Yanks set to shatter all sorts of attendance records

The evolution of Chien-Ming Wang
Game 32: Age, youth square off

Shortly before beating the Mariners last night, the Yankees announced that the franchise had set yet another baseball first. The Yankees became the first team in Major League history to sell four million tickets four years in a row. Word is that most of the games throughout the summer are sold out, and the Yanks, averaging over 50,000 fans over their first 12 home games, could see close to 4.5 million people pass through the Yankee Stadium turnstiles. Remind me again why the Yanks absolutely need that new stadium.

The evolution of Chien-Ming Wang
Game 32: Age, youth square off
  • marc

    I know that this isnt exactly on point with the post BUT leaving the game and heading to the deagan north i caught a glimpse of the stadium in all of its glory and let me just say that it loooks incredible… dont know if it was the lighting or seeing it next to the old stadium BUT it loooked absolutely gorgeous…

  • JRVJ

    The thing is that the Yankees will have some extra money this year (from the increased gate) and TONS of money in the next few years (from the new Stadium).

    Add to that the fact that the Yanks will clear at least $46.5MM in payroll next year (Giambi, Mussina, Pavano, Farnsworth and Hawkins) and maybe an extra $16MM (both Abreu and Pettitte, though as of right now I’d say Abreu is the most likely candidate to leave), and you can see the Yankees spending big this off-season (while still lowering their payroll).

    I don’t know if Teixeira and/or Sabathia want to come to NY, but if they do, they are going to be filthy rich….

    Now from the Yanks standpoint, the best possible outcome re: their field players would be for Austin Jackson to be ready by next year (so as to take over RF), or if not, for the AG to take over SS with great defense and decent hitting, moving Jeter to RF.

    The last option is somewhat unlikely, but it would certainly help the Yanks long term….

  • GoYankees

    The Yankees will shortly announce that the old stadium will not be torn down after all. Next year, the Yanks will play split squad games in both stadiums throughout the season, so attendance can be increased to 8 million.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    I can only imagine the pressure Austin Jackson will have on him going from AA to the big leagues, when most “fans’ are ripping Phil and Ian for starting bad.
    99 % of Big Leaguers have growing pains, and we have to take the bad to get to the really good.

  • Mike P

    They need the new stadium because the old one clearly just isn’t big enough. Which is why they built a smaller one.

  • The Scout

    One reason for the high attendance, of course, is that this is the final season of the old stadium. If it weren’t, people would not be rushing for a last taste of history. You cannot assume the ticket sales would be this strong if the old stadium were to continue in use next year.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      And how do you explain drawing 4 million fans the previous three seasons as well?

    • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

      Yeah guy, Alex Rodriguez is the main reason why the Yankees have drawn this many people as of late. They might sell a few more this year because of the Final Season, but in total I would put my money on A-Rod being the biggest reason.

  • andrew

    hitting 4 million and being on pace for 4.5 is a huuuge difference… thats an increase of almost 5,000 fans per game… so yes, i think we can safely say that this increase is due to it being the yankees final season in the stadium… we can explain the 4 million the last few seasons as being attributed to new yorkers love for baseball.. but those extra 5,000 per game… a spike in attendance like that doesnt just happen like that for no reason

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      It’s not that big of an increase. In 2007, the Yankees drew 4,271,867. So approaching 4.5 million isn’t as big an increase as 5,000 fans per game.

  • andrew

    still nearly an increase of 2,500 per game… with a team like the yankees that had such a consistent attendance record each year, the cause of the increase in attendence this year is certainly due to it being the final year… it would be one thing if the yankees were 25-5 and everyone wanted to come out and wtach them play great baseball, but its not like that.

  • mustang

    The new stadium is almost done.
    This debate is over that’s O-V-E-R.