. I like aggressive base running but part of the issue is that if we keep stranding guys on base, these things are going to happen. Baserunner want to score runs, not be stranded. I think that if Damon and Jeter did not want to bring in runs, they would not have been trying for bases they couldn’t take. We have got to get runners home and not depend on them to try to tag aggressively.

    That was heartbreaking.

    Farnsworth had a horrible inning. I don’t know what he was thinking with the pitches he was throwing.

    Joba did not do badly but the defense behind him was screwing up all over the place.

    This team needs to find a way to play together. I think that’s what missing.

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike @ NYYU

    Like I said here last week. It’s time to face the facts: They Stink.

    • JerseyKRS

      still love them, but yeah, they do stink right now.