Yanks eyeing Vandy’s Jacobson

Game 39: Hit a home run; bat clean-up; get rained out
Detroit's abandoned stadium riles up passions

Via the NYYFans forum comes word that the Yanks have sent a staffer from their psychological profiling department to meet (and evaluate) Vanderbilt RHP Brett Jacobson. Saber-Scouting’s first ever post was a scouting report of Jacobson, who is 1-3, 5.80 ERA with 39 hits and 16 walks allowed in 35.2 IP. He’s struck out 32 and picked up 4 saves while serving as coach Tim Corbin’s “moment of truth” reliever. Jacobson was the Commodores’ swingman/number three starter last year behind 2007 top overall pick David Price and current ace Mike Minor. The original article implies that the Yanks are looking at Jacobson in the first round, but that would be an overdraft. He should still be around when the Yanks pick in the second round, #75 overall.

Game 39: Hit a home run; bat clean-up; get rained out
Detroit's abandoned stadium riles up passions
  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    If we do get this guy it seems Nardi Contreras will have a field day with him. Hopefully he can get that Curveball to a solid-average level and maybe even improve the Changeup to plus-plus. I love the fact that he loves and trusts his heater even though he’s not a flamethrower.

    Saber Scouting seems to have him going a bit earlier than you Mike, projecting he goes in the 30-50 pick range. Sounds like a good safe pick and maybe Mr. Contreras can get a little more out of him than is currently projected.

    BTW, I’m really liking the idea of Jamie Mallard.

  • chris

    an article about the draft — love it. with any luck a great young hitter (Hosmer) will fall down to the Yanks at pick 28.

    wonder if with vernon wells down the jays would be interested in damon or matsui.

    i know i am in the minoity, but i desperatly want to see this team rebuild, get rid of the antiques and actually build a team of young players.

    its sad that tampa has a better tea than than the yankees right now and price hasnt even been called up

    • whozat

      When you get to draft in the top five every single year, it’s pretty easy to eventually wind up with a team stocked with young talent.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        That’s such a cop out. Having a top 5 pick every year guarantees nothing, just ask the Pirates. The TB guys did a heckuva job scouting and doing their homework. Most of their best pitching prospects – Davis, McGee, Hellickson, Mason – weren’t drafted in the first round.

        Give them some props, they’ve done very well for themselves.

        • whozat

          I’m not saying they haven’t. But, I feel that their opportunities to draft high for years and years make it far from “sad” that they have a team that is stocked with young talent while the Yankees have a team that has more veterans.

          • whozat

            And, given that the yankees turned their attention back to drafting and development several years ago, and have brought their biggest advantage ($$$) to bear effectively in that space, it’s dumb to keep whining that the big league team has a lot of pricey vets on it. Of course it does. All the promising position players are still in AA or lower. Give it time.

  • http://blogginthebombers.wordpress.com/ Matt

    So why would we even consider him in the 1st round if he should be availible in the 2nd?

    • whozat

      “So why would we even consider him in the 1st round if he should be availible in the 2nd?”

      Well, clearly there’s some disagreement on when he’d go, if saberscouting thinks he might go in the 30-50 range.

      Maybe the Yanks are looking at him with their supplemental pick? That should be around 40-50, no?

      • Brandon

        I like his mechanics but I want a little more from a supplemental pick, a little more power and hopefully a LHP, I like that he is a tall and fall pitcher and it looks like the Yankees are developing a crush on tall and fall guys , I would keep him in mind but not at 40-50. What do you think whozat ?

        • whozat


          You gotta take what’s there. You don’t draft for need. If there’s this guy and a less-interesting lefty, you don’t take the less-interesting lefty.

  • Rich

    If this report is true, the Yankees need to plug their leaks and keep their interest in players confidential.

  • dan

    He might just be a little out of whack mechanically right now, but the numbers don’t match the scouting report. 16 walks and 32 strikeouts in 35.2 innings doesn’t seem like it should be coming from a guy that “commands well,” is a “bat breaker with late pop,” and has a change-up that is “a [p]lus pitch and looks like a strikeout pitch at any level.”

    His numbers as a sophomore were much better, showing great control and decent strikeout numbers in a tough conference. Any thoughts/reasons behind why he’s struggling so far this season?

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com/2008/04/fantasy-eiland-part-2.html Mike

    “1-3, 5.80 ERA with 39 hits and 16 walks allowed in 35.2 IP” is nothing to write home about.

    55 base runners in 35 innings, I’ll pass.

  • pounder

    Hendrickson redux.No fastball to speak of and is no. 3 on a college rotation.Of course, strange things do happen,and I am far from an expert on this…..but this seems dicey.